TMS Health Solutions: Tackling Mental Health through innovation

Clinical depression or Major Depressive Disorder, causes the individual to feel worthless, anxious and even the thought the death is better than existing. It has been recorded by the CDC that roughly 6.7% of people have a depressive encounter this year alone and 14% do so throughout their entire life. More than 40% of people who become patients have clinical depression that cannot and will not be affected by medication. Knowing that, clinical depression won’t simply “disappear” over time.

TMS Health Solutions has been working tirelessly on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy or (TMS) to help patients who are experiencing depression. The way TMS functions is through a strong electromagnet hovering over the part of the brain that centers around how moods are. Magnetic pulses are released to energize the nerves and reduce/remove polarity of neurons. There’s no surgical procedure or anesthetic necessary and following the sessions, patients will be fine to continue normally.

Starting in Northern California in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes, TMS Health Solutions’ mission was to give a fresh, forward-thinking approach to psychiatric care for patients and making enormous leaps for psychiatry as a whole. With TMS, their practitioners always aim to find innovative ways to offer therapy and help patients receive a stellar experience.

Meet the experts:

Approved by the FDA back in 2008, TMS therapy carefully and efficiently treats clinical depression, more specifically treatment-resistant depression where patients cannot be helped by antidepressants and standard psychotherapy. TMS, contrary to antidepressants, has little side effects that happen to patients.

TMS therapy takes place inside of a physician’s office and happens over the course of a month to six weeks, from Monday through Friday and each treatment session can run 30 minutes to an hour long. There is a chance that an extra three weeks of treatment is needed.

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