The Need to Know on Mike Baur and The Swiss Startup Factory

Many have heard the name Mike Baur in terms of business, and that is because Mike is one of the world’s best businessmen and entrepreneurs out there. As a Swiss businessman, it should come as no surprise that Mike is the Co-founder and also the managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory.

For more than 20 years, Baur worked within the area of banking, making a name for himself as a trustworthy businessman. He has ecen had the pleasure of working for Sallfort and also Clariden Leu. He stopped all of this to start in the world of investing, where he was able to invest in many different types of startup companies, all before he ended up Co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory.

The year of 2014 was the year the Mike and his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer Co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. This was one of the best ideals any of them had, and it turned out great. Now the Swiss Startup Factory is doing better than ever and it is all thanks to all of the hard work the three of then put into it.

Swiss Start Up Factory

The Mission of the Swiss Startup Factory:

The mission of this company is very easy to understand, they want to take different types of startup companies and make them become bigger and better. This mission has led to many startups becoming better than anyone ever dreamed that they could become. Which is why everyone thinks that the Swiss Startup Factory has done more than just go above and beyond with their mission.

What The Swiss Startup Factory Has to Offer Investors:

This company has a lot of services that are offered to their investors, such as robust portfolio of startups, a platform that helps to get ideals flowing and we’ll vetted startups. The Swiss Startup Factory knows that when it comes to investing, it can be hard to find the right place to go to. That is why the company offers so many services to help guide investors throughout the entire process.

What The SwissStartup Factory Has to Offer Startups:

The Swiss Startup Factory also has a lot to offer for startups, such as a very helpful Investor and Mentor Network, Financing, a customized service package and also a 3 month program that works really well. With all of the services offered for startups, it is no wonder so many come to the doorsteps of the Swiss Startup Factory.

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