Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope’s Vision for Tomorrow

Technology entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jason Hope is a forward thinking visionary dedicated to the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT). One of his main purposes in life is to help develop and uncover ways in which society can improve the health and increase the lifespans of humans everywhere. For instance, Hope advocates putting additional monetary resources and human capital toward health prevention measures in order to alleviate sicknesses and many preventable diseases dampening the lives of humans across the globe.

Rapid technological advancements and the integration of networking into old-fashioned, low-tech medical and health devices will hasten the improvement of health outcomes by opening new avenues of health solutions not yet conceived. Jason Hope publicly supports the SENS foundation as well as giving many smaller grants to Arizona entrepreneurs working in the health care and technology spaces.

Jason Hope has two degrees from Arizona State University and continues to support the Arizona community both financially and by providing an example for future leaders and tech entrepreneurs. With a strong dedication to giving and philanthropy, Hope expresses his foremost desire to lift up the world with his ideas and inspire technology entrepreneurs and health professionals by sharing his vision for the future.

Hope consistently shows this dedication through his work, charitable giving and his writings. His work, vision and philanthropic endeavors prove he practices what he preaches and truly believes in this mission. He dedicates his time and energy into this worthwhile cause and uses his platform to share with the world these innovative ideas. He also asks that everyone find it within themselves to help the advancement of medical and health technologies by giving and assisting those working towards these efforts.

As a tech entrepreneur, philanthropist and futurist, Jason Hope also encourage those up and coming business leaders with his new vision of tomorrow and even bigger ideas. He accepts proposals for grants in amounts of up to five thousand dollars to entrepreneurs that share and expand on his vision. In an effort to support innovation, which coincide with his passions of technology, health care and the advancement of human health, Jason Hope’s grants help foster the budding of new technologies and markets.

In a global world that is rapidly becoming smaller and smaller, Jason Hope pushes his mission forward one step at a time, with sustained effort and a clarity of purpose that will ultimately transform the world as we know it.

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