Polk Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To Robert Ivy

A successful lifetime is all an artist or businessman or scientist can ask for. But, at the end, when that individual is in the dusk of their life and they seek recognition for their lives, their is only one award that truly says that they have made a difference. A lifetime achievement award is exactly that. An award for a lifetime of excellence in a field, with many different awards being given out by organizations to people under different criteria. The Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is one of these, an award given to an individual who has strong ties to the state of Mississippi, and is involved with fine arts in some form. An artist who received this award is one who has truly changed the world over the course of his or her career and lifetime, either directly through great works or indirectly, through inspiration of others.

Robert Ivy is the most recent recipient of this award, joining a select few Mississippians who have received this award, such as famous American actor Morgan Freeman, star of movies like Shawshank Redemption and Chain Reaction. Where Mister Ivy differs from the other award winners, however, is that he is an architect. Never before has an architect like Robert Ivy received this award for excellence in art. However, Robert Ivy’s past in architecture, specifically American architecture, confirmed that he is the most obvious recipient.

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Robert Ivy first made an impact in architecture as the Editor-in-Chief of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. Under his direction, the Record received numerous awards, eventually becoming the standard architectural journal in the world. Raising a journal from near obscurity to a global icon is an award worthy achievement unto itself, however, Ivy also started a completely new, all-mandarin version of the magazine, catering more towards their audience in Asia, and resulting in an explosion of popularity for the magazine in this area.

After his stint as the Editor-in-Chief at McGraw-Hill’s Record, Ivy moved on to accept a position as chief executive officer of the AIA, the Architectural Institute of America. Robert Ivy, graduated from Tulane University. As CEO, Ivy made it his mission to expose more of the American population, and he did. The AIA reported that, under Ivy’s direction, they had attained their highest member count in the entirety of their 160 year existence. Also, Ivy led the Institute in a forward direction that opened up more of the American public to architecture on an artistic and professional level.

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