Has MB2 Dental Solutions Revolutionized the Dental industry? – Find out

Chris Villanueva, the CEO of MB2 Dental Solutions, started off as any average dentist in the community. After graduating from dental school, he ventured into the obvious dentistry practices- group and individual. He realized that both models stripped the profession of its integrity. As such, Chris decided to create a platform where dentists could practice their profession while reaping its benefits. He founded MB2 Dental Solutions with a vision of combining the positive features of private and corporate practices while alleviating the negatives of each. Unlike traditional dental management networks that are rather profit-oriented, Chris has cultivated a culture of autonomy, personal growth, and support. Some other progressive business cultures adopted by the company include:

  • MB2 keeps tabs of the new practice standards and trends
  • A youthful culture that has practical experience and upholds excellence
  • Create a learning environment
  • Commitment to helping practitioners retain control over their practice
  • A technologically advanced firm that provides prompt services

What is different about MB2?

Having practiced as a dental director, an associate dentist trainer and associate dentist, mentor, and advocate for the doctor-oriented practice model, Dr. Chris had gained considerable insight into the provider and business side of the dental practice. As such, he looked to create a platform that allowed both private and corporate practitioners could collaborate without compromising the integrity of the profession. Dr. Villanueva figured that, if the doctors worked together, they could accomplish more than when they worked in their private practices. By creating an avenue to empower practitioners, physicians could improve the patient’s experience. So far, he has accomplished most of the objectives with a network of over seventy affiliations in six states and more than 533 staff members. He accredits most of the success to maintaining a close-knit leadership, investing in people, and embracing the role technology plays in the dental industry. Dr. Chris notes that, while other resources like having cut-throat marketing ideas and patented software contribute to the success of a firm, what matters most in creating a community-based dental practice is hiring the right individual for the job. Additionally, his confidence in the company’s IT function to customize home-made reporting software encourages other businesses to follow suit. Most companies rely on ready-made software that often doesn’t capture all its needs. MB2 Dental Solutions’ software Jarvis boasts of a horde of capabilities, giving it an edge over the competition. Visit epodcastnetwork.com to know more.

His Personal Life

Dr. Chris Villanueva was born in Ohio but spent most of his early life in South America and Asia. He is married to Carol, a physician, who is also the mother of their four children. Dr. Chris enjoys mentoring young dentists alongside his executive responsibilities.

Jason Hope About Other IoT Devices Gaining Popularity

With the Internet of Things getting popular, a range of gadgets has come out that can help a lot in running the house. These can be attached to the existing gadgets, or they may be in the form of an app. Jason Hope talks about ones that can adjust the temperature of the AC or inform about the progress of the washing machine. Others can heat the house as per the required comfort level before a person reaches home from the office. Several other things like lights, radios, and home alarm system can be set up to turn on or off through these smartphone apps. Another one is regarding home monitoring. This ensures that the home is safe as it can be secured from any location at any time. It can even be armed or disarmed from a remote location. In case the home alarm is triggered off due to some reason, the person gets informed through text, or email or phone call.

Jason Hope mentions the earbuds being developed by Microsoft. They would be able to play music based on the mood of the person, physical health, and weather besides the situation in which the person is at that moment. Such a gadget will have a sensor to communicate with the smartphone through its audio jack. These earbuds will monitor the heart rate along with other activity levels as a person listens to music. This gadget will be sending this information to a remote server. This, in turn, will provide musical suggestions that can maintain the designated heart rate.

Other IoT products that are exciting as per Jason Hope include the Amazon Dash. This refers to a physical button which will connect to some home products. Hence those home products will be sent to the person immediately without the need for going to the web and placing an order online. This button can be set up to reorder beverages as well as the favorite groceries.Jason Hope has a lot of interest in the latest advancements in technology that he would like to give back to the society. He is an entrepreneur as well as an investor.

The Success of Capital Group of Companies

Timothy Armour is the chairman and the chief executive officer of the Capital Group of Companies. Timothy is also an equity portfolio manager at the firm. The company is based in Los Angeles. Timothy Armour was appointed to succeed Jim Rothenberg as the chairman in July 2015. The board of directors held a vote to determine a replacement after the demise of Rothenberg. Timothy Armour said that he would work together with Phil Toledo who is the president of Capital Group and Rob Lovelace who is the president of Capital Research and Management to implement the strategies of the firm. Armour was one of the favorites for the job because of his commitment with the company ever since he started his career and more information click here.


Armour gave some advice to investors who were looking for the best performing active managers. He noted that active funds usually offer lower returns because of high management fees. He said that one should look for a fund that has a lower cost to maximize the return on investment. Armour also mentioned that one should search for active funds where the managers invest their money alongside investors. These funds performed better because the managers were involved and their money was on the line.


Samsung Asset Management and Capital Group entered into a partnership to develop products for the Korean market a few years ago. These products would include a retirement package and distribution channel support where Capital Group would provide training programs. Armour said that Korea was facing the challenge of addressing the needs of an aging population like many Asian countries.


Tim explained that the partnership with SAM would allow them to help these individuals to meet their objectives in the long term. Armour said that Capital Group would deliver on this just as they had been able to do in other countries including the US. Tim recognized Samsung Asset Management as a top management company and a reputable brand that was able to deliver to Korean investors. He finished by saying that the plan was to design on investment solutions for various needs including insurance, retirement, savings and learn more about Timothy.

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Eduardo (Duda) Sirotsky Melzer of RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the current chairman and president of RBS Group from January 2016. He took over from Nelson Sirtosky who was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. His grandfather was the founder of the business, and he is a third-generation member of the family.

He is a leader in Digital e.Bricks acting in the chairman and founder capacity. The company is a partner with e.Bricks Ventures that operates in Brazil and the USA. Duda did his Business Administration degree at Pontifical Catholic University; the Rio Grande do Sul. He has an MBA that he got after attending the Harvard University in the USA.

In an article on Acaert, in 2004 he was recruited in their investment and started as a Director General in the National Market. Duda then became the vice president as from 2008, and in 2010 he was made the executive vice president. He reached the helm of the RBS Group in 2012 when he became the CEO. Last year, he was promoted, and he became the chairman of the board of directors.

He has also worked in several organizations like the Sweet Sweet Way, and when he was young in the business world, he was involved in projects in Booz Allen and Hamilton. When he was still in the States, Delphi Corporation enjoyed his excellent services as a senior analyst. He was also at BoxTop Media as the CEO.

While he was at Harvard, he did other courses like Effective Strategies for Media Organizations and how to Build and Lead Customer Centered Organizations.

According to Pauliceiadojazz, as a public speaker, he participates in national and international summits that are mostly promoted by media corporations in Brazil and the world. He is active in giving talks to support the leadership that will manage labor effectively in the Brazillian Association of Human Resources.

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Bruce Bent II Successfully Navigates The 2008 Economic Slowdown

The career of Bruce Bent II has seen the financial innovator and futurist set out on a business path that has seen his inventions and innovations make major changes and streamlined the financial industry across the planet. The impressive nature of the work of Bruce Bent II has seen him awarded more than 60 patents for the innovative approach he has taken to providing a better quality of customer service and easier trading options in an industry reported to now be worth an astonishing $1 trillion.

For those in the financial industry the name of Bruce Bent II is one that is held in reverence and has an iconic nature to it, particularly when the 17 year period of growth and economic success enjoyed by Bent during his tome as CEO of The Reserve that took him through the 2008 economic slowdown. Bruce Bent II led The Reserve from an impressive $4 billion in cash products that was seen as a major success at the time of his arrival at the company to a huge $130 billion in cash products by the time his 17 year tenure at The Reserve came to an end.

In recent years, Bruce bent II has become an even more important figure in the financial industry with his development of the Double Rock brand that is the umbrella company for an amazing six money market companies. As he has moved through the financial markets, Bruce Bent II has learned that a team of experts and impressive technicians can make all the difference in bringing to fruition the ideas both Bruce and his employees come up with to aid in the development of the Double Rock brand; communication can make a major difference to any company and Bruce Bent II believes communication is key to building a stronger level of financial freedom. Bent II believes stubbornness is the most difficult factor for entrepreneurs to overcome as they set out on a journey to success, such as the one taken to amazing levels of success by Bruce Bent II.

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How Wild Ark and Ecotourism are Evolving our World’s Future

I recently saw an article by Travel on some of the world’s top luxury ecotourism destinations. I admit when I thought of ecotourism before my mind drew me to places that were overly hot with no access to showers. This article completely opened my eyes to what a true experience an ecotourism vacation could be.


An ecotourism trip to one of these resorts not only provides an incredibly gorgeous setting that allows visitors to connect with these rare surroundings, but they are also able to connect with the people and the heritage of the area. The goal is that by learning more about the area’s true heritage and what makes it unique, it will promote conservation and spark thought about what is needed to preserve these areas for generations to come.


Among these luxury ecotourism destinations were trips to the Mayan ruins, where visitors stayed in traditional Yurks and visited with local natives to learn more about the history and resorts nestled in the Costa Rican mountains that offered incredible amenities like infinity pools but also allowed tourists to spend their days in close quarters with the animals that live in these remote jungles – many who are at fear of extinction.


I recently stumbled across a really innovative and inspiration company called Wild Ark (their website can be found here http://wildark.com/our-story/).


Wild Ark was created by a really dynamic couple, Mark and Sophie Hutchinson who were concerned about the challenges facing some of the wild and most interesting place in the world and wanted to actively encourage others to make a difference to preserve those places for future generations. Wild Ark’s goal is to focus on biodiverse areas and work to preserve the areas wildlife while creating one of a lifetime experiences.


The experiences they have created are absolutely incredible and allow visitors who chose to travel with Wild Ark to not only deeply reconnect with nature but to learn about preservation while seeing some of the most gorgeous and pristine places on the planet. Among their trips are Botswana Tented Safaris, adventures in Alaska’s most rural landscapes and bespoke African safaris where you travel alongside those born and raised in Africa’s wildlands.


The Leading Organization Globally in Kabbalistic Teachings

About Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre began in Jerusalem in 1922 with the goal of disseminating the Kabbalah wisdom to the world. Rav Yehuda Ashlag was the founder and his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein succeeded him. He later handed the leadership responsibility to Rev Berg in 1969 who is the current Director of the center together with his wife and two sons. The Kabbalah centre has headquarters in Los Angeles California with 50 other locations worldwide. More than 5,000 people take their online lessons every week, which includes lectures, prayer services, books, downloads, CDs, and DVDs. The center gives their students a platform to interact, exchange ideas with like-minded people, and develop relationships with them and more information click here.


The Kabbalah Centre derives the teachings from Zohar, which is the sacred book that contains the Kabbalistic wisdom. Zohar also has the writings of the greatest Kabbalist in the world who decodes the mysteries of the Bible or Torah. Zohar terms some biblical passages as the codes of life and universal laws that connect the humans in one way or another. Additionally, the Kabbalah Centre has produced a series of Biblical teachings, and they give weekly commentaries on the teachings Torah. The Kabbalists teach that pain, war, and suffering would only end when the people learn and embrace Zohar and its wisdom and Kabbalah Centre’s lacrosse camp.

Kabbalah teaching

Kabbalists teachings aim at educating people on the tools that will make their lives better and reduce pain and turmoil in the world. They also believe that human beings came into the world with one purpose, which is achieving complete fulfillment. Kabbalists claim that there are physical and spiritual rules that guide the world and understanding the rules is the primary goal behind their teachings. Another teaching of Kabbalah is “Similarity of form” which asks the question of “why we don’t experience life the way we are meant to.” In response to this, they believe that there is the energy that governs our everyday living called the “Light of the Creator.” The manifestations of this power are the feelings of love, joy, fulfillment, and goodness. The more the light is, the greater the fulfillment in our lives and resume its.

Securus Technologies – Serving Advanced Technology Oriented Products and Services to Correctional Sphere

In the world of correctional facilities and law enforcement, the use of technology is getting more rampant, effective, and essential. It is because of this many tech firms are starting up to meet the huge demand for the advanced products and services the correctional sphere requires.


One of the companies that have made a huge impact in this arena is Securus Technologies, which is known for offering affordable and reliable inmate communications services as well as high performance oriented crime prevention technology. It helps the law enforcement agencies to work efficiently as well as safely. The crime can be reduced drastically with the use of technology, and this is what Securus Technologies is trying to achieve.


Securus Technologies also provide a host of inmate communication services to help the prisoners talk to their friends and relatives on a regular basis. One of the most advanced services that the company recently launched is the video visitation service that helps the prisoner not only to talk, but also see their family virtually. The other services offered by Securus Technologies include photo sharing services, money transfer services, kiosks, video services, phone services, parolee tracking, and more. The company also offers government information management services that help the government to manage their criminal and correctional agencies related data.


Securus Technologies recently released a press release on the internet where it showcased series of comments from the letters it received from the law enforcement officials. The remarks from the law enforcement officials clearly showcased how the services are useful in catching the culprits and getting the evidence necessary to convict the criminals in the court of law. Such services are highly useful in keeping the law enforcement agencies one step ahead of the criminals. The law enforcement agencies and officials are thankful to Securus Technologies for offering such efficient services to the police officials.


Australian Brand Honey Birdette Finds Huge Success In The UK And USA

Honey Birdette is a very successful Australian sensuality boutique. The company is now expanding its retail stores internationally. In the UK, Honey Birdette currently has tree stores and expects to have 40 locations by the end of 2018.
The owner of Honey Birdette, entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan, noted that recent sales figures from the United States have shown and almost 400% increase in online sales for her company. Due to this, she launched a new US e-commerce site for her company. She said that this will allow US consumers faster and cheaper delivery, which is free for orders exceeding $50, as well as a better return service and more offerings on the website. She is also planning to open retail stores in the US and is currently eyeing different locations across the nation.
The first cities in the UK to have Honey Birdette stores was London, Westfield, and Leeds. The new locations will include cities such as Liverpool, Leeds, Stratford, and Newcastle.
Honey Birdette sells luxury lingerie, briefs, bras, massage candles, and sex toys. Eloise Monaghan launched the company in 2006 and both the retail stores and online stores have proven to be very popular. While prices start at £60 for bras and £35 for briefs, lingerie at Honey Birdette typically costs around $200 to $250.
Eloise Monaghan started the company when she couldn’t find really sexy high-end lingerie that would interject excitement into people’s bedrooms. She also wanted to provide carefully sourced and selected sex toys that could be used to heighten intimate passion. Her products have achieved a great deal of success largely due to their uniqueness and high quality.

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The Litigation Attorney – Karl Heideck

The Litigation Attorney - Karl Heideck

The Litigation Attorney – Karl Heideck

Mr Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney who is based in Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania. He has been in the profession for a decade and has specialised in risk management and liquidity positions. Mr Karl Heideck has been employed at a number of companies and law firms. His professional experience has been gained during his time at Grant & Eisenhofer, Pepper Hamilton LLP, and while he worked for Conrad O’Brien. Mr Karl Heideck has worked as an associate and as a project attorney among else. His education Mr Karl Heideck received at the Temple University in Philadelphia. His education and professional experience in the legal world allowed him to be of assistance in 2008 during the banking crisis in the U. S.

The profession of litigation attorney is a very popular one among law students. What a litigator does is take legal action against individuals and organisations. A litigation attorney carries out the legal proceedings on a larger scale. Many litigation attorneys are trial lawyers as well although that is not a necessity. Trial lawyers only step in the case enough to act out their responsibilities over the course of a court case and learn more about Karl.

In order to become a litigator, one needs to complete Law School as well as a Law School Admission Test. After that, the future litigation attorney has to finish an education of a Juris Doctor. The license of a litigation attorney has to be renewed on a periodic basis through continual teaching and doing research.

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