Kate Hudson Explains to Elle Her Fabletics Mission to Keep Women Moving

Staying active and healthy is actress Kate Hudson’s simple lifestyle. Sure, her stardom also gives her access to a lot of luxury things and places, but if she isn’t busy moving, she isn’t happy.

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of the company, says Wikipedia, and it is a popular online subscription retailer that sells all kinds of amazing, trendy and quality sportswear geared to an individual’s style preferences.

Kate Hudson wears the athleisure wear she helps design, because she remains an active woman on the go. She exercises a lot and has always been involved in some kind of sport since childhood, as she tells Elle magazine.

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She wanted to give back to the world in a significant way, one that would help women achieve their goals as they tend to a hectic schedule. That’s what the Fabletics website encourages and defines as their mission. The company offers women beautiful, modern active wear that’s affordable and perfect for working out or heading to the office in and hitting the town in the evening.

Fabletics has an amazing VIP membership community of one million plus around the world, and becoming part of this community gives you super perks on Fabletics leggings, tops, dresses, swimsuits, yoga pants and everything in between.

Athleisure wear or work-out gear has become an accepted part of fashion these days, and even Vogue is applauding the style trend, noticing it on women of all ages going from the studio to the street and so forth.

The Fabletics lifestyle is growing each day and is even featured in a cool page on Pinterest.com, where women can browse through the Best Fabletics Leggings, Best Fabletics Bras, Healthy Recipes, Dumbbell Work-Outs and Kate Hudson’s Ideas of #Fitspiration, to name a few.

When leggings are clearly outselling jeans, then you know the active wear Kate Hudson is promoting is the real deal. When you become a Fabletics VIP member, you can shop and wear the pieces Kate Hudson recommends. Check out her July line-up here at Fabletics.com.

Kate Hudson wants women everywhere to find their active moments, even if you’re just beginning. You can walk, bike, do yoga; just do something that makes you feel great. From there, the sky’s the limit. See: http://elitedaily.com/women/fabletics-swim-line/1447549/

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