Human Rights Champion George Soros Thinks Trump Is A Con Man

The world was stunned when Donald Trump was elected president. No one expected Trump to win, but he did, and the world is still shaking its fists in disbelief. Men like Democratic donor and human rights champion, George Soros are doing something about the Trump win. George Soros got his Democratic donor Alliance together in Washington recently, and they formed a plan to keep Trump in line over the next four years. Trump has the support of a wide range of people, so Soros thinks Trump will divide the country, not unify it.

George Soros is the billionaire hedge fund investor that spends billions of dollars promoting the open society concept around the world. Hillary Clinton shared some of the same opinions as Mr. Soros, so he donated more than $10 million to her campaign. He also donated another $10 million to other Democratic candidates, according to a recent article in also reported that Soros is not a Trump supporter, and will never be one, even though the Hungarian-born philanthropist invested in Trump’s Chicago hotel a few years ago.

Soros may have given Trump money, but he’s not giving him any credit for his ability to lead the country. At the Davos Summit, Soros had a lot to say about Trump. Trump is a fake, and he will fail, according to Soros on Snopes. Soros also said Trump is an imposter that is contradictory and lacks character. And Soros said it’s impossible to predict how Trump is going to act because Trump doesn’t know how’s he’s going to act until he does. Mr. Soros believes there is no economic sense in starting a trade war with countries like China and Mexico. The United States economy on needs imports from those countries, and other countries, to offset inflation and to keep the consumer-driven economy stable.

There is little doubt. Soros will continue to expose Trump as a modern day dictator that promotes divisiveness. Anyone that disagrees with Trump run the risk of being called out and chastised by him.

The stock market hit an all-time high after the election, but Soros thinks the rally is not going to last. The uncertainty that is part of Trump’s game plan will begin to have an impact on the stock market on Soros sees little good coming to the United States during the Trump years. The chaos that surrounds Trump will have an impact on the global economy, and the threat of conflicts with other nations his higher than it has been in more than 50 years.

Some people say George Soros is upset because he lost money when Trump was elected, but that’s not the reason Soros is speaking out. Mr. Soros is used to spending and losing money. That’s the kind of business he is in. George is speaking out because he is concerned about the economic and social repercussions that he foresees over the next three or four years.

The world is a connected economic machine, and Trump may be the monkey-wrench that disrupts that machine.

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