How Wild Ark and Ecotourism are Evolving our World’s Future

I recently saw an article by Travel on some of the world’s top luxury ecotourism destinations. I admit when I thought of ecotourism before my mind drew me to places that were overly hot with no access to showers. This article completely opened my eyes to what a true experience an ecotourism vacation could be.


An ecotourism trip to one of these resorts not only provides an incredibly gorgeous setting that allows visitors to connect with these rare surroundings, but they are also able to connect with the people and the heritage of the area. The goal is that by learning more about the area’s true heritage and what makes it unique, it will promote conservation and spark thought about what is needed to preserve these areas for generations to come.


Among these luxury ecotourism destinations were trips to the Mayan ruins, where visitors stayed in traditional Yurks and visited with local natives to learn more about the history and resorts nestled in the Costa Rican mountains that offered incredible amenities like infinity pools but also allowed tourists to spend their days in close quarters with the animals that live in these remote jungles – many who are at fear of extinction.


I recently stumbled across a really innovative and inspiration company called Wild Ark (their website can be found here


Wild Ark was created by a really dynamic couple, Mark and Sophie Hutchinson who were concerned about the challenges facing some of the wild and most interesting place in the world and wanted to actively encourage others to make a difference to preserve those places for future generations. Wild Ark’s goal is to focus on biodiverse areas and work to preserve the areas wildlife while creating one of a lifetime experiences.


The experiences they have created are absolutely incredible and allow visitors who chose to travel with Wild Ark to not only deeply reconnect with nature but to learn about preservation while seeing some of the most gorgeous and pristine places on the planet. Among their trips are Botswana Tented Safaris, adventures in Alaska’s most rural landscapes and bespoke African safaris where you travel alongside those born and raised in Africa’s wildlands.


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