How Lori Senecal Rules as a Female CEO

Lori Senecal, another female CEO like Cheryl Sandberg, is making great strides in her leadership role with CP+B. This global company has experienced tremendous growth since Lori stepped in to take over in 2015, and oversees 10 international offices. With so much on her plate, how does Lori know which direction she is going? It’s no doubt challenging as their global growth continues. Two of her priorities were company culture as well as to streamline the business itself. There are certain aspects of a company that every CEO wants to enhance or embellish.


Lori knows that working together collaboratively, as well as being inventive and agile are critical for any company. Overall, her desire is to see the company thrive, but it must do so both locally and at the global level. Lori’s strength is leadership, which has not only encouraged those working within the company to step up to the plate and do their work with pride, but to work together with others in order to make it possible. Due to her impeccable dedication and hard work, Advertising Age has maintained their interest in her as a leader and CP+B.


Recognition is something that Lori is no stranger to, having been recognized recently as one of the top, “Creativity Innovators of the Year” in 2017. Additionally, the year prior (2016), Lori was listed among the “Agency Executives to Watch”. Other prestigious acknowledgements came from Accompany‘s 100 Power List as well as recognition from Fast Company for being a revolutionary leader and CEO. It was in 2017 that she was recognized as one of the Most Creative People in Business, shining light on Lori and all of her accomplishments.


Lori is known for her position as a “believer in the heroic”. She draws her inspiration primarily from creative thinking and strategy. She is considered among the best to be a top leader in global business endeavors, and she is also recognized for her skills and talents among her peers in business. Lori remains a revolutionary role model for women in business in the United States and around the world.

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