FreedomPop Has Grand Expansion Plans in the Works

FreedomPop’s innovative concept of a budget phone that provides a totally, 100% free amount of monthly data, text, and phone service has allowed the company to grow tremendously. Some might wonder how the company is able to make money on such a deal. The CEO, Stephen Stokols, reveals customers are so thrilled with FreedomPop’s service, they upgrade quickly to expanded service. They also are more willing to buy other products from FreedomPop such as new phones or “on the go” modems. Stephen Stokols gave a brilliant interview for RCR Wireless News’ YouTube channel, and the interview covered a lot of unique topics.

One topic fans of the tech world are interested in reading about is the huge influx of venture capital FreedomPop has acquired. The company has raised $50 million in funding, and there are sores of expansion plans in the works. Stokols mentions people all around the world are interested in deals. The phones and service are extremely popular in the United Kingdom thanks to budget-minded customers. About 44%/45% of hose frugal customers end up upgrading to paid services. FreedomPop wants to add more territories and more customers who will just as welcoming to the company.

RCR Wireless has the whole story. Reading the overview, and then check out the online video interview.

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  1. The $50 million raised by the firm is going to fund an expansion into 25 countries. Later, that number will reach 40 countries. I for one know for sure that could get everything they have intact and also make the comparison real.

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