Dick DeVos and Pilots of the Future

Dick DeVos never wants people in this world who feel less than unfortunate to be alone. That’s probably the reason he’s devoted his life to good deeds of sorts. His wife Betsy has done the same exact thing. The pair have been indomitable in their efforts throughout the years. So many people have been in awe of them in Michigan. People have been in awe of them in the United States and beyond, too. DeVos is a man who has worn many hats throughout the duration of his rewarding All-American career. He’s tackled leadership responsibilities for the Amway Corporation. His experience with the marketing phenomenon started in the nineties and ended roughly a decade later. Business efforts may be something that he can’t avoid. DeVos’ father was a famed entrepreneur who made the Amway Corporation a staple for millions of people in the United States. DeVos witnessed a lot of hard work as a wee youngster in the Midwest.


Betsy DeVos relates heavily to her husband. She, too, was the daughter of an attentive entrepreneur. She also comes from the Midwestern region of the nation. “Elisabeth Prince” caught DeVos’ eye for many reasons. He may have noticed her fervor for all kinds of social causes. Her desire to do well has taken her far in this life. President Donald Trump now refers to her as being the American Secretary of Education. Countless Americans do the same.


Dick DeVos barely ever has a peaceful moment. He wouldn’t have it any other way, either. His life is practically a whirlwind. He has countless tasks in front of him with The Windquest Group. He has seemingly endless tasks that are related to the West Michigan Aviation Academy as well. Those things don’t dissuade him, though. He’s a person who simply does what he loves. He has an entrepreneurial streak that other people cannot deny or diminish. He has a devotion to education that’s impossible to ignore as well. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is an up-and-coming charter school that’s been educating high schoolers since around 2010. It’s an academy that’s expanding all of the time. It’s located at the bustling airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was a totally logical choice as well. Students who attend the academy are keen to begin careers as pilots and the like. DeVos adores seeing young people fulfill all of their ambitions. He loves seeing promise in youth.


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