Clay Siegall: Stopping Cancer in its Tracks

Disease and sickness have always been part of our world. They have historically been one of the things that has been a huge barrier to us in terms of survival and reaching certain goals. But now the situation is starting to change. We are starting to hit our stride and figure out disease after disease. Every year we come closer to taking down juggernauts of diseases like Alzheimer’s and now we have someone special working on cancer. That someone is Clay Siegall.

Clay Siegall is a man like many of us with a bone to pick with cancer and its so-called treatments. After a loved one fell victim to this sickness they received treatments that almost killed them. Clay thought to himself there had to be a better way to fight this without risking death from the cure itself. That’s where Clay Siegall started his journey and now he has made significant progress. In 1998 he started his company Seattle Genetics. A biotech tech firm that focuses its resources on creating targeted therapy drugs for disease that have not had mortality rate improvements for long periods of time usually decades. With his B.S. in zoology and a PhD in genetics from George Washington state he has made significant progress on this front. His company created the first FDA approved antibody drug conjugate. This and at least 20 other disease fighting drugs are in the pipeline being tested and used to save lives. Another large reason Clay chose to path is because with his earlier work he wasn’t getting the respect or accolades for his work but now with his own company we are fully aware of where these drugs are created and who by. Clay Siegall has 15 patents and would have more if he was receiving proper credit.

It’s safe to say he is meant to do this line of work and he is trying to do away with the old way of curing cancer. He believes there are safer and more efficient ways to defeat cancer other than chemotherapy and wants to retire this method. Using his belief, he got from Charles Darwin of hard work being the key to success he has truly begun to achieve his goal of stopping cancer in its tracks.

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