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Educated Fabulous Australian Youtuber

Wendy Huang is more than just a pretty face. She is the CEO of StyleAlley, the co-founder of UniMi Cosmetics, and the media personality of The Wonderful World of Wengie. Some may know her as Wengie the famous Australian YouTuber. She is a multi-talent entrepreneur with over 615,000 subscribers and over 29 million views on her YouTube channel. You name it; she has experience in the wide world of marketing.

Rest a sure Wendy is not without credentials. Her success on YouTube was preceded by a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University of Technology in Sydney, Austria. Presently she has the 5th most subscribed beauty channel on YouTube. To date her videos have gained Wengie over 1 million subscribers. Take a fresh look at job hunting, time management, or financial independence with Wengie. Wendy also leans her advice on relationships, diets, and a verity of products that she has tried and tested.

Her opinions and up beat unique attitude make Wengie a well approachable character to any subscriber male or female. Comparisons of different cultural styles also educate her viewers in a fun quirky elegance. She is an internet big sister and shares her life experiences and lessons from bullies to makeup and boyfriends. OR, if you need a practical real world side of Wengie she got that too. If you think of her as just another girly girl on YouTube think again.

“Wendy is always keen to take on new and challenging things in her life. I’ve never met a person who has more stamina and rigour to persevere and challenge herself with each new encounter,” states Julia. So saying this girl is awesome is an understatement. Wendy is an experienced educated famous Australian Youtuber.