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Ecuadorian Earthquake and the Venezuelan Right-Wing Response

Last Saturday, April 16th reported a 7.8 magnitude Earthquake hit the coast of Ecuador. This earthquake killed over 440 people, leaving 4,000 injured, and 231 being officially declared as missing. The total damages add up to about three billion US dollars.
In wake of this news Henry Ramos Allup, the president of the country’s conservative National Assembly, made a shocking statement that the people of Ecuador did not deserve any form of aid. Allup supported this claim by insisting that it was Venezuela, not Ecuador that needed help.

Henry Allup cites the 17 year rule of past president Hugo Chavez as the reason Venezuela is in need of humanitarian aid. Allup referred to these years as a “devastating and permanent earthquake.”

This take is much different than that of the left-wing groups of Venezuela who tend to be in support of the humanitarian aid.