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Fabletics to the Rescue


The big thing that is often an issue when it comes to working out is finding the right workout gear. Some people that work out in their homes may not care much about what they are wearing. A torn t-shirt and sweats may be all that they require. It is becoming much more common for people to workout outside of their homes though. Many companies have gyms inside the building. Others have access to local gyms because they have a gym membership. This group of people will want to do something different. They are going to want to be fashionable when they are working out. Kate Hudson has helped people that aspire to look good as they are jogging or working out in a gym. The Fabletics brand has a lot of cool clothes that are designed just for this purpose.

Fabletics has made it easier for people to workout in style, but the founders of this brand are planning to make it even easier for those customers that want to try on the Fabletics merchandise before they buy.

The team is currently analyzing the demographics and making decisions on where the new stores will be located. Right now the core of the Fabletics stores are located on the east coast. There are stores in places like Delaware and New Jersey. There is also one in California. As time goes the stores will move into a new direction that will saturate a large section of the map. There will be stores in abundance on the east and west coast. There will also be stores in the north and south. Midwest stores are also on the way. This is going to be the best way to get the coverage that is needed to compete with other brands of fitness clothing.

Right now it appears that Kate Hudson is scoping out the competition, and she is doing everything in her power to make the brand successful. The brand has unlimited potential, and she knows that her influence is big. That is why she is the first face that you see as soon as you hit the Fabletics website. This is a very powerful statement because it is a break from what so many other celebrities do.

Celebrities in the past like Jennifer Lopez, Sean Combs and Gwen Stefani have used other models to show off their clothing line. Kate Hudson made the decision to model many of the clothes from her Fabletics brand. She employs some models, but she recognizes the magnitude of her influence.