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Jason Hope: A technological expert helps anti-aging research

Jason Hope is a technology expert from the state of Arizona. He is one of the people who support technology initiatives with all that it takes. He loves technology so much that whenever he finds an idea, that pleases him, he must make sure that he throws in his support. Jason Hope is known in the technology circles for his deep knowledge of matters of technology. He predicts the future of technology so well that he enables business people to plan their businesses. Jason Hope has predicted the future of the internet of things which is a technology that will prove essential in easing the way human beings carry out tasks. Jason Hope has a good reputation and many people followers his advice keenly.

Another initiative that Jason Hope is supporting is one by SENS Research Foundation. This is a nonprofit organization that is composed of scientists dedicated to alleviating the needs of the old people. As we get old, the human body becomes weak and is normally attacked by old age diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Parkinson’s disease. These diseases cause suffering to old people at a critical stage of their lives. Instead of settling down and enjoying their retirement, they are battling old age diseases.

SENS Research Foundation is a group focused on developing the treatment for aging. The experts in this group are creating a drug that will slow down the aging process. When the aging process is slowed down, the body will remain youthful for a long time and won’t be attacked by old age diseases. The research work that is being done by this group is at an advanced stage where they have realized that they can longer use small laboratory animals since they do not have the same characteristics as human beings. The aging causing substance in human beings is different from the small animals.

SENS Research Foundation has been supported by Jason Hope with over $1 million. In 2010, he gave them half a million dollars to build a research laboratory in England. Jason Hope is interested in seeing the firm make a breakthrough in the industry. Any solution to the aging process will be the best news to every human beings ever. People can live knowing that they can live comfortably without fear of their body becoming frail in the old age. Jason Hope sees technology as one of the solutions to the needs of humankind.

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Talk Fusion Embrace New Industry Award

There are precious few companies out there that completely redefine the industry that they are operating within. Talk Fusion, a video marketing and digital communication solutions company, has been doing just that for the better part of the past decade. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 by founder and CEO Bob Reina. Reina has capably guided the company into the future, deftly guiding them toward profit at every twist and turn. Now Reina and the team at Talk Fusion are basking in some of their hard won glory. Talk Fusion was recently announced as a winner of the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award, presented by Technology Marketing Corporation.

Technology Marketing Corporation, or TMC for short, has been awarding companies within the marketing industry for years if they pushed the envelope, changed the game, and elevated the status of their company in a big way. Every year Rich Tehrani, the CEO at TMC, will make an announcement whereupon he offers his reasoning for the award as well as who the actual winners are. This year Tehrani released through a statement, “True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Learn more:

For Talk Fusion the award came to them by way of their coveted Video Chat application. The Video Chat application has been changing the game for video marketers as it has made it easier than ever to connect in a face to face type situation. The Video Chat app is built on WebRTC technology and specializes in seamless video chatting across platforms, between people anywhere on the planet. Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page had kind words for his Talk Fusion cohorts, “This is just a testament to how efficient and innovative Talk Fusion’s team is.”

Bob Reina is never one to turn away from an award or the press that goes with it. Reina used the award as a chance to tout the hard work being done by his IT professionals. Talk Fusion, according to Bob Reina, will continue pushing and evolving into the future as far as the eye can see. Learn more:

The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an individual who has accomplished many things. Eric Pulier is a businessman, an entrepreneur, an author, and among all, a philanthropist. The intelligence of this individual has made him desirable at the start of an early age. Pulier’s talent for programming computers was discovered in the fourth grade when he began building his first computers. Since then, Mr. Pulier continued on to startup his own database computer company in high school. These early on accomplishments are the reason he was eventually accepted into Harvard University and has excelled since then to become one of the most influential individuals in the world through his computer-based philanthropy.

Eric Pulier, after graduating from Harvard University with a degree in American and English Literature, went on to begin programming philanthropic-based programs. An example of his work occurred in 1991 when he founded and created People Doing Things. This company was created to specifically address relevant issues that include healthcare, education, as well as many other issues around the world. All of these relevant topics are desired by Eric Pulier to find solutions through the use of advanced technology. People Doing Things was the starting point to a long line of philanthropy-based companies with the sole intention of spreading information as well as solutions around the world.

Some of Pulier’s most prideful accomplishments include his development of a chat-based website for chronically ill children in hospitals. This particular development was integrated in over 70 hospitals nationwide for the purpose of enabling chronically ill children to have someone in their same situation to talk to. The features of this development included chatting, posting content, as well as browsing. This large accomplishment eventually got him noticed by Vice President Al Gore who invited him to become a part of a prestigious think tank that was designed to come up with innovative solutions to relevant and worldly problems. Mr. Pulier’s success even made him the chosen individual to execute and lead an exhibition in Washington DC that showed off predictions as well as new technology that will come out from the transition into the 21st century.

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