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Handy Is Growing As A Normal Housecleaning Service

Not long ago, Handy announced that they had reached about $52 million in their run rate, quite a step for a company that was entering a fairly competitive housecleaning independent contractor market. This company has tapped into the mobile on-demand market by building a platform for customers to schedule a fairly inexpensive housecleaning, while at the same time Handy workers can practically build their own customer base while on the job. Handy isn’t just simply a home cleaning app, you can sometimes find plumbers in the area for various plumbing work, but most of the services offered are standard home cleaning. They are now starting to include furniture delivery in their list of services.

Handy was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, two entrepreneurs who saw how Uber was changing the way cab services were offered, and they decided to test the house cleaning market in a similar fashion. When a user downloads Handy,, they can then schedule a booking for a cleaning, and the cleaning professional gets money credited to them, though there are cancellation options that are allowed within certain windows. Handy workers have the flexibility to take a job that comes up in their area, or if they so choose they can take the day off.

Workers must provide their own cleaning equipment and transportation, and Handy does background checks on each worker to make sure customers are kept safe. Customers don’t even have to be at home to schedule a cleaning with the way that Handy works. Handy has made certain features easier to access and opt out of, such as repeat cleaning services and retention bonuses. While it’s true that workers can make as much as $22 an hour from cleaning, many of them work this job less than 10 hours in a given week.