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While some complain of high rates, Securus Technology continue providing crime-fighting funds

Throughout the history of the U.S. prison system, a debate has raged on about the proper place of private enterprise in the correctional system. One of the companies that have been at the center of this imbroglio has been Securus Technologies. Many of Securus’ critics claim that the company has not done enough to keep rates as low as they could be kept. Some of these misguided critics also believe that private enterprise has no place within the prison system, claiming that the perverse incentives created by private enterprise doing business there can never be outweighed by the supposed benefits of the free market.


However, reality tells a slightly different story. For example, throughout the state of Louisiana, Securus is the largest provider of inmate communication services. Although Securus has been able to provide an average of 70 percent of all revenues taken in back to the prison themselves in the form of commissions, it has also been able to simultaneously keep rates down to an average of just $0.15 per minute throughout the entire state. With such rates, it is possible for inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones on the outside of prison on an almost unlimited basis.


This stands in contrast to other states, such as Arizona, where the role of private companies like Securus are much reduced. In that state, the average price of a phone call is over $1.50 per minute, making it one of the most expensive in which for inmates to make outgoing calls from carceral institutions.


Many more such examples strongly illustrate the principle that the government is not necessarily the best service provider when it comes to inmate services. Not only is Securus able to keep the rates low for inmates and their family members, it has also been able to provide tremendous amounts of revenue to the prisons in which it does business.


Securus Technologies : Standing Out In The Field Of Prison Communications

Securus Technologies is a company that has managed to set itself apart in the prison communications industry. The company is one which provides a range of services that inmates can opt for to stay in touch with their friends and family on the outside. The company is operational in numerous locations in the United States and also in Canada. Inmates who wish to use the services that Securus Technologies provides can ask their loved ones to send them money to their Securus Technologies’ account so that they can place calls. Alternatively, Securus Technologies also has a post paid system, whereby one can opt to receive a bill at the end of a month for the time that the inmate has used the services for. This system has proven to be extremely efficient for the company and also for the people who are using these services.


The company knows that because they are allowing inmates to use communication services to get in touch with the outside, here is a good amount of scope for criminal activity to take place. To ensure that this does not happen, Securus Technologies offers inmate monitoring system, which tracks the calls that the inmates are making and also records the conversations which are then provided if there is a case of malicious activity which could be linked to the phone calls. With these inmate monitoring systems. Securus Technologies has been able to help numerous judiciaries, by giving them all the information that they would need in the case that they would be offering a trial to anyone from these prisons.


Securus Technologies has a wide range of services that they offer clients. The company knows how important communication is to stay in touch with the world and hence tries its best to offer a wide range of services to inmates so that they could get in touch with their loved ones whenever they like. Securus Technologies offers services like voice calling and video calling, which all come at different rates. Inmates are free to use any of these services to get in touch with people, provided that they heed to all the rules that Securus Technologies and the prisons impose on them while using these services.


Securus Technologies Fighting the War on Drugs

Drugs inside the prison puts every person behind those walls in immediate danger. Besides the fact that inmates already outnumber the corrections officers 5:1 in most cases, drugs make an inmate go from manageable to uncontrollable in the blink of an eye. An inmate experimenting with heroin or crack for the first time could become so violent that they put the entire prison population in danger. This is only one of the reasons we are working hard to eliminate drugs from getting into our facility.


Inmates are having an easier time getting drugs in the prison than they would on the streets, and this has my superiors wanting results today to crack down on the flow of contraband into the jail. We have increased our searches of the inmate’s cells, we have set up searches in the visitor center, we even monitor the calls the inmates are making on the telephone.


Securus Technologies was instrumental in helping us to control the flow of drugs into the jail. The company has their inmate call monitoring system currently installed in over 2,500 jails, and they have become a powerful tool in helping to keep the inmates from getting drugs. The LBS software will listen to the inmates talking on the phone and can isolate specific chatter and then alert officers to the calls. Now we are able to tackle the problem before it even gets to our facility.


My team has been alerted to calls where the inmates are talking about ways the outsiders can smuggle contraband into the visitor center. We heard one inmate talking about how easy it is to buy drugs from gang members in the yard. Our team even heard one inmate explaining the technique for coating a letter in a liquid drug so he could consume it to get his high.


Securus Technologies – Serving Advanced Technology Oriented Products and Services to Correctional Sphere

In the world of correctional facilities and law enforcement, the use of technology is getting more rampant, effective, and essential. It is because of this many tech firms are starting up to meet the huge demand for the advanced products and services the correctional sphere requires.


One of the companies that have made a huge impact in this arena is Securus Technologies, which is known for offering affordable and reliable inmate communications services as well as high performance oriented crime prevention technology. It helps the law enforcement agencies to work efficiently as well as safely. The crime can be reduced drastically with the use of technology, and this is what Securus Technologies is trying to achieve.


Securus Technologies also provide a host of inmate communication services to help the prisoners talk to their friends and relatives on a regular basis. One of the most advanced services that the company recently launched is the video visitation service that helps the prisoner not only to talk, but also see their family virtually. The other services offered by Securus Technologies include photo sharing services, money transfer services, kiosks, video services, phone services, parolee tracking, and more. The company also offers government information management services that help the government to manage their criminal and correctional agencies related data.


Securus Technologies recently released a press release on the internet where it showcased series of comments from the letters it received from the law enforcement officials. The remarks from the law enforcement officials clearly showcased how the services are useful in catching the culprits and getting the evidence necessary to convict the criminals in the court of law. Such services are highly useful in keeping the law enforcement agencies one step ahead of the criminals. The law enforcement agencies and officials are thankful to Securus Technologies for offering such efficient services to the police officials.


Securus Technology Is an Innovative Form of Communications

Securus Technologies is a wonderfully designed tools that is innovative in the sense that an individual or group of people can have a visitation session with an inmate from the comfort of their very own home. Oftentimes, one may find that it may be difficult to travel from one place to another, and the same concept certainly applies to jails. By signing up for the program that is offered by Securus Technologies, one can keep in touch with a friend who may have unfortunately been jailed in a correctional facility.


Whether you are aware of it or not, being put in jail can be a very lonely and even frightening experience. By taking the initiative of visiting them through the video conferencing option that is made possible by Securus Technologies, you will be able to connect with a friend, family member, or significant other. It is a viable option because of its convenience, privacy, pricing, and ease of use. If you are unsure about how to get started, please visit Securus Technologies website and speak to a customer service representative to attain the guidance that you need. They are a BBB accredited company that has yet to reach their full potential. They know that there are much more room for improvements in today’s rapidly pacing and advancing world of technology and innovation. Their professionals are ready to guide you through the process of signing up for their services as soon as you are ready to begin. Would you not like to see your friend so that you will be able to make them happy? It is a great program that offers features that makes communicating easy and efficient. If you are unsure about whether the correctional facility your friend or family member is jailed in offers the use of this technology, then you may see the listings on the website to see if it is on the list.


Securus Corrects misleading information presented by GTL

Global Tel Link published gross inaccuracies against Securus Technologies in a press release made on February 19th, 2016. Securus has since come out to defend itself and show the errors in GTL’s claims. Securus has argued that the inaccurate press release was nothing but misleading. Securus has corrected the information in several press releases. Securus issued some clarifications concerning GTL’s misleading press release.


Securus Technologies published information correcting the inaccurate statements on June 9, 2016. Securus is a leading provider of local solutions and criminal justice for correction facilities. It corrected the wrong information presented by GTL. Securus came out clearly stating that information released by GTL were misleading and inaccurate. The company corrected every bit of information submitted by GTL.


The first allegation filed by GTL was that of the decision made by US Patent Trial and Appeal Board. GTL stated that the decision allowed them to seek damages and injunctions against Securus for infringement lawsuits. However, Securus corrected this inaccuracy saying that the issue had been rectified in the Texas federal court. GTL was only trying to seek any relief indicating that they will strive to pursue the matter in the District Court. Securus said that it is moving forward to the hearing of the patent. The patent has not been validated, and GTL cannot seek damages and injunctions as it claims.


According to Securus Technologies CEO, Richard Smith, Global Tel Link has followed an unlawful approach to get ahead of its competitors. GTL is aware that the patent litigations cost millions of dollars to pursue. Obtaining take a long time and could run for many years. Securus Technologies has since questioned methods used by Global Tel Link if they work in the best interest of the company. Securus Technologies is a corporation with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has increasingly grown to be the largest provider of communication and technology to correction facilities.



The Company of the Future

Securus Technologies is well known corporation in the information technology industry who has served its customers faithfully since its conception in Dallas, Texas. The company has recently received some bad press from another company in the industry, GTL. GTL has made claims that Securus has been operating under expired patent codes of its products. If true, this would mean that Securus has been illegally safeguarding these forms of technology that could instead be flowing freely through the information technology business world. In order to look into this matter themselves, Securus Technologies, along with a group of third party experts, have researched these claims and found them to be baseless. Securus still maintains its patents and will continue to do so for a long period of time, which is great news both for Securus and for their customers who rely on them. Stay up to date with Securus on


Securus customers are primarily incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system. These consumers are under represented due to their position in society and are most often times ignored by other companies. Securus provides these inmates communication solutions in the form of a free downloadable application for use on both Apple and Android devices. This product allows open communication between inmates and their loved ones through video chat technology. This means that family members can avoid long lines in security checks and no longer need to make long and arduous drives to prisons in order for visitation to occur.


For their service as a representative of these special customers and their willingness to offer them the highest in quality products, Securus should be identified not only as a technology firm but also as a humanitarian organization for their pursuits. They not only bridge gaps of communication that successfully fill the void of social acceptance as well.