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How Organo Gold Came To Offer A Full Line Of Beverages

Organo Gold is a company that was launched in 2008 by its chief executive officer, Bernardo Chua. His company started out offering high-quality organic coffee that had Ganoderma lucidum as an ingredient because it is a potent and healthy fungus. This coffee is sold in instant form and there are a variety of flavors. Since that time he has expanded what his company offers to premium teas, personal care products, supplements, and a line of products called OGX which helps people shape their bodies. Read the reviews at

Another product that Organo Gold sells is a book sold through the Napoleon Hill Foundation. This book has sold 100 million copies throughout the world and has helped many entrepreneurs attain their dreams of having successful businesses. Many of the independent distributors that sell Organo Gold’s products swear by the advice and tips they learned from this book.

Coffee has been drunk for centuries and is believed to have originated on the Ethiopian plateau. From there it spread to Arabia and the traders there started to spread it far and wide. It was in the 1600s that coffee arrived in Europe. The Catholic church was initially against people drinking it because they thought it caused people to get too excited but the Pope tried it, liked it, and it became increasingly popular. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

As a global lifestyle firm Organo Gold does its part to spread the love of good coffee. Their beverages taste great and the team at Organo Gold suggests foregoing the addition of sugar in order to keep it as healthy as possible. Their most popular coffee flavors are Premium Gourmet Organic King of Coffee, Gourmet Black Coffee, and Organo Cafe Latte. This latter one is just 90 calories and is a robust blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans mixed with Ganoderma lucidum which adds a nice, nutty flavor.