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Civil Litigation With Karl Heideck

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Civil litigation is such a common occurrence nowadays. If you will soon take part in a civil litigation, here is some information about what to expect throughout the process.

Plaintiff Files Complaint

The first step of any civil action is that a complaint is filed by the Plaintiff explaining all claims against the Defendant. This document is generally prepared by a lawyer. Depending on what state you are in the civil action will either begin when the Summons and Complaint have been filed with the court or have been served to the Defendant.

Defendant’s Answer

The Defendant must give an answer within roughly three weeks. This answer should include possible admissions, reasons of innocents, defense, and whether the Defendant has decided to seek additional claims. If no answer is returned, the court likely enters a default judgment. If the Defendant includes a counterclaim, the party must also reply within a certain time.

Motion of Discovery

Next, documents and other information relevant to the proceedings are revealed by a process called Discovery. At this point, the two enemies can voluntarily resolve issues with something like a settlement and stop any further proceedings. If no agreement can be found the matter goes to trial.

Litigator Karl Heideck

In Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Karl Heideck is ready to litigate your case and help you resolve any issues that stem from it. Heideck specializes in compliance risk management, commercial, and civil litigation. He has experience and specialized skills in intellectual property lawsuits, civil proceedings, corporate lawsuits, and legal research and writing.

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Make sure you have a lawyer when you go to court. Karl Heideck is a great choice in litigators if you find yourself in a sticky situation. He will use his experience to guide you through the process and get you what you deserve. Give Karl Heideck a call before you show up to court alone. It could make all the difference.

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