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Dr. Saad Saad – Get Vaccinated ASAP

Parents would always want the best for their kids – that is why even from conception parents would do everything that they can and are access what they are able to, to ensure that the well-being of their child is of utmost certainty. Moms would take all the vitamins she can, rest when she is able to, attend baby yoga exercises, listen to gentle music, practice a very healthy diet and moms will do whatever she can to make sure that the baby is very healthy. And dads (or partner-moms, we’re all for equality here!) do everything in their capability to cater to the needs of the pregnant wife. Partners would attend seminars just to be prepared for when the baby comes out – and when all good fortune is present at the day of birth, a healthy baby is born into the world. Learn more:


But then, that is just the start of the battle – once the baby is born into this world, s/he is exposed to millions and millions of new bacteria that can affect the baby one way or another. That is why through medical advancements and through the help of our doctors, technologists and researchers, we have come to a time where vaccines are available for us so that we may be protected from particular diseases and attacks of viral infections.


Vaccines were made in order to produce an immunity shield for certain lethal viruses. They have been developed from the virus itself to produce and antibody that will serve as a shield for our immune system so that the disease would not even dare touch our bodies.


At this point, it looks like vaccines have nothing to do but keep us healthy and safe from these viral attacks. But some misinformed and misguided group of people have started to think that vaccines are actually bad for us and they cause complications – and these are entirely false. These group of people have spread news and has cause quite a bit of a stir with parents who are taking care of their young and unfortunately some have succumbed to the doubts and fear raised by these anti-vaccine people and are now not opting to vaccinate their children.


Dr. Saad Saad is here to shoo all your doubts away . Dr. Saad Saad is a well-renowned doctor, pediatrician and most of all, a parent himself. And he understands that parents want nothing more than the well being of their young. And he is a proud supporter of the vaccine movement and highly encourages and recommends that everyone must get vaccines to fully end the plague of particular lethal diseases. Furthermore, if we have anyone to listen to concerning vaccines, it’s Dr. Saad Saad because he is a multi-awarded individual in the industries of healthcare and humanitarian efforts.