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Rocketship Education, Where Parents Are Welcomed

Rocketship Education is a school that welcomes parents with open arms. Rocketship Education understands that without parents, there will be no children. And without children there wouldn’t be a Rocketship Education. For this reason, Rocketship Education goes out of their way in order to have parents active in their child’s education. At Rocketship Education parents are not only involved in their child’s education but they are also involved in the staffing of the school as well. Parents are invited to interview teachers before they are hired at Rocketship Education. It doesn’t matter how great a teacher’s resume may be, they still have to pass the parental interview that has been set up for them.

Rocketship Education is an elementary school that was founded in 2004. Rocketship Education is a public school but they are also a charter school. Rocketship Education has many locations located throughout the entire country of America. They have many different schools in several different states as well. A new Rocketship Education school just opened up recently and parents were involved in each and every part of their opening. Rocketship Education has been approved for there to be 8 different schools in one area. So far, one of the schools that are currently opened is the original Rocketship Education location.

Rocketship Education allowed three parents of the children who attend the school interview the teachers before they actually became hired. This is a unique requirement for the school to have, and so far Rocketship Education is the only school who has publicly came out and stated that they allow the parents to interview their teachers. This interview is taken very seriously. Even if the internee passes the interview with the administration team, but does not pass the parent interview then that means they will not be hired.

In the end, all of Rocketship Education’s efforts to create a close nit environment between the staff members and parents have been working. It seems as if the parents are satisfied with the efforts. Also their students have been benefiting very well from all of the efforts, they made a great choice!