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Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME Is An Innovative Take On Medicine And Business

Dr. Mark McKenna is a highly successful medical doctor and businessman these days, having started up several successful companies that have incorporated his talents in medicine. Mark was interested in medicine at a young age thanks to his father owning his own private practice. This inspired Mark to attend Tulane University to expand his medical knowledge and earn his own medical degree, which he did with the highest honors. Quickly after he earned his medical degree to practice medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna began working with his father to get all the hands-on experience he could. The more Mark learned, the more he wanted to expand his horizons even further. He finally realized he wanted to try  his hand in business as well and use his medical knowledge to help people in new ways.

Despite his talent in medicine and working with his father, Mark knew the only way to satisfy himself and be happy was to try the things he truly wanted to do. The combination of business, investing, and medicine is the perfect combination for Dr. Mark McKenna and he couldn’t imagine being happier doing something else. His dedication to his work is noticeable, since his companies are not only successful, but they are innovative and have created new ways for people to enjoy the benefits of Mark’s medical knowledge.

Dr. Mark McKenna has started up several companies today that were all successful, including McKenna Ventures, ShapeMed, and his latest pursuit OVME. Although his first company was caught in the 2005 hurricane Katrina, he still managed to rebuild a great deal of the assets he lost, which allowed him to continue on his business path. ShapeMed was extremely successful for many years until Dr. Mark McKenna received an offer from Life Time Fitness that he couldn’t refuse. Mark is currently trying to grow his latest business that is doing quite well, OVME. This medical wellness company delivers products and various treatments through their own app, which will allow customers to avoid doctors visits and costs.

Dr. Mark Holterman Providing Pediatric Insight

Dr. Mark Holterman has worked in analytic care for many years. Dr. Mark Holterman continuously researches cutting-edge treatments, performs medical procedures, involves himself with lectures, teaches individuals at a university, and helps mentor medical scholars and surgical individuals. He is a professor at the University of Illinois. Dr. Mark Holterman is also a practicing specialist. Dr. Mark Holterman also takes on the role of CEO (MarkHolterman.WordPress). He is the CEO for the company Mariam Global Health. He established Mariam Global Health in the year 2012. As CEO of Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark Holterman actively discoveries and investigates brand-new remedies and antidotes for prevalent therapeutic ailments. Dr. Mark Holterman is involved with several health-based endowments. Dr. Mark Holterman is involved with a health-based charity known as International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam ( The purpose of International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam is to bring forth the most current surgical approaches to ailing children at Vietnam therapeutic institutions and clinics.


Dr. Mark Holterman studied at Yale University. At Yale University he studied biology and obtained high honors when he graduated. He was awarded summa cum laude when he graduated from Yale University. After graduating from Yale University he obtained a Ph. D. After obtaining his Ph.D. Dr. Mark Holterman obtained his MD at the University of Virginia. Dr. Mark Holterman has been an instructor at University of Illinois College of Medicine since the year 2011. Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric specialist. He is a pediatric specialist at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center.


Dr. Mark Holterman has achieved accomplishments through the years. He obtained a fellowship at University of Virginia College Health Sciences. Dr. Mark Holterman has written and refined documentation. He has been associated with therapeutic documentations. He has done demonstrations on topics associated with the bariatric incision. He has provided information about microorganism therapy. Dr. Mark Holterman has received awards during his career. Some of his awards include Patients’ Choice Award, America’s Top Doctors Award, and Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award.


In conclusion, Dr. Mark Holterman is an innovative and extraordinary individual.