Category: Line of Hair Products

Chaz Dean creates an outstanding hair product line for everyone to use

The WEN Anti-Frizz Styling Creme is a favorite among the celebrities as Chaz Dean has developed this product in house. His roster of celebrities that seek his knowledge and experience when it comes to hair cutting and color is phenomenal. The Wen anti frizz styling creme is the ultimate light weight solution allowing the user to completely remove the frizz but still keep the over all body, shine and moisture of natural hair. However when using the anti-frizz styling creme the hair is left much stronger and thus reducing breakages to a bare minimum. The client immediately feels the strength gained by the hair while looking full and shiny. This creme alone can last for up to 8 hours giving you the protection you desire for a full day filled with control.

There are several added features which have been confirmed on by users. 95 percent of users say they experienced less breakages just after a single application of the creme. Hair gets up to 80 percent stronger although it is subjected to styling stress and heat. The creme provides ridiculous 8 hour protection against frizz as well as adding even more sheen and luster.

All these claims were confirmed in a recent article by a user who had given the hair product line a thorough testing. This article can be found on and is an in depth user documentation of the cleanser conditioner by WEN. The user was blown away by the shine and luster it created leaving her originally fine hair with extreme volume and reducing the over all oiliness of everyday use by other brands.