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The Must Knows about Handybook, Inc. Cleaning Service

You work hard all day and have a busy lifestyle but want to come home to a comfortably clean and tidy house at the end of the day and not be worried about inviting friends over. This is why having a reliable home cleaning service is so important. With, you can use a mobile app on your phone and schedule a cleaning at your convenience with guaranteed results. Payment is taken care of electronically, so you don’t have to worry about leaving cash.

Founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua who met in college at Harvard Business School in 2012, these young men are the ultimate entrepreneurs who created Handybook as the Uber of home maintenance. After being disgusted with the state of their own living conditions they became interested in solving the problem of providing not just cleaning, but Home Care. After 2 years they were able to raise $2 million in seed money from Highland and General Catalyst founder Joel Cutler. He admired their involvement of actually going on jobs to see what was done and how it was done that made people so happy.

While you can arrange for cleaning services, you may also be able hire a plumber, handyman or other professional in some of their current 13 cities and four new offices are opening in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. With more than 50 employees and thousands of freelancers they complete about 10,000 jobs a month and of course that will grow. They thoroughly screen and investigate all their participants with background checks, in person interviews and reference checks for your ultimate safety, security and comfort. To learn more about this great team and their backgrounds see the article in Forbes magazine

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