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Luxury Hospital? The Copa Star!

The Copa Star is a luxury Hospital, located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The Copa Star boasts a high-end, luxury restaurant on its premises. One soon forgets that this is a hospital. The Copa Star wants the hospital stay to be a positive one, more like a vacation than a hospitalization.

The lobby reflects this idea. There are plush sofas, a grand piano, artwork and paintings by famed artists, among other things. This is on the Copacabana, and most people would think it was a five-star hotel rather than a hospital.

The object in building the Copa Star Hospital was that the D’Or Institute, the company behind the hospital, wanted to create the most modern, up-to-date hospital in Brazil.

The facility will eventually specialize in cardiology and neurology, and boasts 59 intensive care units. This compares with the international average of about ten units. It is a large, patient-oriented hospital with 155 patient suites. We could call them patient rooms, but, these are suites, complete with remote patient-controlled lighting and cooling, private bathrooms, oversized rooms for friends to stay, and amenities one would expect from room service in a five-star hotel.

They feature ‘smart’ operating rooms, robotic surgery, state-of-the-art equipment, and large, sophisticated operating rooms.

They designed a special cell phone and tablet app specifically for the hospital. A patient can video conference with the hospital staff (including the doctors), control temperature, lighting, a cable television system, open and close curtains, and call for assistance, if need be. The doctors can use the app to show the patient results of tests.

Patients in ICU can dial there own scenes on a video monitor of the beach, the outside rooms, or the streets below. This is helpful because a lot of ICU patients have a tendency to lose concept of time and space, being closed away in a room with little outside contact.

And, the Copa Star’s restaurant is a dream come true for the patients and their visitors, though most patients in these environs would probably call their visitors ‘guests’.

There is a menu that will satisfy the most delicate of gourmet demands, and the guests are welcome to roam and examine and appreciate the fine artwork found throughout the hospital. Let us hope that no one of our friends have to stay in the hospital soon, but if they do, let’s hope it’s the Copa Star.