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Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions Successfully Plan Financial Futures

Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm that helps clients with deep expertise in financial planning and in providing investment advice. Richard Blair is their founder and leader and considers himself an educator in the financial realm. His family has been his inspiration as he comes from a long line of teachers who helped mold and shape young minds. His passion was for finance and teaching so he became a financial advisor to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Blair and Wealth Solutions have many certifications and are able to help clients in all financial matters including developing a sound retirement plan, determining insurance needs, investing advice, and wealth management. They use a three-pillar approach to accomplish these things and it’s a proven strategy.

The First Pillar is to put forth a financial roadmap for the client by identifying goals, risk tolerance, and opportunities for growth. All of this helps Richard Blair develop a good and lasting relationship with clients so they feel confident about their financial future.

The Second Pillar is the implementation of a long-term investing plan that is customized to the unique circumstances of each client. For example, some clients may have more time until retirement and may have a high tolerance for risk. Richard Blair can pinpoint good investments according to this situation ( His active management can help clients maximize performance when market conditions are good and he is also able to minimize the negative effects when market conditions aren’t so good.

The Third Pillar is helping clients determine the right amount of insurance for their situation. Blair is also an expert at looking at the big picture with clients and helping them secure adequate coverage for life’s unexpected events that can happen anytime. These products may include life insurance, long-term disability insurance, and annuities to provide comprehensive coverage.

Investing is a crucial component of any long-term wealth building strategy and Richard Blair is an expert in helping clients realize significant market gains. He advocates that clients start as early in life as possible to maximize gains. He is also a strong voice for diversification to protect from market volatility. Tax-deferred plans are something that Blair gives great credence to and its the best way to decrease the effect of the IRS. Blair refuses to panic in the face of bear markets and his research backs this up as they don’t last nearly as long as bull markets do.

Richard Blair has combined his great respect for educators with his natural aptitude for finance as he teaches clients how to navigate their financial world successfully. Blair started out in the financial industry shortly after graduating from college and his experience is extensive and encompasses all market conditions. He is an expert in providing personalized and professional financial and investing advice.