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Vincent Parascandola, The Successful Financial Advisor

Financial management is a significant field especially for individuals who tend to possess a lot of money. Financial advisors play a huge role in ensuring that the money of clients is managed properly so as to prevent any cases of loss being encountered, or situations where bad business decisions are made. Insurance of people’s finance is likewise important since it helps to secure the funds and assets that are owned by those who are willing to pay for the financial management services.

Vincent Parascandola is a guru in this field of finance, and he is considered by most of his peers to be well equipped with the knowledge that helps him to serve his clients in a manner that provides best results. Vincent Parascandola has proved himself to be a force that should be respected considering the success that follows him wherever he goes.

Currently, he is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors and getting to that point was not a simple walk in the park. For Vinny, he had to work hard for an extended period, until he was assigned the role of leading one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Vinny began his career in 1978, and as time progressed, he ensured that the odds of life favored him by putting his best skills and talent to work. Vinny has worked in various organizations, and the most interesting thing is that he has always been assigned positions that relate to management of the companies. For Vinny, he believes that talent is what has enabled him to become successful.

Vinny began as an agent in the financial industry while working at Prudential. While at the organization, he was recognized as the National Rookie of the year, which indicates that his passion for finance is deep inside him. He had joined Prudential after completing his studies in Bachelor of Science. However, Vinny fully committed himself in financial matters, and after working at Prudential, he moved to MONY life where he stayed for 13 years. Afterward, he transferred to AXA advisors as he believed that such a huge organization would provide him with a greater challenge in life which is something that he was yearning to get.