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Arthur Becker and His Investments

Arthur P. Becker is the Managing Member of Madison Partners. Madison deals with early stage Bio Tec and Real Estates. He has also previously served at the NASDAQ quoted company, NaviSite as the CEO. NaviSite offers colocation, application management, hosting and IT services to the United Kingdom and the United States markets. He worked at NaviSite until 2010 and later joined Zinio LLC. NaviSite was bought by Time Warner in 2011. At Zinio, he served as the Chairman and CEO from 2012 to 2015. Additionally, Becker has served as an advisor to a fashion company dubbed Vera Wang for seven years. He has also served as the director and VC of ClearBlue Technologies and a co-founder of Atlantic Investors. Check out for the details.

For five years now he has privately invested in technology and real estate industries. Becker’s interests in lands and buildings grew when in ZINIO and NaviSite. It was from there that he chose to venture into condominium expansion in Miami and New York. Currently, Arthur is working on building a luxury residential condominium in Tribeca and other several Town Houses in New York. Arthur finds the development stages of buildings fascinating. The design, construction, entitlements, marketing, and financing are some of the aspects of real estate that thrill Arthur Becker though he is most effective in coordination and organization of different expertise. Regarding bio tech, Becker has exposure in medicine though he has no training in it. The recent trends in treating cancer excite him.

According to The Real Deal, over time Becker has tried several businesses, others have failed, but he has been using those experiences as lessons. He started working as early as 16 when he joined Parks Department in one of the towns. He also had a construction company when in college. The company dealt with dis-assembling houses. Though he didn’t complete his graduate studies in business, he has been successful in his entrepreneurial career because of his intelligence, being flexible in strategy, listening to others and being informed at all times. The policy which one adopts should reflect the business vertical for it to succeed. Arthur adds that talent also plays a significant role in driving success.

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Tammy Mazzocco: A Realtor With A Passion For Helping Her Clients

Tammy Mazzocco, a notable name in real estate business, started his career as a realtor in a commercial realty firm known as The Edwards Realty Company. She was a prominent team member who was working under the lead of Mike Zelnik along with other nine commercial agents. Tammy spent few years in the management of condominium at Scotland Yard Condominiums and throughout that time she became a licensed realtor.

After Scotland Yard, Tammy Mazzocco joined T&R Properties as a property manager for an office warehouse complex and apartment complexes, and she provided to be the right candidate due to her hard work. In 1998 Tammy became a registered personal assistant for Joe Armeni, a renowned RE/MAX producer, in Columbus.

Working with a highly successful real estate agent, Joe, and seeing his everyday operations Tammy Mazzocco decided to become a realtor. And to achieve that target, Tammy joined Judy Gang & Associates. Judy Gang has been a friend, mentor, and also an inspiration to Tammy ever since.

In one of her Facebook live interview Tammy Mazzocco disclosed that she never thought to be a realtor, but after getting inspiration from Joe, she has decided to choose real estate as her career goal. She worked very hard and worked with many companies and ultimately she became a reliable and well-known realtor that people can rely on one.

She also likes to meditate, and for that she always has time. She meditates in the start of the day so that she can face daily challenges with more energy. She said that she like to do research, brainstorming, check her Twitter and that’s how she comes up with new ideas to help his client to get what is best for them. She is so certain about her qualities and skills that if she speaks with a client, she is certain that she will ultimately turn that client into a potential sale.