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Lauren Conrad’s Party Planning Secrets, 23 Layers Puts Them Into Action

A recent online article by highlighted several tips from reality television star turned party planner Lauren Conrad. Whether it’s the informality of a pair of cutoffs or the more sophisticated appeal of her teacup collection, Conrad helps break down the basic keys to throwing a successful party. She even provides a glimpse in how to properly compromise with your significant other so as reach the perfect balance between both groups of friends.

Now for those of us that still tremble at the idea of coordinating such events, we luckily have access to professionals, such as 23 Layers | Event Planners. These highly regarded professionals offer their services in everything needed. From choosing the right venue to your floral arrangements, you will know that every chair will be perfectly angled, every invitation perfectly written and every meal precisely cooked. After all, their goal is to impress and ensure that all in attendance enjoy a spectacular event.

What helps NYC event planners like 23 Layers achieve that Lauren Conrad level event? For starters they have strong relationships with the country’s most touted vendors. We’re talking music, food and more. Add to that a team of incredibly creative planners and you will enjoy a night of smiles, glamour and memories.

What makes choosing 23 Layers as your next event planner such a simple decision is that it’s the only decision you’ll have to make. Consider the following. You can enjoy the high praises at the end of the night without those stressful days of wanting to pull your hair out. You’ll lay your head at night with confidence knowing that this seasoned team of professionals is working diligently to ensure that every vendor is on time, every guest is smiling and that you’re basking in the glory.

Lauren Conrad insists that simplification is key to an amazing party and nothing is more simple than contacting 23 Layers | Event Planning and giving them the opportunity to demonstrate just why they’re among the best.

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