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Brian Torchin Matches Expert Staffing With Leading Industries

Brian Torchin is President of the Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC. As a staffing firm founded in Pennsylvania, the company provides clients with experienced staffing personnel in the medical and legal field.

Torchin grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Delaware. He is a well-known entrepreneur who has owned varied companies. Earlier in his career, he founded a chiropractic clinic. This was followed by his present staffing business which he began in 2007 and has now grown exponentially. Read more about Brian Torchin on

Mr. Brian Torchin designed Health Care Recruitment Counselors to be a full-service staffing firm. He provides training, consulting services, conducts succinct background checks, and negotiates hiring contracts.

Brian’s staffing firm is located throughout the U.S. (Delaware, Philadelphia, Florida), plus he manages staffing offices in Canada, Asia, and European countries. Health Care Recruitment Counselors is a specific type of staffing firm that has a client base consisting of prominent legal and medical clients.

Torchin believes that a full-service staffing firm should take the stress out of hiring so that businesses can successfully move forward with the right skills in the staff they hire.

Brian Torchin notes that his staffing firms manage an extensive database of experienced legal and medical experts.

Since the legal industry and the medical field are specific types of career environments, Brian makes sure that all his potential candidates are matched perfectly with his worldwide clients.

Brian is a smart techy leader. He wisely uses social media websites to posts staffing positions and career opportunities for Health Care Recruitment Counselors. The staffing firm features accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In.

Brian Torchin states that the popularity of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC is founded on the firm’s confidential business practices for their clients. When a client wants a specific hiring process to be confidential, they trust that Brian and his firm will perform this to their specifications.

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Troy McQuagge: The Champion of Professional Excellence

Troy McQuagge is the champion executive of USHEALTH Group who is also credited for his professional as well as business excellence. This helped him to secure the One Planet Awards – a premier global award – in the year 2016. The Award program is considered as a supreme recognition across every industry which is highlighting the professional and business excellence. It is an Award every business irrespective of its working nature can submit their nominations for being chosen in the prestigious program. After receiving the industry recognition, Troy could not stop his happiness and said that the peer recognition is truly displaying its character of the great honor.

Additionally, he said that the excellent service standards and commitment to providing affordable healthcare options have been recognized through the Awards. McQuagge also added that the recognition would boost the firm to work on diverse and innovative solutions that can address the growing healthcare needs of customers. The Award program recognizes each industry, and it is not just limited to the leadership or executives of the industry players. The program recognizes teams, PR, new services and products, corporate communications, marketing, and organizations of different kinds around the globe. Interestingly, USHEALTH Group is a regular face in the Awards program and won the recognition multiple times in various categories.

McQuagge is a highly successful insurance executive who has more than three decades of experience in providing world-class solutions and services to his customers. He joined the health insurance company in the year 2010 as the CEO of its marketing division called USHEALTH Advisors. McQuagge was tasked to revamp the division to give focus on targeted goals set by the company. He implemented the latest technology to make the advisor job easy, provided extra training to help the advisors to sell and service the customers efficiently, and introduced new compensation plan to boost them.

The initiatives helped the health insurance firm to surpass its previous records of sales and revenue in the later years. It also paved ways for McQuagge to become the Chief Executive of USHEALTH Group in the year 2014. Troy is also known for leading the firm to showcase highest standard customer service with a deep, long-lasting relationship with each customer. Check more:



The Recipe of Vincent Parascandola’s Success

Vincent Parascandola is serving AXA Advisors LLC. as its Vice President. Parascandola is an Alumnus of Pace University. He has over twenty-five years of knowledge and experience in the Finance and advisory services. That makes him one of the best-accomplished business leaders globally. He started his career as a system analyst, with Irvin Trust Company in the year 1986. He worked there for two years.

Vincent then moved to Prudential Insurance as an agent in 1988. He worked there for two years. At Prudential, he was awarded the Rookie of the year award in 1988. Parascandola, being an ambitious person then moved to MONY Group in 1990 as a financial professional. He rose through the ranks to become the Group Managing Director in 1996 and later the field Vice President between 2005 and 2005.

Vincent moved on with his career in financial advisory. He joined AXA equitable as executive Vice president in May 2005. He steadily rose through the ranks of President of AXA Advantage Group, then President of AXA equitable northern division in 2009. In July 2009, he was promoted to President, Continental division, AXA Equitable. He was in charge of all the branches in the North-Eastern part of United States together with all the branches in California and Hawaii. His duties and responsibilities included sales, recruiting, Human Resources, training, operations, and compliance among others.

Due to his vigor in his performances, Vincent Parascandola was promoted to Chief sales officer and President, Continental Division of AXA Equitable. His roles included sales, recruiting, profitability and productivity of forty-six AXA Advisors branch offices in the United States. He moved to his current role, Senior executive and Vice-president in late 2014.

Vincent is a member of GAMA and was once the Chair of LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. The secret behind his success is that he learns about individual client’s objectives, then offer advice on things the client had not considered. He concentrates on offering superior service but delivers high value to shareholders. Check out Pocomuseum for more.

Vincent focuses on an individual career growth by offering employees challenging tasks and the solid rewards for their services. To Clients, Parascandola believes in the notion that it is neither too early or too late to plan for retirement. He helps them prepare financially for the future, hence building a long-term relationship with Community and clients. You can visit their Facebook page.

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Eduardo (Duda) Sirotsky Melzer of RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the current chairman and president of RBS Group from January 2016. He took over from Nelson Sirtosky who was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. His grandfather was the founder of the business, and he is a third-generation member of the family.

He is a leader in Digital e.Bricks acting in the chairman and founder capacity. The company is a partner with e.Bricks Ventures that operates in Brazil and the USA. Duda did his Business Administration degree at Pontifical Catholic University; the Rio Grande do Sul. He has an MBA that he got after attending the Harvard University in the USA.

In an article on Acaert, in 2004 he was recruited in their investment and started as a Director General in the National Market. Duda then became the vice president as from 2008, and in 2010 he was made the executive vice president. He reached the helm of the RBS Group in 2012 when he became the CEO. Last year, he was promoted, and he became the chairman of the board of directors.

He has also worked in several organizations like the Sweet Sweet Way, and when he was young in the business world, he was involved in projects in Booz Allen and Hamilton. When he was still in the States, Delphi Corporation enjoyed his excellent services as a senior analyst. He was also at BoxTop Media as the CEO.

While he was at Harvard, he did other courses like Effective Strategies for Media Organizations and how to Build and Lead Customer Centered Organizations.

According to Pauliceiadojazz, as a public speaker, he participates in national and international summits that are mostly promoted by media corporations in Brazil and the world. He is active in giving talks to support the leadership that will manage labor effectively in the Brazillian Association of Human Resources.

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