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Beneful is Purina’s answer to the surging premium dog food category

The incredibly competitive and ever evolving pet food industry is seeing a revolution in the premium dog foods category. Large companies are entering the premium market segment looking to maintain market share against smaller upstarts pet food companies that have recently made a huge impression with dog owners.

Innovations in dog food have been on the rise with owners willing to pay premium prices for foods that are nutritiously superior than the old standard brands. In Fact, sales figures show that premium dog purchased have risen 45 percent to $10.5 billion in the U.S. since 2009.

The relatively newer company known as Blue Buffalo were one of the pioneers to sell foods that mixed whole grains, fruits and vegetables with premium meats such as lamb and bison. They recently went public this summer, and market speculators are predicting its figures to top $1 billion this year alone.

With this rise in premium dog food sales the larger and well established brands are beginning to invest heavily in their own research and development of crafting the best quality foods. Companies like Purina who have solid reputations for quality are upping their game and creating foods that cater to specific breeds, age categories, and nutritional needs in pets.

Beneful is Purinastore’s answer to the premium foods category. Beneful line of food comes in both dry and wet and is crafted with high quality meats such as chicken, beef, and salmon. Each of these meats is also combined with a signature blended of vegetables. Produce such as spinach, peas, and carrots are blended with beef; carrots, tomatoes and avocado with chicken; and sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots with the salmon.

Beneful has a incredible satisfactory rating with it’s customers and a 97% user recommendation rate. Other Beneful blends that are getting positive facebook feedback are those that target healthy weight, puppy nutrition, and a high protein blend for extremely active breeds. These types of innovations by Purina are helping them to diversify and maintain their reputation as a forward thinking and advanced pet food company.