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How Eric Lefkofsky is Transforming People’s Lives

Eric is a great entrepreneur, philanthropist, and holds many other titles. The renowned entrepreneur studied at the University Of Michigan School of law where he acquired a Juris doctor. Besides his entrepreneurial roles, Eric is also an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, through which he mentors his students to achieve the best. Eric is also the co-founder of Tempus, a firm concerned with the treatment of the cancer disease. The firm targets to acquire and establish data bases to aid in the treatment of the disease. Tempus also seeks to combine both therapeutic and genomic data to help doctors correctly identify the fundamental cause of the disease as well as the most effective therapy to reduce the adverse effects of the disease and more information click here.

Besides co-founding Tempus, Eric is also a founder and co-founder of a vast number of companies including Groupon, Light bank, among others. Most of his companies highly focus on the use of the modern technology to carry out their activities and adequately address the various issues of their customers. Eric believes that technology plays a significant role in bringing changes to people’s lives through the various inventions it produces. He believes that a considerable number of cancer patients will highly benefit from the current technology which seeks to identify the critical problems in their bodies as well as find solutions to their issues and Eric on Facebook.

Eric has also been involved in a vast number of charitable organizations, and his wife has always backed him up whenever it comes to helping people acquire a better living. Together, they founded the Lefkofsky family foundation, which targets at supporting charity and educational organizations. Through his firm, Eric also gives support to scientific researchers with the aim of finding the possible solutions for cancer. He also seeks to improve the living standards of people through his current programs and educational back up.

Eric`s commitment towards helping people has also seen him mentor a significant number of individuals through his social media. He has also partnered with Motorola Mobility and Google to create a 1871 FEMtech, with the aim of mentoring and encouraging females to venture into entrepreneurship and learn more about Eric.

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Oncotarget, Redefining Biomedical Research

Oncotarget, Redefining Biomedical Research

Oncortarget is an open access peer reviewed journal that publishes the latest cancer research. The journal focuses specifically on the field of cancer research publishing paradigm shifting articles which encompass the broad and complex field of oncology. It was started in 2010 in response to the need to translate the massive accumulation of knowledge on oncogenes, oncoproteins, cellular processes such as proliferation and autophagy, signal transduction and the function and dysfunction of cells from basic research to their clinical applications reverse. The journal’s editors in chief are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny, two highly qualified scientists at the Roswell Park Centre Institute (RPCI) dealing with cancer research and treatment. Oncotarget provides researchers with an opportunity to publish mistakenly rejected papers together with a rebuttal letter for the peer reviews received on the previous journal. This increases opportunity scientist have to make their impact on the field of cancer research. During 2015-2016 Oncotarget had an impact factor score of 5.008 meaning the publications on the journal had been cited over 10,000 times during that period.

In line with their mission statement to “make scientific results rapidly and widely available,” the journal publishes weekly papers available for free and may be printed on special order. From 75 papers in 2010, the journal increased publication to 1330 in 2014, 3000 in 2015 and now over 8000 from figures in 2016. This represents a wealth of knowledge that can be used in the treatment of one of the deadliest disease affecting people in the 21st century. The study of oncology has been a very difficult journey throughout the years, it then follows that the more knowledge available the faster the progress towards better therapy and management of the disease will be. The journal also relates the various branches of biomedical sciences in the prevention of diseases and the improvement of quality life. A paper published on Oncotarget on the effect of nutrition on cellular rejuvenation, research of which is still ongoing, found that diets which increase lifespan do not also enhance the reproductive process necessary for cellular rejuvenation. Apparently, an increase of lifespan occurs at the expense of growth and reproduction (Huebbe, Schloesser&Rimbach 2015). These are some of the paradigm shifting research that can be found on the journal. Visit to read more on this and other up to date research papers and articles.