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Duda Melzer Journey to Success

In his nickname, Duda Melzer is popularly known as Eduardo Sirotsk Melzey. Duda Melzer went through the Rio Grande do Sul Catholic University for his undergraduate degree from where she was awarded a degree in Business Administration upon his graduation in 1998. Duda later proceeded to Harvard University to further his education, and from there he was awarded a Master of Business Administration. Duda Melzer started his career at the financial and franchising market before RBS.

Duda Melzer started his career in 1950 as the announcer on Radio Farroupilha and a year later the Radio Difusora. In 1992, Duda Melzer joined the Emissoras Reunidas where he worked as the advertising manager and one year later, In 1953, he founded his company by the name Radio Publicidade Ltd and worked there as the RBS Group CEO. Today, the company has employed over 6500 people in the states the Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catrina. At the company, Duda Melzer is responsible for multitude business endeavors.

The RBS Group is in most cases related to the Sirotsky family. The family since its foundation in1957, the company, been reshuffling its leaders with age. Contact him, In 2006, the Sirotsy family’s third generation assumed the leadership of the RBS GrOUPIn his career, he founded several companies and served as their top executive positions such as the Franchise Sweet Sweet Way, the Box Top Media as well and the Delphi Corporation and Duda’s lacrosse camp.

In 2004, Duda joined the RBS as the National Marketing Directory and due to his expertise and top creative mind, he was endorsed to be the group’ Executive Chairman. Previous to Duda, it was his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky . Two years later, Duda was appointment as the chairman of the director’s board, the Chief Executive Officer as well as the chairman of the group. Also, Duda is a board member of the Rio Grande Services Associations. Above all Duda Melzer is a family man who never fails to participate in the family business and read full article.

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Ohio Real Estate Has Success With Help From Agent Tammy Mazzocco

2016 was a successful year for the Ohio housing market. The past year was the busiest year since 2005 as home purchases rose by almost 8 percent. Sales in December were more than 2 percent higher than the sales from 2015 and the average sale price for the last year was $159,531. “Solid job creation throughout 2016 and exceptionally low mortgage rates translated into a good year for the housing market.” (Clevland.Com, Michelle Jarboe, 24 Jan. 2017, Accessed 3 Feb. 2017. However, in the last month mortgage rates have raised which are potentially putting a threat on the sale growth.

A leading real estate agent in the community is Tammy Mazzocco. Mazzocco has been a leading agent in Ohio since the summer of 2000. With the help of agents like Tammy, consumers in the housing market have been contributing to the growth of sales in the Ohio real estate sector. “I treat my clients’ time and investment as I would my own. I don’t focus on the commission coming at the end of the deal…I stayed in the moment and focused on the deal and what is best for the client at all times.” (Ideamensh, Tammy Mazzocco, Accessed 3 Feb. 2017

Mazzocco believes in setting goals and breaking them down into a step-by-step process. With her organization and strategizing, Tammy’s process for real estate has been an asset for cultivating the growth in the Ohio housing market. Customer service and willingness to focus on the clients needs is the type of strategy that real estate agents have been adapting to in this modern age of house sales. According to, based on the sales numbers, the housing market has a 3.6-month supply of available housing. Buyers are in an opportune position to take advantage of the market.

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Nationwide Title Clearing: Servicing the Mortgage Industry since 1991

Nationwide Title Clearing is a research and document processing service provider that was founded in 1991. Some of the services that they offer include lien releasing, document retrieval & tracking, and property records. NTC’s headquarters is in Palm Harbor, Florida. It recently opened a branch in Dallas, Texas. NTC has a team of experts who have experience in tracking and ensuring that documents fit the county requirements of the recording jurisdiction. NTC works with the majority of the top mortgage lenders in the nation because of its reliable service. NTC has been recognized for its contributions to the community. They won the Hire Power award from Inc. for two consecutive years. The company was also number 26 on the fastest growing list of Tampa Bay companies in 2013.


NTC launched a training program in September last year. The program is focused on training people who work in the mortgage industry. The training is on the fundamentals of the industry and the relevance of each process. The goal of the program is to increase the number of professionals and improve the quality of services that are offered. The curriculum has been in development at NTC for a long time. It was revised to make sure that it was nothing but the best. The company’s compliance means that students of the program are guaranteed to get relevant information. It can also be offered at the client’s location.


Errors in title deeds have caused wrongful foreclosures and made transferring of assets in the market a long process in some cases. NTC realized that securing property reports was one of the easiest ways of solving this problem and that is why their new website allows you to order a property report online. Property records present a clearer picture of titles and make it easier to spot errors. This means that titles can be corrected before the property is sold.


Title defects can be attributed to some reasons such as failure to include a required signature, failure to follow the right procedures when filing, and failure to remove previous encumbrances. All of these issues are trivial, but they are costly when they are not corrected. Property reports that are available from the site include Tax Status reports, Current Owner Reports, and Assignment Verification Report Services.


These reports are compiled from land records. All the records of residential properties in the country are present. NTC ensures that the records are accurate by using automation and human verification so that they offer the best services to those that they serve. The process of securing a report has been made smoother by NTC because they customize reports to match the included data sets.

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Bruce Levenson is a Go-To Man

Bruce Levenson is mostly known for being a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. What many may not know about Bruce is that he’s Co-Founder and Partner of United Communications Group (UCG). The co-founded the company with Ed Peskowitz. Before co-founding UCG, Levenson was a writer who wrote for some pretty prestigious companies; the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. As of February 10, 2015, he’s a Director of TechTarget, Inc. He attended Washington University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and American University where he earned a J.D. He’s also a very enthusiastic philanthropist ( and President of the I Have a Dream Foundation.

Recently as reported by ESPN, Bruce has been in the news because of a lawsuit involving New Hampshire Insurance Company. The suit claims that there was a breach of contract made on the part of the insurance company; Danny Ferry to be more precise. The lawsuit only involves the former Atlanta Hawks ownership group, not the current owners. The former ownership group, AHBE, claims that the insurance is refusing to pay on the policy. The policy in question states that it would cover certain losses that pertained to employment practices such as ‘wrongful termination’ and ‘workplace torts’.

According to many statements that have been released, the account of the claim is still confidential. The insurance company claims that there has been no breach of contract, and therefore, are refusing to make any type of payout. AHBE is seeking an additional 50% penalty if the insurance company continues to ignore the policy. AHBE has provided documented proof that Danny Ferry, a representative of the insurance company, acknowledged the policy and determined that there should be a payout. New Hampshire Insurance Company has offered no explanation as to why Ferry did so. For more info, visit


The Need to Know on Mike Baur and The Swiss Startup Factory

Many have heard the name Mike Baur in terms of business, and that is because Mike is one of the world’s best businessmen and entrepreneurs out there. As a Swiss businessman, it should come as no surprise that Mike is the Co-founder and also the managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory.

For more than 20 years, Baur worked within the area of banking, making a name for himself as a trustworthy businessman. He has ecen had the pleasure of working for Sallfort and also Clariden Leu. He stopped all of this to start in the world of investing, where he was able to invest in many different types of startup companies, all before he ended up Co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory.

The year of 2014 was the year the Mike and his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer Co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. This was one of the best ideals any of them had, and it turned out great. Now the Swiss Startup Factory is doing better than ever and it is all thanks to all of the hard work the three of then put into it.

Swiss Start Up Factory

The Mission of the Swiss Startup Factory:

The mission of this company is very easy to understand, they want to take different types of startup companies and make them become bigger and better. This mission has led to many startups becoming better than anyone ever dreamed that they could become. Which is why everyone thinks that the Swiss Startup Factory has done more than just go above and beyond with their mission.

What The Swiss Startup Factory Has to Offer Investors:

This company has a lot of services that are offered to their investors, such as robust portfolio of startups, a platform that helps to get ideals flowing and we’ll vetted startups. The Swiss Startup Factory knows that when it comes to investing, it can be hard to find the right place to go to. That is why the company offers so many services to help guide investors throughout the entire process.

What The SwissStartup Factory Has to Offer Startups:

The Swiss Startup Factory also has a lot to offer for startups, such as a very helpful Investor and Mentor Network, Financing, a customized service package and also a 3 month program that works really well. With all of the services offered for startups, it is no wonder so many come to the doorsteps of the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Man Who Troubles Dictators

Thor Halvorssen is under 40 years of age, yet he is already recognized for the organization he has established back in 2005, known as the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Half Norwegian and half Venezuelan, Thor comes from distinguished family.


His grandfather was a Norwegian consul in Venezuela acting on behalf of the king, while his mother descends from the first Venezuelan president, Cristóbal Mendoza as well as the famous historical figure Simón “The Liberator” Bolívar.


According to The Atlantic, the family also went through their own suffering from the hands of dictators. Thor’s father was previously tortured at Venezuela prison, while his mom was shot at a demonstration against Hugo Chavez, a man who not only had violated human rights, but also started wasting Venezuela’s resources to the point where the country is now facing an economic collapse.


Thor Halvorssen is an outspoken critic of leftist Latin American dictatorships and receives donations from conservative sources. He even claimed that Socialism can lead to violations of the human rights.


The Human Rights Foundation focuses on violations of human rights with a focus on closed societies. Their mission is to “ensure that freedom is both preserved and promoted around the world.” One of the ways they’re doing it is by exposing how dictators seek to improve their images by using celebrities, PR firms, and charitable foundations.
The HRF has already exposed Nicki Minaj’s ties to Angola and Jennifer Lopez’s stay in Turkmenistan. So were Kanye West’s dealings in Kazakhstan. Often, such celebrities perform for dictators for large sums of money. And the HRF is on the watch.

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Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager George Soros Is Preparing For A Global Meltdown

The global economy is on life support, and the prognosis isn’t very good, according to hedge fund manager and economic forecaster George Soros. Soros has been talking about a major global meltdown for the last four years, and it appears the billionaire is making adjustments in his portfolio to protect his assets. Soros recently reduced his stock market holdings by 37 percent, according to an article published by His current stock holdings dropped to $3.5 billion. The interesting news about Soros and his sell-off is he bought $241 million worth of gold mining shares. And George Soros has option contracts of 2.1 million shares of SPDR 500 EFT Trust. That’s the exchange-traded fund that tracks the S&P 500 index.

Soros has a history of being ahead of the curve when it comes to buying and selling assets. In 1992, he surprised the Bank of England and bet the pound sterling would depreciate against the U.S. dollar and the German mark. George Soros won that bet, and his fund picked up more than $7 billion on that deal. Soros pocketed 20 percent of the $7 billion for managing the fund. He made more than $1.4 billion on that trade, and he hasn’t stopped making money since then. published an article recently that pegs Soros worth at $24 billion, but it’s hard to know exactly how much Soros is worth. See: All his financial transactions are not made public, but Forbes claims Soros is worth enough to be one of the wealthiest people on the planet.
Read more: Billionaire Soros Cuts U.S. Stocks by 37%, Buys Gold Miner

The fact that Soros is moving money into gold mining is a smart move since central banks around the world are buying gold again. Other hedge funds are also getting into the precious metal market because they believe the Soros prediction is fact, not fiction. The main reason for the Soros move is China’s inability to get their economic issues under control. China has more than $3.5 trillion in capital reserves, but the government is spending those reserves at an alarming rate to keep their stock market solvent and to fortify their currency on the exchange market. Mr. George Soros believes the Chinese yuan will lose more than 30 percent of its value over the next three years, and he is betting millions of dollars that will happen.

Not all investors are convinced that there is going to be another 2008 type economic meltdown, but the big hedge fund are preparing for one just in case Soros is right. They know Soros is right more than he is wrong when it comes to investing.

Technology Staffing Firm Diversant

One of the most well known staffing firms for technology is Diversant. For over two decades Diversant has been a leader in matching technology professionals with companies that are looking for such talent. Over the years, Diversant has helped technology professionals start and advance their career. The company has also helped a number of companies find the technology workers they need to efficiently run their technology department. Diversant helps technology professionals such as software developers, systems analysts and network administrators find the opportunities they need in order to get the most out of their career. With values such as discipline, integrity, teamwork and diversity, Diversant is able to help both companies and professionals achieve all of their objectives efficiently.

With its core values, Diversant has established itself as a leader in the technology staffing industry. Diversant emphasizes diversity in which it works with technology workers in various technology specialties as well as career levels. At the same time, Diversant works with companies in a number of different industries that need information technology workers. As a result the firm is able to help a number of people and organizations meet their needs in terms of job placement. Along with diversity, Diversant also emphasizes teamwork in which it works directly with members of the company and technology professionals and companies. This teamwork results in working together to reach a goal of getting the right professional match between workers and companies. Lastly, Diversant is very disciplined as it will continue to work with companies and professionals until a mutual agreement is met in terms of staffing.

The individual who leads Diversant is John Goullet. John has been running this firm for nearly two decades and has helped establish Divesant as a leading starring firm in the technology sector. He has worked in the technology industry for over two decades and has been a consultant for many other technology companies before starting his own staffing firm in 1994. After starting his own staffing firm, he completed a merger with Diversant and became the Principal. As a result he now leads the company on a daily basis to help it reach its objectives in terms of remaining a leader in technology staffing.

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Dynamic Search Partners Success Stems From Long-Lasting Relationships

Keith Mann is the managing director and co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners, a leading Executive search company that provides hedge fund and alternative investment services. The mission of the company is to locate talents and skills set for private equities and hedge fund world. The company has emerged as the most prominent staffing agency that offers its services at all levels and different geographies.

Dynamic Search Partners feature strong ties with major equity firms in global platforms. Since launching of the company back in 2010, Dynamic Search Partners has accommodated more than 2000 distinct clients’ requests and set a distinguished record as one of the America biggest and most reliable investment executive database.

Mann started his career back in 1995, at Dynamic Associates. He served as alternative investment department manager. Keith was responsible for overseeing team research and coming up with alternative investment choices. Due to outstanding performance and great effort, he rose up the ladder quickly to the senior vice president position. This was an impressive feat for a young business leader. After he had garnered vast knowledge and experience, he co-founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2010. He has been in the executive search Industry for the past 15 years and has extensive expertise in hedge fund compensation, staffing, and hiring strategies.

Dynamic Search Partners success stems from long-lasting relationships it forms with its candidates and clients. These strong relationships have served as the foundation for its business thus enabling it to build an extensive network and offer a robust level of services over the past decade.

Mann is also renowned for his philanthropist work; regularly he assists different organizations to setup up charitable events. In 2008, he put together a mixer for Hopes & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund, which raises approximately $8,000 for the organization. Mann also collaborates with Uncommon School. The mission of Uncommon School is to aid children from disadvantaged background get ready for higher education. Dynamic Search Partners support Uncommon Schools through Donations.

Recently, the firm announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarships for Professional Achievement. This is an award that has been designed to recognize and award the next generation of innovative leaders.

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Spring Cleaning Tips and the Growth of Handy Home Cleaning Service

The spring season provides a perfect opportunity to get your house clean and sorted out. This is important because it will give you a peace of mind and ensure your house remains clutter free during summer. Spring cleaning can be done on a daily, regular, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Proper and safe spring cleaning should be done using environmentally friendly products and appropriate cleaning equipment’s.

Residential Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning services provided by cleaning service companies include; residential cleaning, window cleaning, recurring cleaning, occasional cleaning and carpet cleaning and maintenance. When it comes to window cleaning, it is much more efficient to use a rubber edged squeegee with handle and warm soapy water. To clean the light bulbs, unscrew the bulb and polish it using moist microfiber clothing. The blinds should be washed once or twice a year. For aluminum blinds, use a non corrosive cleaner and a gentle wood cleaner for wooden blind. When cleaning the refrigerator, wipe all the spills to prevent stains. A vacuum cleaner or brush should be used to remove dust from the condenser coil at least twice a year to prevent overheating.

About Handy

Handy is an online and mobile residential cleaning company that operates in the US, Canada and UK. Since its establishment in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the company has witnessed a phenomenal growth. A report by Jonathan Shieber of TechCrunch shows that in 2014, the company’s bookings per week hit over $4 million. Hanran and Dua attribute the good run to growth of on-demand service economy, which offers a better working model for service professionals and consumers.

About 85% of the company’s revenues come from housecleaning; the remaining 15% comes from handyman and small plumbing services. The company pays its cleaning professionals between $15 to $22 an hour, this amount compares very favorably with other hourly wages in the labor market. Handy recently expanded into furniture delivery and assembly service by establishing a new outfit called Handy Delivery. According to Ingrid Lunden of TechCruch, the company has started by offering a selection living room, bedroom and other furniture from IKEA.

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