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Sheldon Lavin Made OSI Group A World Class Company

More than 40 years ago, Sheldon Lavin was a banker and business investment strategist who really liked what he saw in a relatively small operation known as Otto & Sons. The year was 1974 and the meat-processing operation had already existed since 1909 when it began as a humble, one-man butcher shop.

German immigrant Otto Kolschowski set up his shop in a Chicago suburb two years after arriving in America. His dedication to the simple concepts of providing high quality cuts of meat to satisfied customers meant that his small business grew steadily year after year.

By 1928, Otto’s sons joined their father in his business and Ott & Sons was born. The company continued to serve its local Chicago neighborhood base moving into wholesale along with supplying meat directly to retailers and customers.

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In the 1950s, a big change was about to happen that perhaps even Otto & Sons could not have anticipated. The Kolschowski brothers made a handshake deal with a man by the name of Ray Kroc. He was launching a certain little restaurant called McDonald’s — a new concept eatery called fast food that served up cheap, but delicious hamburgers and crispy french fries.

Fast forward to 1975 and the McDonald’s “experiment” was rapidly blossoming into one of America’s most robust and fastest growing business models. As its primary supplier of fresh beef, Otto & Sons was along for the ride. That was the year that Otto & Sons became OSI Group — destined to become one of the largest suppliers of processed meat and protein products in the world.

Today OSI Group is operating in 17 countries with 65 facilities. From 1975 onward, it has been Sheldon Lavin who has masterminded the phenomenal growth of the company he agreed to join as an investment partner and strategist after initially serving it as a banking representative.

More than four decades of world-class growth and stewardship of OSI Group makes Mr. Lavin one of the longest lasting CEOs in America today. His strategy to grow OSI Group through mergers, acquisitions and in-house expansion serves as a model for taking a small company and transforming it into an international force.

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The Importance of Asset Protection With Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman, who currently is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, has a unique and broad work history. Growing up he spent several years working at a Burger King, a gas station and McDonald’s. These humble jobs would enable him to gain an appreciation for the working-class individual. He earned degrees in History and Economics from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He helped start Slum Dwellers international during the time he spent with Habitat for Humanity, which today helps over fourteen million people. In his later career, he has had work published in several popular journals and has written for the United Nations. He is currently the editor of the Bauman Letter and his area of expertise that he enjoys writing about is asset protection. Ted Bauman recently had written about a relative who had passed away and had kept much of their wealth outside the reach of financial institutions.

Ted Bauman advises people to store some of their wealth at home that is out of the reach of the financial institutions and the government. Theft can be a risk to storing wealth at home, so to remedy this, he advises an individual to invest in a fireproof and waterproof lockbox. He says most of your assets should not be kept at home, but a small portion is prudent. He recommends that individuals open a safe deposit box. Opening a foreign safe deposit box can be ideal if it is in a safe jurisdiction that would protect their clients from a government trying to seize their assets.

For the assets an individual does keep in financial institutions, Ted Bauman advises that an individual invest in bonds and stocks. He noted that people avoid bonds due to lack of understanding. Bonds can give an investor a stream of passive income like dividend investing. Having all your wealth in stocks can be detrimental if the market were to crash. In the event equities decline, bonds can act as a cushion for an investors portfolio and hedge against some of the losses they take in stocks. He says that investors should still have stocks for when the stock market is booming for capital appreciation. Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

Arthur Becker; One Of The Most Diversely Competent Leaders.

Arthur Becker is a renowned authority who serves as the managing partner of Madison Partners LLC. Arthur strongly feels that the key to success is talent. Therefore, as a leader it is very crucial to be able to point out talent and being able to persuade talented persons to work for a vision. Madison Partners LLC is an investment firm that has a keen focus on industries that include real estate and early stage biotechnology ventures. Becker is an individual of many interests. Before he came to Madison Partners, he served as the chief executive officer at NaviSite and Zinio. This experience in the field of technology and his long time interest in real estate fueled his decision to expand his real estate interests. To this end, he invested in Condominium developments in lucrative markets such as Miami, New York, and Florida.

Arthur Decker has had quite a substantial experience as a leader. He offered exceptional services at NaviSite. NaviSite is a NASDAQ quoted company that is involved in providing technology solutions for its clients. Such solutions include hosting as well as cloud-based application management. He dropped his role at NaviSite after the company was acquired by Time Warner back in 2011. In another leadership role, Becker serves Zinio LLC as CEO. Zinio is a leading digital newsstand. This is a company that has access to over 5500 US Magazines and 33 local newsstands through tablets, PCs, and smartphones. Zinio specializes in services such as advertising, digital publishing, tablet computing, apps as well as magazines.

Becker is also a renowned investor. He has close associations with investment firms. In his most popular affiliation, Becker serves the Atlantic Investors LLC as a managing member. This is a role he has held for over 15 years since January 2002. Becker is also the managing director of a technology corporation known as Madison Technology Group LLC from 2001 to present. This remarkable portfolio shows the competence of Arthur Becker in the technology and investment sectors. Becker also has an impressive background in education. He attended and graduated from the Tuck School of Business which is located at Dartmouth.