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Neurocore is a research company that focuses its energy on neurological conditions and how that affects what works in the brain. The reason that the research group did this was first so they could understand neurological and physiological disorders a lot better. The other thing that they were looking for was proof that those with depression, anxiety, and more actually had different brain functions than someone with no problems at all. What they found was just that and so much more because by finding that they were able to then pin point if natural treatments would work on correcting the function of the brain. So the Neurocore spent many years in their small research centers trying to develop ways that could train the brain to work correctly. Read more about Neurocore at

While this was highly experimental after so long they knew they had to start testing out the theories to know without a doubt if this could one day be a real treatment for people. So the company put out the word and people will kinds of problems that medication didn’t work for came to them wanting to participate in hopes that they could get some help. For these test subjects many of them felt they had nothing to lose anyway but everything to gain. So Neurocore gave them therapy and brain training exercises taking frequent brain scans of the patients and seeing if there was any progress being made towards a normal brain function. The patients though were instructed that this therapy would not work if they didn’t put the work in at home as well because it was something that needed to be done frequently not just in the office as this was not a magic pill. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

That left it in the hands of the patients much of the time but they kept journals and were diligent about keeping up with the brain training. Those that did what was asked showed improvement and the scans showed their brain function was at least closer to a normal function than what it was. When it came to what the patients felt many felt better and felt that they were able to cope better with their lives.