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Wen by Chaz and

I’m writing an article about the product, Wen by Chaz. I’ve seen these commercials on QVC all the time which includes many actresses like Alyssa Milano from several TV shows like Aaron Spelling’s Charmed and Who’s The Boss. She seems confident about this product because she uses this on her hair. This seems like a topic that I could really about concerning shampoo and conditioner products. There were many commercials like these but nothing like Wen. Most of these commercials sell different types of shampoo and conditioner sets without testing it out. I read about the negative side effects when some people use this product when reading the article on the Bustle website. Like they all say, never believe what you hear. The only way to know if the Guthy-Renker marketed product doesn’t work is to try it yourself. The whole idea with the Wen commercial is to show us that their products are safe to use on all types of hair whenever it’s short, medium, or long. When watching these commercials about products, the creator shows us how well it works for people with certain hair type. After reading this article, I saw how they show the before and after pictures of one woman who was using this product. Most hair products always have a warning label for anyone who use these type of products. If a person believes that the Wen product doesn’t work for her, then she should switch to a different set of shampoo and conditioner. Not all hair problems come from this product. Some people stresses out which cause their hair to fall out or have a medical condition. I would try out this product myself to prove that it wouldn’t harm my hair. It seems simple enough to use for the same exact price.

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A Week with Wen

The well known brand, Wen by Chaz, makes some major claims of bedazzlement when it comes to fabulous hair makeovers. Wen is a unique hair care system that fits into one bottle, exchanging the ritualistic shampoo and conditioner combo, plus additional conditioning products, into a cleansing conditioner which comes free of harsh substances typical of ordinary shampoos.

Wen synergies with hair leaving the natural oils in tact while natural plant extracts strengthen, soothe, and condition.
The models on YouTube make Wen appear to be a miracle product. Before photos of dull, limp hair turn into a mega shine delivery in After shots, but how well does this product really work on an everyday woman? Emily McClure, a contributor for Bustle where the story originally launched, tried Wen out for an entire week to find out.

Working with fine and thin hair, Emily showered daily with the Fig line of cleansing conditioner which boasts of moisture and shine. From the very beginning it was apparent that Wen was not like washing your hair with other soaps. The suggested amount of product may surprise some, but Emily’s first night of lathering produced an instantly voluminous experience with shine that gleamed off her locks once the hairdryer turned off.

As an evening bather, Emily found out quickly that the awe effects of her tresses new bounce were short lived when morning came and she awoke to find her hair gone greasy overnight. Switching up her routine, Emily showered in the mornings to forgo the grease-ball episodes and enjoyed the glory of Wen as her hair beamed with shine. The new super soft texture of hair looked great but didn’t do well in upholding styles.

As the week progressed, the power of Wen grabbed hold of Emily’s affections as earlier symptoms of oil and flatness died and reincarnated into hair worthy of dished out compliments via night out with friends. Want Wen? Get yours on Amazon.
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Wen by Chaz Is The Hair Product Go To For Thickness

Hairdresser tries new Wen by Chaz to see if it was all it was advertised on Total beauty to be. The first day she began with a long hot shower and a shampoo. It was a little crazy the amount of shampoo conditioner that she had to use in her hair but she did it. After washing and blow drying her hair she realized how remarkably soft and shiny her hair was. It was also very thick looking and healthy. Was this Sephora marketed shampoo a miracle cure for her flat and dull hair?

The second day she woke up to oily hair. Being a hairdresser, she did not like her hair to look oily or greasy. She jumps in the shower and shampoos her hair. Her hair comes out looking delicious and clean. Her hair is thick and shiny. By the end of the day, her hair was beginning to show a little bit of wear. Her hair was beginning to look a little greasy.

Each day she woke to unmanageable greasy hair. One day she was late for work and still had to wash her hair. She had to leave and go to work without a morning shower. After she arrived at work she washed and conditioned her hair but the product was nowhere as good as her Wen by Chaz. She could not wait to get home to be able to rewash her hair. Wen hair was turning out to be a go to product for thick beautiful hair but did she want to have to wash her hair every single morning?

The young woman woke up one morning and had to go wash her hair. After washing and blow drying her hair she decided to curl her hair. Her colleagues told her how beautiful her hair was but she knew she would have to use this only when she wanted the thick hair because she did not want to wash her hair everyday.

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WEN Wows Beauty Writer With Shiny Bouncy Hair

Beauty writer Emily McClure had seen the famous Wen TV infomercials featuring celebrities with glossy, healthy hair and major volume. She longed for that A-list hair and decided on a 7-day hair challenge with the WEN system.
Popular west coast stylist Chaz Dean created the WEN no shampoo method, because he saw how the regular lather shampoos laden with sulfates were actually damaging strands. His cleansing conditioners were different and the real deal, delivering restored strength, shine and vitality to every head of hair. It doesn’t matter the type of hair you have, because WEN can fix it. See product link:

The WEN system is so effective, Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his celebrity clientele since 1993. That certainly says a lot about his brand and what it stands for.

Emily McClure has been cursed with fine, limp, do nothing locks and decided she would post daily selfies after using WEN. Her medium length hair would require 16-24 pumps of product, but Emily McClure told her Bustle readers that would be “actual insanity,” so she used a more conservative amount.

Emily noticed great volume every time she cleansed with WEN in the mornings and later blow-dried and styled her hair. Even her close friends immediately noticed how shiny and manageable Emily’s hair appeared. Her hair selfies proved the formula delivers on its healthy hair promises.

There were days Emily didn’t have time to wash her hair, so she disrupted the WEN schedule and skipped a wash. Her hair did not respond well, leaving her tresses limp and a bit greasy. Another time, Emily washed at nighttime instead of the morning, and again, her hair went flat fast.

For superb results, Emily advises sticking to the WEN morning washes and you will see shiny, manageable hair. Wen is available online via Ebay.



Wen is a line of hair treatments that was begun in 1993 by its founder Chaz Dean. He has been a Los-Angeles based hair stylist for the last two decades. It is meant to deal with the long-term effects of certain shampoos that foam. See,

Wen hair collection uses a broad range of natural products like botanical and natural herbs. These help in strengthening the hair, adding sheen, luster and moisture. Wen cleansing conditioners include a shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment. They can work for any hair because they come in different formulations.

After watching the infomercials about hair care line by Wen on TV, a client decided to try it. Because she had thin hair, she went for the Sephora Fig Cleansing Conditioner. Here is what happened (initially reported on Bustle).

Day 1: After a long day at work her hair was greasy when she got home. She took her Wen product and begun her experiment.

The first thing she noticed is the label that said 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium hair and 24-32 pumps for long hair.

She had her concerns because this was too much compared to what she usually used, thought it would be too much for her hair, but she continued nonetheless.

Her hair felt thicker while she was still washing and fewer strands fell off. After drying it looked shiny and bouncy and she was happy with the results.

Day 2: Her hair felt greasy when she woke up. She did not wash it in the morning. She did so in the evening, and the results were great just like the day before.

Day 3: Her hair was less greasy in the morning compared to day two. She thoroughly rinsed her hair to avoid leftover product which might have caused greasiness in day two.

She used other products to style her hair; heat protectant and texturizing paste which worked well with Wen. She was impressed with the results, and her hair was shiny and healthy through the day.

Day 4: On this day, she did not wash her hair in the morning because she was late. She used other products, and she simply had a bad hair day after loads of shampoos and curling.

Day 5: She applied the product as usual, and the results were great. She even curled her hair and even though they didn’t last for long they were soft thanks to Wen.

Day 6: She did her usual routine and in the evening she went out with her friends, and she got compliments on how shiny and healthy her hair looked.

Day7: She had a long day ahead so she cleansed her hair as usual and she didn’t have anything to worry about throughout the day as her hair was looking just perfect.

Conclusion: Wen Cleansing Conditioner is perfect for any hair and ideal for people who wash and style their hair in the morning.

She will use this product again because she loved the experience and the effect on her hair.

WEN Hair Care products are available at

How Does Coachella Style Impact Everyone?

Coachella style takes over the world of fashion every year because people see what the stars are wearing. These styles usually become what people start wearing for the rest of the summer, and these styles get copied a lot. There are a lot of people who focus on the hair and makeup that is seen at the festival, and Wengie helps people make sure that they know how to copy these looks.

Copying the looks is a lot easier when people check out the videos that Wengie makes for everyone. They can watch her channel to learn how to do the hairstyles and makeup. It is easy for people to see what is going on, and she shows people how to do just what they saw when they were watching coverage of the festival. There are a lot of stars to copy, and everyone who is trying to make sure that they are copying their favorites in the right way should watch Wengie for help. There are a lot of people who watch Wengie because her videos make the most sense, and she knows how to work with black and white hair. She is the perfect stylist for people who need help getting their hair into line, and she knows how to make makeup work on any woman.

Wengie is a star in her own right who follows the stars to make sure that she knows their style when she works on her videos. She helps everyone looks their best, and she creates videos that make people feel free to do anything with their style that they want. It is very easy for people to get the help they need when they check out her videos, and that means that anyone can look like a star from Coachella. Wengie also knows how to make styles for the rest of the year so that everyone is able to have the best style possible for the season. They can copy Wengie in her videos, and they can look like they just walked right off a private jet at the next music festival.

Let Go Of Your Fashion Preconceptions With Doe Deere

Fashion today is always changing at every turn. So many people aren’t quite sure where to turn. One person who feels confident about her own personal fashion rules is Doe Deere. Deere has been happy to let go of her own old fashioned fashion rules and forge her own personal fashion path. She wants to show others they can do the same. This is why she freely speaks out about the need to let go of fashion rules of all kinds of find the kind of rules that are best for people’s personal needs instead. In an article for Bustle Magazine, she fervently speaks out about her own personal fashion thoughts.

Be Who You Are

She wants people to be who they are and use fashion to let them shine. In her world, she can wear a ballgown to the mall if that’s what she feels like doing. She knows that being able to do so is the most liberating thing in the world. Her own world is about fashion that lets go and reminds us all of the love of color that informs her world. She wants us to dress any age we please rather than dressing as if we are teens or in our thirties because that’s where she is right now and wants others to feel free to join her.

She Loves Fashion

She knows that people around the world feel the same way she does. This is why she decided that it would be a great idea to began a makeup company that would reach out to her peers and offer them makeup that would work for the ball or the mall. Lime Crime, her company, is all about the use of such wild colors and the ideal of being oneself at all times.

Astonishing Color

Color is it for Deere. This is the personal sensibility that she brings to all the products that people can buy here at Lime Crime. Buyers can find pictures that she personally create to show off how her makeup can be used to create amazing looks that can draw attention to the wearer at all times.

Educated Fabulous Australian Youtuber

Wendy Huang is more than just a pretty face. She is the CEO of StyleAlley, the co-founder of UniMi Cosmetics, and the media personality of The Wonderful World of Wengie. Some may know her as Wengie the famous Australian YouTuber. She is a multi-talent entrepreneur with over 615,000 subscribers and over 29 million views on her YouTube channel. You name it; she has experience in the wide world of marketing.

Rest a sure Wendy is not without credentials. Her success on YouTube was preceded by a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University of Technology in Sydney, Austria. Presently she has the 5th most subscribed beauty channel on YouTube. To date her videos have gained Wengie over 1 million subscribers. Take a fresh look at job hunting, time management, or financial independence with Wengie. Wendy also leans her advice on relationships, diets, and a verity of products that she has tried and tested.

Her opinions and up beat unique attitude make Wengie a well approachable character to any subscriber male or female. Comparisons of different cultural styles also educate her viewers in a fun quirky elegance. She is an internet big sister and shares her life experiences and lessons from bullies to makeup and boyfriends. OR, if you need a practical real world side of Wengie she got that too. If you think of her as just another girly girl on YouTube think again.

“Wendy is always keen to take on new and challenging things in her life. I’ve never met a person who has more stamina and rigour to persevere and challenge herself with each new encounter,” states Julia. So saying this girl is awesome is an understatement. Wendy is an experienced educated famous Australian Youtuber.