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From Minions to Giants

Equities First Holdings LLC is a loan based company. They provide securities based loans. This means that they vary in the types of loans that they offer. It all depends on the individual and their financial situation. When taking a look at their website it says interest rates 3-4% and offer negotiations for different situations. They first started in Indianapolis, Indiana offering stock-based loans to any individual who would take them, but have grown to have a major Global presence.

They have recently purchased companies all across the globe. This includes offices in Sydney, Australia, New York City, Europe and China. Although they started their business model doing deals with any and everybody, they now only deal with high net worth individuals and businesses.


The Success of Bradesco Group Due To The Diligent Leadership Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

The head of one of the most successful businesses in the Brazil’s financial industry, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an entrepreneur of great accomplishments. He is a man who understands how to use a mixture of wisdom, foresight and tenacity to bring success to an organization. He is consistent in his determination to make the insurance sector a key pillar of the Brazilian economy.

A holder of the Insurance Personality of the Year award, Mr. Luiz has helped to create an atmosphere of optimism by bringing a positive outlook to the market. Many startups and well-established enterprises owe their vertical growth to his influence. Presently, he is the CEO and president of Bradesco.

For the last 38 years, Mr. Luiz has been quite instrumental in shaping the long term strategies of the company. While he was serving as the President of the Bradesco Group as the senior personality in the Pension Plans and Insurance Division of the company as well as the Vice President of Banco Bradesco he was recognized as one of the most competent leaders. In 2003 he was awarded the enviable prize for being the most outstanding executive.

By advocating for sale of insurance policies and plans through brokerage houses, he has endeared himself to many entrepreneurs in the sector. Through many years of experience working in the banking industry, he is able to come up with many innovative solutions that strengthen all aspects of insurance trading in the country.


Before he stepped into the reins of power at the Bank, the institution was not performing as well as its competitors. But beginning 2009 when he took over the leadership of the company, the bank has experienced exponential expansion in all its operations. His guiding principles are geared towards ensuring that the cities and customers served by the bank enjoy exceptionally high standards of services and customer care.

One of the goals he has been working towards is to provide a level playing ground in which the municipalities receive better quality of service deliver. He does not focus on leadership as the ultimate goal, but he views it as a step to a nobler objective.

Single-handedly, he has transformed the Brazilian branch of HSBC by making it a leading and prominent player in the financial sector. Due to the significant level of innovations he introduced, the bank become one of the largest business organizations in the country in 2015.

In terms of the range of services the bank now delivers such as granting loans to investors, managing various asset portfolios and the deposits it holds for various clients, the bank is now far much ahead of all its rivals. Perhaps his success at the institution can be directly linked to the long time during which he has been working for the bank. His stint began in 1969, and through many years of successes, failures and challenges, he has remained steadfast and committed to the vision of the bank.

The excellent work that he has consistently displayed is what has enabled him to scale up the ladder of leadership. The good work he performed when he was working at Bradesco Seguros enabled him to take over the presidency.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an ardent believer of synergy building and team work, and it is for this reason that all workers at different levels of the corporate chain respect his judgments and decisions. His system of management in which all employees are valued irrespective of the role they play in the organization or their position has made the bank stronger.

Apart from treating everyone as an important component in the bank, he prefers to delegate responsibility and allow his juniours to act according to their discretion. The freedom to discharge their responsibility without hindrance makes them more productive. His determined search for the best professionals in the industry has made the bank stronger than before.

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