Bruce Levenson is a Go-To Man

Bruce Levenson is mostly known for being a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. What many may not know about Bruce is that he’s Co-Founder and Partner of United Communications Group (UCG). The co-founded the company with Ed Peskowitz. Before co-founding UCG, Levenson was a writer who wrote for some pretty prestigious companies; the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. As of February 10, 2015, he’s a Director of TechTarget, Inc. He attended Washington University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and American University where he earned a J.D. He’s also a very enthusiastic philanthropist ( and President of the I Have a Dream Foundation.

Recently as reported by ESPN, Bruce has been in the news because of a lawsuit involving New Hampshire Insurance Company. The suit claims that there was a breach of contract made on the part of the insurance company; Danny Ferry to be more precise. The lawsuit only involves the former Atlanta Hawks ownership group, not the current owners. The former ownership group, AHBE, claims that the insurance is refusing to pay on the policy. The policy in question states that it would cover certain losses that pertained to employment practices such as ‘wrongful termination’ and ‘workplace torts’.

According to many statements that have been released, the account of the claim is still confidential. The insurance company claims that there has been no breach of contract, and therefore, are refusing to make any type of payout. AHBE is seeking an additional 50% penalty if the insurance company continues to ignore the policy. AHBE has provided documented proof that Danny Ferry, a representative of the insurance company, acknowledged the policy and determined that there should be a payout. New Hampshire Insurance Company has offered no explanation as to why Ferry did so. For more info, visit


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