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The Success of Bradesco Group Due To The Diligent Leadership Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

The head of one of the most successful businesses in the Brazil’s financial industry, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an entrepreneur of great accomplishments. He is a man who understands how to use a mixture of wisdom, foresight and tenacity to bring success to an organization. He is consistent in his determination to make the insurance sector a key pillar of the Brazilian economy.

A holder of the Insurance Personality of the Year award, Mr. Luiz has helped to create an atmosphere of optimism by bringing a positive outlook to the market. Many startups and well-established enterprises owe their vertical growth to his influence. Presently, he is the CEO and president of Bradesco.

For the last 38 years, Mr. Luiz has been quite instrumental in shaping the long term strategies of the company. While he was serving as the President of the Bradesco Group as the senior personality in the Pension Plans and Insurance Division of the company as well as the Vice President of Banco Bradesco he was recognized as one of the most competent leaders. In 2003 he was awarded the enviable prize for being the most outstanding executive.

By advocating for sale of insurance policies and plans through brokerage houses, he has endeared himself to many entrepreneurs in the sector. Through many years of experience working in the banking industry, he is able to come up with many innovative solutions that strengthen all aspects of insurance trading in the country.


Before he stepped into the reins of power at the Bank, the institution was not performing as well as its competitors. But beginning 2009 when he took over the leadership of the company, the bank has experienced exponential expansion in all its operations. His guiding principles are geared towards ensuring that the cities and customers served by the bank enjoy exceptionally high standards of services and customer care.

One of the goals he has been working towards is to provide a level playing ground in which the municipalities receive better quality of service deliver. He does not focus on leadership as the ultimate goal, but he views it as a step to a nobler objective.

Single-handedly, he has transformed the Brazilian branch of HSBC by making it a leading and prominent player in the financial sector. Due to the significant level of innovations he introduced, the bank become one of the largest business organizations in the country in 2015.

In terms of the range of services the bank now delivers such as granting loans to investors, managing various asset portfolios and the deposits it holds for various clients, the bank is now far much ahead of all its rivals. Perhaps his success at the institution can be directly linked to the long time during which he has been working for the bank. His stint began in 1969, and through many years of successes, failures and challenges, he has remained steadfast and committed to the vision of the bank.

The excellent work that he has consistently displayed is what has enabled him to scale up the ladder of leadership. The good work he performed when he was working at Bradesco Seguros enabled him to take over the presidency.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an ardent believer of synergy building and team work, and it is for this reason that all workers at different levels of the corporate chain respect his judgments and decisions. His system of management in which all employees are valued irrespective of the role they play in the organization or their position has made the bank stronger.

Apart from treating everyone as an important component in the bank, he prefers to delegate responsibility and allow his juniours to act according to their discretion. The freedom to discharge their responsibility without hindrance makes them more productive. His determined search for the best professionals in the industry has made the bank stronger than before.

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s Contribution To Brazil’s Legal Overhaul

The laws in Brazilian should have been able to answer the problems of the labor groups in the country. It should be applying actual science that not only involves the development strategies for country but also uses it in real life.

There are a lot of laws in Brazil that have no teeth and have no way of getting translated into real social changes. This problem is the reason why there is so much clamor in a law overhaul in Brazil. In fact, right now Brazil experiences different demands for changes in how the nasty business and social climate in Brazil gets delivered. This requirement is also what Brazilian lawyers like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho want to address.

Some other issues in Brazil’s law that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho wants to address are the convoluted tax system in the country, its licensing legislation that finds no relation to the issues of real life and the different barriers to people;s social and cultural protection laws.

The Great Brazilian Lawyers

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the great Brazilian lawyers today who is remarkable in their delivery of the Brazilian business requirements. His fame started when he helped a lot of centenary companies in understanding a lot of the convoluted laws in Brazil’s laws. He also planned out and executed some of the defense strategies of many personalities and businesses that gained landmark status in Brazil’s national legislation.

With Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s significant participation in the ideological studies for governments and other Pro-bono work for NGOs, he can maintain a remarkable reputation of creating laws that provide major changes to Brazil’s legal landscape. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho also made sure that his laws can combat the needed changes in how litigation works in the country.

Indeed, the remarkable job for the improvement of the knowledge of legislation in Brazil began to improve with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s involvement; many people will now enjoy the new application of forces and experimental advice that Ricardo made famous in service. He contributed nothing short of significant in Brazil’s legal dynamics.

Securus Technologies : Standing Out In The Field Of Prison Communications

Securus Technologies is a company that has managed to set itself apart in the prison communications industry. The company is one which provides a range of services that inmates can opt for to stay in touch with their friends and family on the outside. The company is operational in numerous locations in the United States and also in Canada. Inmates who wish to use the services that Securus Technologies provides can ask their loved ones to send them money to their Securus Technologies’ account so that they can place calls. Alternatively, Securus Technologies also has a post paid system, whereby one can opt to receive a bill at the end of a month for the time that the inmate has used the services for. This system has proven to be extremely efficient for the company and also for the people who are using these services.


The company knows that because they are allowing inmates to use communication services to get in touch with the outside, here is a good amount of scope for criminal activity to take place. To ensure that this does not happen, Securus Technologies offers inmate monitoring system, which tracks the calls that the inmates are making and also records the conversations which are then provided if there is a case of malicious activity which could be linked to the phone calls. With these inmate monitoring systems. Securus Technologies has been able to help numerous judiciaries, by giving them all the information that they would need in the case that they would be offering a trial to anyone from these prisons.


Securus Technologies has a wide range of services that they offer clients. The company knows how important communication is to stay in touch with the world and hence tries its best to offer a wide range of services to inmates so that they could get in touch with their loved ones whenever they like. Securus Technologies offers services like voice calling and video calling, which all come at different rates. Inmates are free to use any of these services to get in touch with people, provided that they heed to all the rules that Securus Technologies and the prisons impose on them while using these services.


Talos Energy Joins New JV

One of the most highly regulated industries in the world over the past 100 years has been the oil industry. This is the case in many countries across the world that have done their best to regulate the amount of oil that can be pulled from the ground. In recent months, one country has taken steps to start the process of regulating their oil industry in an attempt to provide its country with more affordable oil. This country, Mexico, is now allowing a private well off its shore for the first time in about 80 years.

But according to a new joint venture that is taking place between Premier Oil PLC, which is based out of London, Talos Energy LLC out of Houston, Texas, and Sierra Oil and gas out of Mexico, the ability to start drilling has been approved. Over the coming year, the three companies plan on investing a considerable amount of money in exploratory Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. All three companies, and other Professionals in the oil industry, believe that there is a considerable amount of oil offshore. The specific area that they are focusing on is called the Sereste Basin, which is estimated to have up to 500 million barrels of oil.

At this point, it remains to be seen what each company will do in the process of drilling. Talos Energy is expected to be the official operator of the well and we’ll have about a 35% share of the joint venture. They are expected to be required to produce the equipment and Personnel necessary to start the drilling process. If more drilling is necessary, there could be a change in joint venture structure.

Talos Energy has been one of the leading energy companies in the United States over the past decade and has successfully discovered oil in several different major reserves across the world. The Houston-based company has provided a range of different exploratory, drilling, and excavation services that has helped the United States to develop one of the largest stockpiles of crude oil in the world and helped to keep the price per barrel at an affordable price.

How Eric Lefkofsky is Transforming People’s Lives

Eric is a great entrepreneur, philanthropist, and holds many other titles. The renowned entrepreneur studied at the University Of Michigan School of law where he acquired a Juris doctor. Besides his entrepreneurial roles, Eric is also an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, through which he mentors his students to achieve the best. Eric is also the co-founder of Tempus, a firm concerned with the treatment of the cancer disease. The firm targets to acquire and establish data bases to aid in the treatment of the disease. Tempus also seeks to combine both therapeutic and genomic data to help doctors correctly identify the fundamental cause of the disease as well as the most effective therapy to reduce the adverse effects of the disease and more information click here.

Besides co-founding Tempus, Eric is also a founder and co-founder of a vast number of companies including Groupon, Light bank, among others. Most of his companies highly focus on the use of the modern technology to carry out their activities and adequately address the various issues of their customers. Eric believes that technology plays a significant role in bringing changes to people’s lives through the various inventions it produces. He believes that a considerable number of cancer patients will highly benefit from the current technology which seeks to identify the critical problems in their bodies as well as find solutions to their issues and Eric on Facebook.

Eric has also been involved in a vast number of charitable organizations, and his wife has always backed him up whenever it comes to helping people acquire a better living. Together, they founded the Lefkofsky family foundation, which targets at supporting charity and educational organizations. Through his firm, Eric also gives support to scientific researchers with the aim of finding the possible solutions for cancer. He also seeks to improve the living standards of people through his current programs and educational back up.

Eric`s commitment towards helping people has also seen him mentor a significant number of individuals through his social media. He has also partnered with Motorola Mobility and Google to create a 1871 FEMtech, with the aim of mentoring and encouraging females to venture into entrepreneurship and learn more about Eric.

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The Partnership Between The State Theatre Of New Brunswick and Boraie Development

In a move that is aimed at impacting on the lives of the residents of New Brunswick, the State Theatre has announced a new partnership with Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation. The joint project will enable the State Theatre to provide a free summer movie series to the residents of New Brunswick.

In an article published by, the State Theatre will show the biggest box office blockbusters such as Frozen, Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2, Aladdin, among others. The movies will be showing as from 10.30am until 7.00pm.

All the movies that will be showing at the State Theatre during the summer holiday will be free of charge to all the members of the New Brunswick community. This treat will offer young people an opportunity to bond with their families with having to spend a lot. The State Theatre is one of the most historic landmarks in New Jersey. The facility has helped nurture the talents of many young people in performance arts.

According to Omar Boraie, the management of Boraie Development is proud to have been involved in this project. The free movie show will give a chance to many young people to have a cinema experience at one of New Brunswick’s historic venues.

Jane Kurek, an executive of the Provident Bank Foundation, expressed her excitement on the partnership with Boraie Development to bring the experience of State Theatres to individuals of all backgrounds in New Brunswick.

Boraie Development ( is a leading real estate solutions provider in New Brunswick. The company offers a broad range of services in the field of urban construction. The enterprise has always been on the frontline in ensuring that the construction projects it undertakes to meet the highest structural and civil standards. Boraie Development has given a face to the real estate sector of New Brunswick.

Boraie Development’s collaboration with financial institutions has helped place cheaper real estate solutions into the hands of the residents of New Brunswick. The enterprise comprises of an array of professionals such architects, civil engineers and interior designers who help the firm deliver spectacular structures in New Brunswick. For more info, visit

Sheldon Lavin – Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group, LLC. Moreover, he also works at OSI International Foods Ltd as the company’s President and is actively involved in its daily operations. The OSI International Foods Ltd has operated as a branch of the OSI since 1995, and carries its operations in eight locations across India, providing custom processing of fruit, meat, and vegetables. Sheldon Lavin possesses an exceptionally high-profile experience in the industry of meat and food processing.

Lavin has an advanced extensive experience in the finance industry since 1970 and was engaged in financing Otto & Sons. OSI Group developed ultimately from Otto & Sons. The OSI Group has quickly expanded its operations from being a national food processing firm to an international industry pioneer under the leadership of Lavin. The OSI Group is currently operating in more than sixty locations throughout sixty different nations.

Due to his remarkable achievement of bringing OSI Group onto the international position and playing a part in job expansion worldwide, Sheldon Lavin was awarded by India’s Vision World Academy the Global Visionary Award on February 20, 2016. The Global Visionary Award ceremony took place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The award honors visionary leaders in various sectors who have made their dreams come true by displaying persistence and perseverance to achieve their goals. This was the fifth year the Academy has applauded eminent visionaries with this award to recognize their accomplishments and motivate the generation to come to mimic in their footsteps.

Sheldon Lavin said he was humbled and honored to be granted such a distinguished award and is very pleased with his life’s work in aiding the OSI Group to develop into international firm that it is currently. Lavin has lived his life committed to the overall operations of the OSI Group, and its many employees. Besides contributing to the growth of the OSI Group around the world, the organization has also been granted with a long list of environmental and sustainability rewards under Lavin’s leadership. Sheldon Lavin is also an active philanthropist who loves giving back to the society while expanding his company. He is involved in philanthropic causes including Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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How Whitney Wolfe has steered Bumble to Success

In the recent times, women have proven themselves and have managed to excel in almost all industries. Women have also proved to be the best in business leadership world. Whitney Wolfe is such a woman and has been described as one of the United States’ most successful businesswomen. She was born in Salt Lake City in 1990 and since she was young, Whitney Wolfe has always had a passion in the world of technology. Born and brought up in an ordinary family, the young businesswomen graduated at the famous Southern Methodist University where she studied International Studies.

While still at the university, Whitney Wolfe made a decision to join the business world. She started by selling bamboo tote bags. After graduating from the university, Whitney Wolfe relocated to Asia where she offered humanitarian help to different orphanages. She later went on to work at Hatch Labs being only 22 years old at the time. It was during her tenure at Hatch Labs that a new business venture called Cardify was launched. Whitney Wolfe later joined Tinder where she held the position of Vice President of Marketing. She even participated in choosing the company’s name. After working at Tinder for some time, Whitney Wolfe left the company to start her own.

Whitney Wolfe started Bumble which is a dating application where women normally make the first move. Under her leadership, Bumble has managed to achieve massive success and growth.

Whitney applied the expertise she got while serving at Tinder to make Bumble a success. Although it was recently launched, the dating application has acquired many subscribers who enjoy the exiting features offered by the app. She recently introduced an application whereby women from all parts of the world can meet and connect while sharing their experiences. The two applications by Whitney Wolfe managed to generate a lot of income for her and have therefore made her one of the United States’ wealthiest businesswomen. Whitney Wolfe is described as a go getter, hard working and a strict business lady. She attributes her success with Bumble to discipline, commitment and passion.

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Fantasy Alarm’s Top Waiver Wire Add Ons!

The fantasy baseball season is heating up. The trade deadline is past and most MLB lineups are pretty much set going forward. Is your fantasy baseball team in good shape? Even if it is, you are going to want to keep reading. Having some solid players on the waiver wire can be the difference between winning your week and losing it — and every loss counts. Today’s Fantasy Alarm advice comes to you focused on waiver wire wonders that should be available in your league.


Win With Pitching

You don’t win a fantasy baseball season unless you can get consistent pitching from your rotation. If you need to pick up a player or two for a spot start then we might have the people for you.


Jose Urena, SP – Miami Marlins

Jose Urena is the most inspiring player in the Marlin rotation right now though that doesn’t count for much. He’s an electric 25 year old right hander who can throw some serious heat. Urena’s fastball clocks in at 96 MPh and he has a three pitch arsenal. Urena is slowly getting more comfortable in the Miami rotation and is a solid add on for a late season push.


Luis Perdomo, SP – San Diego Padres

You aren’t going to rack up many wins with Perdomo thanks to the lackluster San Diego offense, but he’ll definitely eat up some innings. Perdomo is another young arm on a team that is in the midst of a full scale rebuild. Perdomo will keep getting trotted out for his 6 IP of work with the chance for a win and a quality start.


Eddie Butler, SP – Chicago Cubs

The Cubs aren’t playing as well as a year ago and that’s due in large part to pitching. Chicago needs a back end starter and Eddie Butler will probably be that guy. Butler doesn’t blow anyone out of the water but he’s a good source of wins.


A Preview of the Day To Day Operations at MB2 Dental

A Preview of the Day To Day Operations at MB2 Dental
MB2 Dental is a Dental Service organization that offers personalized systems and services to dentists. They take on non-clinical services primarily business operations of dental offices. Their primary objective is to give doctors space and time to focus on giving their patients high standard care. The foundation of the company stands on excellence, integrity, innovation, and teamwork. This organization offers guidance to doctors in running various departments in their practices including Human Resource, Finance, and Accounting, IT, Marketing, business development, and operations support. Their customer base is composed of almost 70 private practices owned by dentists in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and New Mexico and Alaska. By taking charge of the business aspects of their clients, the dentists’ time and energy go into offering their patients the best possible care and medical attention.
MB2 Dental specializes in providing dental management and practice development services. The firm’s management is under Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, who also founded the organization. By his side is a team of other professionals in the dental service sector. With the operations under a management of dentists who understand the challenges facing other dentists, they efficiently come up with strategies that solve various business processes in dental practices. With the MB2 team completely spearheading the administrative and managerial process the practitioners remain solely focused on the clinical tasks at hand. This team is composed of a team of dentist experts ready to offer knowledge and guidance to the affiliated practice owners. These professionals provide excellent strategies in running of clinical controls enabling doctors to prioritize their patients care instead of being profit-oriented. Despite its infancy, the industry this company has taken on big challenges making significant development since its establishment in 2009.
As a form of strategizing, this organization enters beneficial alignments with other businesses to offer improved services to their affiliated clients. Recently, it partnered with the CDI Group to design a marketing plan that would improve the operations at dental practices. The designing of the Priority Dental Plan was successful, and the implementation in dental offices was by drafting in several marketing materials including posters and brochures. Through its operations with this dental service organization, CDI Group maintained the company’s strategic sequences. This plan has advanced robustly attracting a high number of patients to dentists this has enabled entrusts to acquire impressive rate of cases. The Priority Dental Plan has also enabled patients to receive dental care at affordable rates.