Australian Brand Honey Birdette Finds Huge Success In The UK And USA

Honey Birdette is a very successful Australian sensuality boutique. The company is now expanding its retail stores internationally. In the UK, Honey Birdette currently has tree stores and expects to have 40 locations by the end of 2018.
The owner of Honey Birdette, entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan, noted that recent sales figures from the United States have shown and almost 400% increase in online sales for her company. Due to this, she launched a new US e-commerce site for her company. She said that this will allow US consumers faster and cheaper delivery, which is free for orders exceeding $50, as well as a better return service and more offerings on the website. She is also planning to open retail stores in the US and is currently eyeing different locations across the nation.
The first cities in the UK to have Honey Birdette stores was London, Westfield, and Leeds. The new locations will include cities such as Liverpool, Leeds, Stratford, and Newcastle.
Honey Birdette sells luxury lingerie, briefs, bras, massage candles, and sex toys. Eloise Monaghan launched the company in 2006 and both the retail stores and online stores have proven to be very popular. While prices start at £60 for bras and £35 for briefs, lingerie at Honey Birdette typically costs around $200 to $250.
Eloise Monaghan started the company when she couldn’t find really sexy high-end lingerie that would interject excitement into people’s bedrooms. She also wanted to provide carefully sourced and selected sex toys that could be used to heighten intimate passion. Her products have achieved a great deal of success largely due to their uniqueness and high quality.

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