Athleisure Heads to the Office

Over the past several years, more and more men and women are embracing the style called athleisure. For the uninitiated, athleisure consists of stylish and comfortable athletic clothing that is meant to be worn regardless of whether or not you are heading to the gym. These pieces of clothing are constructed for somewhat sweaty athletic endeavors, but they are meant to be worn more out of a sense of comfort and style than athletic utility. Jeggings and yoga pants are credited with starting the athleisure trend, but stylish sneakers, breathable jackets, hoodies, and athletic shirts are now all a part of the athleisure fanatic’s wardrobe.

With the increase of athleisure fashion, an interesting question has arisen. Can athleisure clothing, once just worn to the local Starbucks or grocery store, become a part of business casual fashion? Many women seem to think so. Yoga pants are being worn by women as part of a business casual outfit. As long as a stylish top covers the butt, women are reporting yoga pants can be worn as business casual.
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Regardless of whether or not you are interested in wearing your favorite athleisure outfits to the office, the company Fabletics is a terrific source for building an athleisure wardrobe. Founded in part by the actress Kate Hudson in 2013, Marie Claire is an online subscription service for athleisure clothing. New clients are able to complete a short questionnaire upon registering. Using this information, the team members at Fabletics will mail an athleisure outfit tailored to the client’s size and style each month.

Fabletics is great for building an athleisure wardrobe, and it is also an effective way to encourage an active lifestyle. Receiving new athleisure outfits each month often motivates people to increase their exercise habits. Through Fabletics, clients can look great and feel great wearing the latest athleisure trends.

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