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Deirdre Baggot: Specializing in Bundled Payments in the Healthcare Industry

CMS, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, leads the insurance industry in policy guidelines and procedures that other commercial and private insurances are following. In particular, bundling items. Bundling is a method used to originally define services and procedures that are related directly to the patient’s primary condition. The Affordable Care Act made way for new payment methods that allow CMS to navigate away from fee-for-service. Deirdre Baggot PhD, specializes in bundle payments in the health care industry.

Deirdre Baggot PhD is well versed in the reform of healthcare payment and is highly respected. Gaining experience as a clinician who established bundled payments, she has directed consulting practices to focus on bundled payments and innovation and has produced over $5 million in revenue annually. She graduated from Southern Illinois University with Bachelor of Science in Nursing then attended Loyola University Graduate School of Business where she received Master of Business Administration degree. Continuing her education, she graduated from University of Colorado where she received her Doctorate of Philosophy. Visit to know more about Baggot

When CMS bundles certain items, the costs associated with the item go down and quality improves, saving CMS money in the long run, particularly in the post-acute care. The healthcare system is very complex which makes for vast challenges but multitudes of opportunity. Taking small manageable steps will allow insurance to develop innovative care models that will encourage physicians to follow.

Bundling post-acute services consists of trying to avoid re-admissions, mainly after major joint replacement, congestive heart failure, coronary artery bypass graft, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, including bronchitis and asthma, and percutaneous coronary intervention. The care needed for a patient will include three days prior to an inpatient stay to up to 90 days.

The more expensive conditions, like cardiac and orthopedic procedures, are the perfect candidates for bundling. CMS has researched and has transitioned within the last several years to create a payment reform to use rather than fee-for-service.



Sussex Healthcare Provides Personalized Care for Senior Assisted Living Patients

About 25 years ago, the concept of senior assisted living was new to the world. Today, it is taking over traditional home care for older patients who need help leading normal lives even in their old age. Assisted living facilities offer a broad range of services coupled with a housing solution for your loved ones. Even so, there is always the need to employ additional care. With that said, many seniors go for these nursing homes to enjoy a new dimension of life. Besides, the retirement years need to be enjoyable. Sussex Healthcare understands that these individuals should be catered to. Visit to know more.

About The Company

Sussex Healthcare was built to provide extensive healthcare services for the senior patients who need support when it comes to dealing with mental health issues. It is a reputable firm and has plenty of facilities within the one umbrella. Besides, the company has been in existence for more than 15 years. Since 1985, the organization has been opening more branches with the intention of offering its services to millions of people suffering from different health issues that need the immediate attention of professional care providers. Today, it has about 15 facilities that offer unmatched services in health. Besides, this organization also offers care for the elderly with age-related diseases.

What are some of The Services Provided?

Every home within Sussex Healthcare offers a variety of services including fresh meals prepared daily. The management has a chef in every facility. The kitchen staff is qualified to cook healthy meals. Besides, they use local produce to make sure that the clients indulge in best-tasting foods coupled with nutrients. Moreover, they are trained to make gluten, and allergies free food. Every facility has a professional dietitian who creates reviews regarding personalized nutrition.

Being a Member of Sussex Healthcare Facility

When a person becomes a resident of Sussex Healthcare, they receive a tailored evaluation. This evaluation includes the health history as well as current health needs among other needs. They are also entitled to activities made to keep them mobile and happy. As such, the residents are always exposed to various helpful activities to build their self-esteem too.

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What is the Boraie Development?

The Aspire apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey is a beautiful luxury apartments complex with 238 residential units with a 24/7 doorman lobby. This luxury apartments building is also within walking distance of the New Brunswick train station. The complex also has many features for it’s residents such as a attached parking garage with direct elevator access to the lobby for easy access. It also as many amenities such as a state of the art fitness center and yoga studio. Eliminating the need to find a studio nearby if you prefer not to pay a membership or travel a large distance to find a fitness center or yoga studio. There is also an indoor and outdoor residents club great for working, rest, and play. On the roof there’s a beautiful sundeck and garden for residents to explore. Along with an outdoor BBQ space for everyone to enjoy. If you don’t drive and prefer to reduce your carbon footprint with a bike there is also indoor bike storage, along with individual storage for residents. The building is in a neighborhood with plenty of dinning options along with a shopping district and a wonderful nightlife scene. The building is also adjacent to the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital system including the Children’s Cancer Institute. For more details visit


The Broraie Development

NBA star Shaquille O’Neil is making his mark on the skyline of his hometown with the Broraie Development which he is a large supporter of. O’Neal and his mother before him grew up in the public housing district of Newark. O’Neal recalls what his mother had said to him. “I remember when this city used to be beautiful, somebody needs to come by and invest in the city again.” O’Neal decided to invest in the project to make his mother proud and to give her exactly what she had hoped for. That someone would come and invest in the city again and make it beautiful. Mr. O’Neal is not the only investor on the project though billions have gone into making this project a reality. Goldman Sachs himself invested 600 million in the bulk of 1 billion for New Jersey. So much revitalization of the city is underway that O’Neal himself is moving back home. The goal of the Boraie developments is to revitalize areas and meet the growing demand economically and when it comes to the neighborhoods themselves and there population growth demand. You can visit


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Alex Hern is Pioneering Modern Communication

Alex Hern is a capitalist who has been specializing in developing new technology startups and also their acquisition. Alex has been in the technology industry for the last over two decades, and that has given him the experience needed to help other companies to grow technologically. His primary focus is the improvement of working place by use of technology. He is recognized in the world of technology for starting and growing many companies and selling them at a profit. One of his best companies is Tsunami VR which is a technology company that has been providing virtual reality services to other firms. That is to ensure customers have the best experience as they seek the services. The virtual reality is a field that companies are starting to embrace.

That means it may be an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneur to make good profits for the company. Alex Hern has talked about his company in different platforms like the recent interview with He spoke of his professional background and discussed the companies he has started and his latest venture. The idea of beginning Tsunami came to him after discovering that computers at the moment. He thinks virtual reality should be the next big thing in the industry and it can be used in our daily activities. Alex saw it as an opportunity to start a company that can help other industries in their operations. His success comes from spending the time to focus on an idea and come up with possible conclusions that can solve particular problems in the society.

Alex Hern is concerned with artificial intelligence because he believes it is the next innovation needed by companies. He is happy because he thinks there are many possibilities to come by. Alex believes in life there is no time to waste because he views life as a marathon. It is a philosophy that has helped him to achieve most of the things in life. He loves technology, and he focuses on technology in everything he does. Alex is one of the best modern developers who have a great vision. His accomplishments are unmatched, and he continues to achieve a lot in the field.

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Sussex Healthcare Launches Gym to Improve Service Delivery

The aged have often been neglected by their families stating “burden” which is quite unfair after raising two or three generations. Sussex healthcare was founded in 1985 and it is based in the southern coast of England.

Sussex Healthcare identified the need to take of the elderly and adults who are in need of specialized care. It has been running for over two decades now. Apart from taking care of their patients, they provide medical attention to individuals suffering from conditions such as dementia brain lesions, neurological problems, and multiple sclerosis among others.

Recently, Sussex healthcare launched a gym that would help patients maintain fitness while trying to tackle problems that come with old age. Among the gym equipment brought in included stationary bikes, treadmills, balls to help with the back pains, free weights, and a large hot tub. All these features help in getting rid of pain or strengthening the muscles one way or another.

We know with old age comes a lot of procrastination. To help with that, Sussex Healthcare decided to offer gym group classes. Members derive the courage to exercise from each other hence they become more productive during these group sessions. These sessions also act as stress management classes apart from contributing to body fitness.

Taking time in the swimming pools is also a form of exercise. Swimming is said to increase one’s flexibility and muscle power. Residents are taught how to swerve right to improve their strengths rightly. Exercises that are targeted to improve the respiratory and nervous system are managed by highly qualified specialists. They monitor the improvement from the systems as well as guide one on the subsequent workouts.

All gym sessions are accompanied by trained experts who guide each resident with an exercise they choose to go forward with. Before this, the trainer will access what your body can handle and what kind of exercises will improve your body. Also, nutritional guidelines are offered to help each arrive on the right track to healthy living. All these workouts when done right should signal physical improvement of the resident.

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Adam Milstein, Israeli Fighter

Adam Milstein and his wife, Gila, co-founded a charitable and service-oriented organization that sole purpose is to strengthen Israeli people, the nation of Israel and the United States-Israel ties. The services that it provides give fundraising to programs in Jewish areas for education and the advocacy of the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel. His parents were Eva Milshtein and Hillel Milshtein. Both immigrated to Israel when the country was born, around 1948. Adam is their first son along with Joshua and Dalit.

In 1973 he served in the Yom Kippur War. After his stint in the army, Adam enrolled in Israeli Institute of Technology. He graduated with a BS in business and economics in 1978. Afterward, he teamed with his father to expand their real estate and development business.

Adam Milstein married Gila Elgrably in 1974 in Haifa. In 1981, Adam and Gila moved to the United States with their two daughters. Their third daughter was born after the move. In 1983, he received his MBA from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He started working commercial real estate in sales. Currently, he is a partner with Hager Pacific Properties and oversees the firm’s finance department and all the properties.

Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council. He sits if the Board of numerous organizations such as Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel and more. He and his wife also co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America; it provides free books in Hebrew that teaches Jewish values to families in the United States.

Adam Milstein has voiced concern over the media and the bias against Israel and its’ people. Recently, a major new outlet commented on how Israeli troops killed a six-year-old girl in Gaza. However, the news lied and the girl died of a blood disorder. Adam’s fight is keeping the media accountable.

With a lot of significant work and progress, he desires to see change. Adam Milstein is fighting for his people. His service to his country has never ceased or wavered.

Joint Pains in Children

If your kid has ever complained about joint and leg pain you must be concerned. About one-third of young school-aged kids may have suffered from these conditions, a report by Dr. Saad Saad who is a renowned pediatric surgeon. These signs and symptoms normally get better without seeking medical attention. They may be due to solely healthy playing and exercise.



Very often, however, kids’ legs pains are ordinarily growing pains which can occur in knee, curved muscle and in the thigh.



Generally, this discomfort may go away on its own, but however, you should note that the symptoms may show something more complicated. Learn more:



Growing pains, according to Dr. Saad Saad 30 % of school kids who suffer from chronic leg pain, one half of them is caused by growing pains.



Generally growing pain occurs during a kid’s preschool and preteen years only to end at teenage years. According to a report by Dr. Saad Saad, these kinds of pains are harmless and they do not indicate a sign of any serious problem.



Growing pains symptoms


  • These pains occur in the night or in the evening and they resolve by morning.
  • They are too severe to wake a kid from sleep
  • They always affect two legs
  • They occur several nights intermittently
  • The kid may experience abdominal or headache pain.


According to Dr. Saad Saad, you can ease growing pain by:


  1. Showering with warm water: Before you retire to bed, take a warm bath. It will ease pains and aches and promote sleep.

Showering with warm waterMassageStretchingWarmth:Painkillers

  1. Massage: Softly rubbing the leg will help the kid feel better. Holding and cuddling the kid will give it comfort.
  2. Stretching: Gentle stretches can ease leg pains in adults, however, young kids can have a challenge doing the exercise. Your doctor will advise you on the best exercises for your kid.
  3. Warmth: A hot bottle of water or a heating pad may help an aching leg. They should be warm but not hot to protect your kid from burning.
  4. Painkillers: There are some over the counter medication such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen that ease joint pains.


Dr. Saad Saad advice



According to him seek medical attention if leg and joint pains persist.



In conclusion, it is normal for growing children to experience joint pains. However, if the pain persists for long you should take your kid to a professional doctor. The doctor will examine your kid to find the underlying cause.


The Service Quality of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a healthcare company that has developed a reputation like few companies can reach. The co-founders Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina each brought unique skills to the development of the company. They specialize in treatment for adults, and occasionally young adults, with mental illness. While also having living facilities for those who need them. There are two recent online articles that discuss the success of the company over the years.

Starting with an article on the website Medical Daily Time, Sussex Healthcare recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of being in business. The company’s devotion to building client relationships has been essential to its long term success. Shiraz Boghani has the hospitality experience, while Shafik Sachedina brings the medical experience to the table. The company recently appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor to the CEO position. She adds a new surge of client building relationships skills to the team. They boast having the proper equipment for whatever condition an individual has who walks through their doors.

As Sussex Healthcare expands, they have needed an increase in the workforce. An article on the website The News Version describes how they are hiring in different locations. The caregivers have a huge responsibility to bring each client the best experience, while also making sure to stay on brand. The company offers a great pay rate, with appropriate bonus. Overall, the business is in a stable position and the training program covers every aspect an employee will need. Just like the clients, the well being of each employee is important to the company.

The healthcare industry in full of businesses built on integrity and quality of service. Sussex Healthcare is fully devoted to these values from those at the core of the company, to those they hire. Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home. They boost having state of the art facilities and services available to all patients. Their service has improved the lives of countless individuals who have come in for treatment.

How To Be As Productive As Possible According To Upwork

It’s not always easy to accomplish everything you set out to do each day but a to-do list can help simplify things for you. So how do you maintain your productivity? Well, for starters, it helps to write down everything you need to do as studies have found that people have trouble remembering multiple things simultaneously. Additionally, it can also cause you unnecessary stress. It’s important to complete your most daunting tasks at the beginning of the day if possible as they’ve found that people are at their highest energy level in the morning. Also, it’s important to make sure your to-do list is all on one platform so you can keep your list organized and it’s easier to keep track of everything you have to do. Additionally, it helps to be specific with your list. Don’t just write down what to do but also when you plan to do it and how long you anticipate it will take to complete. It’s important to prioritize and accomplish your tasks in order of importance. You also need to set aside some time for you to evaluate your to-do lists and examine how successful you have been in accomplishing your tasks that week. Another effective method of getting things done is to break down the various tasks you have to accomplish into sub-tasks. This will provide you with a sense of accomplishment and make the tasks look a lot more manageable and generate small wins. You’ll also want to evaluate your tasks within the larger scheme of things. It’s also efficient to pair up similar tasks so you can kill two birds with one stone. As long as you’re writing one thing, you might as well write everything that you have to during that time. Finally, it helps to assign tasks based on the energy level they require from you. Upwork is global freelancing platform that helps business and individuals connect with each other for various types of freelance work and projects. They’re headquartered in Mountain View, California and their CEO is Stephanie Kasriel and they have currently 12 million registered freelancers.