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Talkspace Helping People Connect with Professional Therapists with Ease

These days’ people live very hectic as well as complicated lives, both professionally and personally. It tends to talk a toll on not only their physical health but also their mental health. Many people these days are suffering from depression or other such mental health issues, but they are just too stubborn or ignorant to accept it or submit to it. It is this kind of attitude that leads to further problems in the future because the mental health problems like depression can continue to grow with time. If you allow the mental health issue to harbor in your mind without any vent out, rest assured that it would continue to haunt you.

Talking to a therapist in such a situation is a good idea. A therapist would help you understand the cause of your problem and what can be done to solve such an issue. If you find going to a therapist’s office an expensive affair, then you can consult with the professional therapist on an application called Talkspace as well. It has so far provided counseling to more than 500,000 people and has more than a thousand registered therapists. People who need a bit more privacy to discuss their mental health issues can do so on Talkspace as it gives the users the freedom to not only talk over the phone with therapists but chat via text as well.

Talkspace is one of the leading apps in its category today, and its popularity is proliferating as more and more people are learning about it. Talkspace helps the people to come out of their shell to discuss what they are going through with the therapist on the other hand, without the fear of being judged. No matter what you are going through, rest assured the therapist at Talkspace would provide a lending ear as well as professional assessment to deal with the situation appropriately.

Clay Siegall: Stopping Cancer in its Tracks

Disease and sickness have always been part of our world. They have historically been one of the things that has been a huge barrier to us in terms of survival and reaching certain goals. But now the situation is starting to change. We are starting to hit our stride and figure out disease after disease. Every year we come closer to taking down juggernauts of diseases like Alzheimer’s and now we have someone special working on cancer. That someone is Clay Siegall.

Clay Siegall is a man like many of us with a bone to pick with cancer and its so-called treatments. After a loved one fell victim to this sickness they received treatments that almost killed them. Clay thought to himself there had to be a better way to fight this without risking death from the cure itself. That’s where Clay Siegall started his journey and now he has made significant progress. In 1998 he started his company Seattle Genetics. A biotech tech firm that focuses its resources on creating targeted therapy drugs for disease that have not had mortality rate improvements for long periods of time usually decades. With his B.S. in zoology and a PhD in genetics from George Washington state he has made significant progress on this front. His company created the first FDA approved antibody drug conjugate. This and at least 20 other disease fighting drugs are in the pipeline being tested and used to save lives. Another large reason Clay chose to path is because with his earlier work he wasn’t getting the respect or accolades for his work but now with his own company we are fully aware of where these drugs are created and who by. Clay Siegall has 15 patents and would have more if he was receiving proper credit.

It’s safe to say he is meant to do this line of work and he is trying to do away with the old way of curing cancer. He believes there are safer and more efficient ways to defeat cancer other than chemotherapy and wants to retire this method. Using his belief, he got from Charles Darwin of hard work being the key to success he has truly begun to achieve his goal of stopping cancer in its tracks.

Jason Hope: A technological expert helps anti-aging research

Jason Hope is a technology expert from the state of Arizona. He is one of the people who support technology initiatives with all that it takes. He loves technology so much that whenever he finds an idea, that pleases him, he must make sure that he throws in his support. Jason Hope is known in the technology circles for his deep knowledge of matters of technology. He predicts the future of technology so well that he enables business people to plan their businesses. Jason Hope has predicted the future of the internet of things which is a technology that will prove essential in easing the way human beings carry out tasks. Jason Hope has a good reputation and many people followers his advice keenly.

Another initiative that Jason Hope is supporting is one by SENS Research Foundation. This is a nonprofit organization that is composed of scientists dedicated to alleviating the needs of the old people. As we get old, the human body becomes weak and is normally attacked by old age diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Parkinson’s disease. These diseases cause suffering to old people at a critical stage of their lives. Instead of settling down and enjoying their retirement, they are battling old age diseases.

SENS Research Foundation is a group focused on developing the treatment for aging. The experts in this group are creating a drug that will slow down the aging process. When the aging process is slowed down, the body will remain youthful for a long time and won’t be attacked by old age diseases. The research work that is being done by this group is at an advanced stage where they have realized that they can longer use small laboratory animals since they do not have the same characteristics as human beings. The aging causing substance in human beings is different from the small animals.

SENS Research Foundation has been supported by Jason Hope with over $1 million. In 2010, he gave them half a million dollars to build a research laboratory in England. Jason Hope is interested in seeing the firm make a breakthrough in the industry. Any solution to the aging process will be the best news to every human beings ever. People can live knowing that they can live comfortably without fear of their body becoming frail in the old age. Jason Hope sees technology as one of the solutions to the needs of humankind.

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Heal N Soothe Relieves Discomfort Without Risk of Drugs

Heal N Soothe is a supplement that helps to relieve joint and other body discomfort by naturally solving the underlying medical condition. Therefore, it’s inherently healthy, and the only “side effects” are greater health. Therefore, it’s the favored solution by many older adults who fear the risks associated with pharmaceutical pain medications, both the over-the-counter and the prescription kinds.

The unfortunately truth is, whenever a pharmaceutical company develop a medication to help you by performing one specific task within your body, it always has side effects. That’s because the body is incredibly complicated. Medical science researchers have learned a lot through the decades, but they still do not understand all the complex biochemical interactions and cascades. When modern medicine uses a drug to change one thing, they also change many things better left alone. Instead, they create unhealthy side effects. And responsible medical care becomes a matter of balancing the reward of the drug versus the risks of the treatment.

For example, aspirin is a good example. It’s simply the concentration or extract of salicylic acid. People used willow leaves for centuries to treat pain and inflammation. The scientists at Bayer extracted the salicylic acid from the willow leaves and compressed it into a tablet. The tablet works, but it comes with many negative side effects, including upset stomach, gastrointestinal tract bleeding, stomach ulcers, stomach bleeding and allergic reactions such as hives. However, willow leaves do not come with these side effects. More info here.

Aspirin in just one form of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) many people take for pain relief. All of them thin the blood, increasing the risk of ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding. They also increase the risk of renal disease (kidney problems). Most of them, except aspirin, also increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks. In July 2015, the Food and Drug Administration strengthened the warnings drug companies must give to customers regarding increased heart attack and stroke risks on all NSAIDs except aspirin.

But the main problem with NSAIDs is how they damage the gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea, ulcers, nausea, vomiting and poor digestion.

Heal N Soothe avoids all these problems because it does not attempt to chemically suppress pain, but to correct the reason for it. It contains proteolytic enzymes to repair blocks in your tissues that are causing the pain. Plus, it has nutrients that reduce inflammation, including turmeric, Boswellia, Rutin, Ginger, Devil’s Claw and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Watch: