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While some complain of high rates, Securus Technology continue providing crime-fighting funds

Throughout the history of the U.S. prison system, a debate has raged on about the proper place of private enterprise in the correctional system. One of the companies that have been at the center of this imbroglio has been Securus Technologies. Many of Securus’ critics claim that the company has not done enough to keep rates as low as they could be kept. Some of these misguided critics also believe that private enterprise has no place within the prison system, claiming that the perverse incentives created by private enterprise doing business there can never be outweighed by the supposed benefits of the free market.


However, reality tells a slightly different story. For example, throughout the state of Louisiana, Securus is the largest provider of inmate communication services. Although Securus has been able to provide an average of 70 percent of all revenues taken in back to the prison themselves in the form of commissions, it has also been able to simultaneously keep rates down to an average of just $0.15 per minute throughout the entire state. With such rates, it is possible for inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones on the outside of prison on an almost unlimited basis.


This stands in contrast to other states, such as Arizona, where the role of private companies like Securus are much reduced. In that state, the average price of a phone call is over $1.50 per minute, making it one of the most expensive in which for inmates to make outgoing calls from carceral institutions.


Many more such examples strongly illustrate the principle that the government is not necessarily the best service provider when it comes to inmate services. Not only is Securus able to keep the rates low for inmates and their family members, it has also been able to provide tremendous amounts of revenue to the prisons in which it does business.


Meet Jason Hope; the Fellow Who Says No to Aging-Related Diseases

Beauty is a single word but with different meanings based on one’s perception. It can be defined as the appealing outward appearance that can boost one’s courage. Currently, there is a rise in age-related diseases which come as a disruption to what we used to define as the real beauty. Therefore, concerned bodies have given out their money for the sake of supporting research focused on age-related diseases. However, for the likes of Jason Hope, the available fund is no way enough to handle the condition, and read full article.

On the streets of Arizona, Jason Hope is a well-known entrepreneur who is renowned for his ability to utilize the online platform to build his dynasty. However, in the recent past, the lucky chap has attracted the attention of the media for his love towards managing the aging condition. Jason is a firm believer that individuals should be enlightened on how well they can prevent the disease.

According to Jason, the anti-aging sector is among the few industries that have been neglected yet it affects a reasonable number of people. The SENS Foundation is one of the leading platforms that focus on anti-aging and which Jason Hope donates. The SENS Foundation has been in play since 2009 and has always remained truthful to its primary objective, a quality that has seen Jason feel proud to be associated.

For instance, about seven years ago, the successful CEO gave half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation. The donation came at a perfect time as it was highly needed to facilitate the construction of Cambridge SENS lab, an expansion to its tasks. Today, the foundation is celebrated for its rejuvenation biotechnology which has helped in preventing many aging conditions. Mr. Jason Hope has continued to give his money towards the anti-aging initiative, an act that he enjoys.


About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a respected individual due to his generous acts of kindness. Jason is among the few talented and successful entrepreneurs and investors residing in Arizona. His ways of business surpass that of majority of entrepreneurs. While away from office work, Jason is either spending time with friends or family or engaging in charitable acts, and

The talented entrepreneur was brought up in Tempe. Since early ages, Jason enjoyed helping the people around him. Hope attended the Arizona State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Later on, Jason joined the university’s W.P. caret school of business where he earned his MBA, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

USHealth Group; Home of Reliable Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance plans are essential in today’s world. Many incidences are happening that can lead to a financial crisis if one is not well covered. Therefore, it is advisable to get health insurance covers that are affordable and reliable. Many companies are offering health insurance plans but only a few companies that are genuine. USHealth Group is one of the companies that offer unique health insurance solutions that meet all health insurance needs of individuals.

USHealth Group comprises of health insurance companies that work very hard to ensure people have peace of mind when it comes to medical care. It provides highly innovative health insurance solutions to business owners and their employees, families as well as self-employed persons. They have specialized in life, accident, and disability as well as special disease insurance policies. USHealth has been helpful, and they have served over 15 million clients with their excellent health insurance plans. These clients have been very grateful, and they live a comfortable life without financial worries in case of medical events.

All insurance companies should tailor insurance plans that are affordable and flexible to meet all health insurance needs of clients. With that in mind, USHealth Group has employs experts who work very hard in designing these health insurance policies. These experts do research and interact with the target customers for specific covers to ensure that most of their health insurance needs are catered for in the health insurance covers. Customers have their say when it comes to health insurance, and that is why before the launching of many of their health coverage plans they involve customers.

USHealth Understands that people have different health insurance needs. This is also affected by the financial status of individuals. As a result, USHealth comes up with plans that fit all individuals. If you are a low-income earner, you deserve proper health insurance cover. That is why USHealth group of insurance companies develops insurance plans that are pocket-friendly, flexible as well as reliable. They work very hard to ensure that their customers are satisfied fully.

USHhealth Advisors is a subsidiary branch of USHealth Group. The branch aims at recruiting highly trained personnel to represent their products to clients. These Ushealth Advisors Agents are certified and trusted to sell USHealth Group products. This branch has had a great impact on USHealth Group sales. Through these agents, many health insurance covers have been sold, and customer base has grown significantly. The agents just explain the various health insurance plans offered at UShealth and let the customers decide by themselves.

It has not been easy to become the leading health insurance provider. But with strategies and innovations, UShealth Group has grown this great. The company provides excellent customer service as well as extraordinary claim processes. As a result, USHealth Group has received many awards for excellence in the health insurance industry.

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Life Line Screening Illustrates the Pertinence of Preventive Care

Life Line Screening offers health services that aid in the prevention of diseases into more critical stages than they have already developed. Life Line Screening uses ultrasound screenings that are characterized by painless procedures and are non-invasive. Additionally, the screening procedures are straightforward involving less complicated processes. For instance, a blood screening procedure involves a simple finger-stick for the acquisition of the blood sample. Diseases that Life Line Screening speculate include the carotid artery ailment, atrial fibrillation commonly known as stroke, type 2 diabetes and peripheral arterial illness among others. Each ailment requires different preparations before the screening procedures. For instance, if you are preparing for a stroke of the carotid artery screening, you are needed to dress in a short-sleeved shirt with open collars. Usually, a turtleneck is not permitted during the process.

On the other hand, if you are undergoing an abdominal aortic aneurysm, you are required to wear loose clothing. Also, you need to seize eating for four hours before the therapeutical procedure. Life Line Screening’s straightforward processes provide null preparations for other illnesses like the hs-CRP disease. However, before partaking the process, an individual usually has a lot of expectations from the organizations. Life Line Screening has answered some frequently asked questions regarding the client’s expectations. Often, a customer requires answers explaining the effectiveness of the health company’s tools and their short procedural period. Hopes of a patient are usually met through the identification of the health problem. Most of the time, the patients acquire standard results. In other cases, potential health issues are identified enabling the individual to take corrective actions before it is late.

Life Line Screening is essential for the maintenance of good health fostering a healthy well-being. With the Life Line Screening, you are in a position to identify a hidden disease and take action before the condition worsens. Additionally, the screening procedure is useful for health stabilization as well as leading a happier life. The preventive care services provided by Life Line Screening are relevant for the inspection of your body and carrying out the critical evaluation on body parts to determine existing or developing damages. Preventive Screening can identify ailments before they even grow in your body thus saving your funds that would have been used in the treatment process. Additionally, Life Line Screening are beneficial because they have no side effects to the patient. The importance of screening overwhelms other unavoidable negative factors that may come along.



USHEALTH Group Leads in the Insurance Industry

USHEALTH Group is a reputable family of companies that provide a wider range of customized health insurance products. The award winning organization has benefited many of its clients through its affordable and reliable product packages. The group provides several alternative coverage including specified disease, accident, critical illness, and dental insurance just to mention a few. USHEALTH Group product packages include but not limited to:

  • SecureDental
  • MedGuard
  • IncomeProtector
  • PremierVision
  • PremierChoice, and
  • LifeProtector

The group’s mission of Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) has benefited over 15 million consumers since its inception about 50 years ago.

USHEALTH Group family insurance

The organization provides secure, affordable and flexible insurance plans for both family and individuals. The group’s family insurance cover does not discriminate as it’s tailored to fit the needs of every individual. The organization understands that consumers have varying needs and to them, one product fits all is not part of their philosophy. USHEALTH Group family insurance is not only competitive but also comprehensive. It offers consumers a wide range of benefits including any doctor: any hospital, 24/7 on and off the job protection, first dollar benefit payments, and the opportunity to upgrade the current package with no additional underwriting.

USHEALTH Group location

The organization’s major subsidiaries, Freedom Life Insurance and National Foundation Life Insurance, are both headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. However, USHEALTH Group has partnered with healthcare service providers in various parts of the country including Midlands Choice, Community Health Network, MultiPlan, Devon Heath Services, and Center Care.

It is interesting to note that unlike other insurance companies, the group provides portable healthcare packages. This implies that your cover is not tied to whatever job you do and you can always move with it. Customers also have the privilege to add supplemental healthcare covers, to the current package, including accidental, dental, and income protector. USHEALTH Group products are a sure option since the organization has 50 years of service experience and provides a 3 year guarantee on most of their packages.

The group not only boast of a wide industry experience but also award winning customer care as well as excellent claim processing. Its quality customer service saw it listed among the top 50 North American Call Centers in 2013. This definitely puts the organization in the list of elite companies in the entire United States. The group has also earned an A+ rating in customer care from Better Business Bureau among several other top leadership awards.  Check more:


Tony Petrello’s Exclusive Dreams and Executions

Tony Petrello possesses an outstanding American dream geared towards the involvement in charitable activities and management roles. Mr. Petrello’s desire for achievements commenced when he was a little boy. Tony attended New Jersey’s public institutions, where he gained his reputation as a genius in mathematics. Tony’s abilities in Mathematics were then recognized by the University of Yale; which then funded Tony Petrello’s higher learning. At the university, Tony Petrello was mentored and guided by Serge Lang, a brilliant author as well as a mathematician. After the successful completion of his studies at Yale University, Tony Petrello shifted educational focus and joined the Harvard Law School for a legal pursuit.

Tony Petrello’s expansive knowledge placed him at various leadership positions in different organizations. In 1991, Tony joined Nabors Industries serving as the corporation’s Chief Operating Officer. Not only did he serve as the company’s leader but also participated in board meeting organized by Nabors Industries. After a year of dedication to Nabors, Tony Petrello climbed his way up to the organization’s President. His presence at Nabors was necessary for the company’s transformation. Some of the achievements pioneered by Tony Petrello as the enterprise’s leadership figure include the purchase of a large firm known as Grace Drilling that boosted Nabors’ operations. Additionally, Tony Petrello championed for the entry of Nabors Industries into a significant transaction thus buying Superior Well Services that has overtime supplemented Nabors’ success.

As a philanthropist, Tony Petrello has enhanced the medical facilities located in Texas. His interests to support medical services were inspired by the current state of his daughter, Carena, who was born with a neurological disorder. Her condition motivates Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, to sponsor brain research for kids. According to Tony Petrello, Carena has a purpose in life despite her slower motor activities and brain development. Other charitable courses of Tony Petrello are directed towards the appreciation of other math professors. Recently, Tony Petrello launched an endowment for the recognition of his professor. He gave away approximately $150,000 and promised an addition amount totaling to $150,000. For more info about us: click here.

Besides being relevant in the healthcare industry, Tony Petrello has retained his significance in the oil sector. He has expanded Nabors Industries throughout North America and thus extending its services to several other nations in Canada, Mexico, and Arabia among others. Nabors Industries has impacted many other sectors through its providence of both onshore and offshore services. Its excellence in the segment is attributed to the quality governance offered by Tony Petrello.

“KNOCKOUT,” Jeremy Goldstein`s Option To Save Employees

Many employees have been denied the stock options recently by quite some corporations. Most corporations do that to minimize expenses, but there are other intricate reasons. Jeremy Goldstein elaborates three main reasons that often make firms restrain these aids.


One of the options is massive dropping of the stock value, which hinders employees from exercising their stock options. That leads to overhanging as businesses still have to report the cost incurred. A pretty good number of employees have become suspicious of the compensation methods. Some firms take the plans as an advantage to grab massive amounts of money. Accounting is another problem that Jeremy Goldstein mentioned. The exact cost can raise the financial benefits for the stockholders, which is always not considered by the staff members.


Right strategies should be laid to avoid excessive expenses if organizations want to resume with giving options to their employees. Jeremy Goldstein also invented a new solution to the problem, known as “KNOCKOUT.” It means that the valid time of a stockholder expires when the buying price reflects less than half the original price. The solution allows the employees to prevent companies from dropping the stock value below the average. That also favors firms because they can be more accurate in their annual proxy earnings.


About Jeremy

Jeremy Goldstein has more than 15 years’ experience as a business lawyer. That is what made corporations and firms hire him as their legal adviser on matters concerning employee’s benefits. It leads to the implementation of the mandatory advisory vote.


Jeremy also established a law firm known as Goldstein Independently in New York. That was after working as a partner in a similar company. In jutting organizations such as Duke Energy, Verizon, Merck, AT&T and many others, he also played an essential role to significant transactions. Jeremy Goldstein`s “knockout” options have helped many employees and firms.


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