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Securus Technologies – Serving Advanced Technology Oriented Products and Services to Correctional Sphere

In the world of correctional facilities and law enforcement, the use of technology is getting more rampant, effective, and essential. It is because of this many tech firms are starting up to meet the huge demand for the advanced products and services the correctional sphere requires.


One of the companies that have made a huge impact in this arena is Securus Technologies, which is known for offering affordable and reliable inmate communications services as well as high performance oriented crime prevention technology. It helps the law enforcement agencies to work efficiently as well as safely. The crime can be reduced drastically with the use of technology, and this is what Securus Technologies is trying to achieve.


Securus Technologies also provide a host of inmate communication services to help the prisoners talk to their friends and relatives on a regular basis. One of the most advanced services that the company recently launched is the video visitation service that helps the prisoner not only to talk, but also see their family virtually. The other services offered by Securus Technologies include photo sharing services, money transfer services, kiosks, video services, phone services, parolee tracking, and more. The company also offers government information management services that help the government to manage their criminal and correctional agencies related data.


Securus Technologies recently released a press release on the internet where it showcased series of comments from the letters it received from the law enforcement officials. The remarks from the law enforcement officials clearly showcased how the services are useful in catching the culprits and getting the evidence necessary to convict the criminals in the court of law. Such services are highly useful in keeping the law enforcement agencies one step ahead of the criminals. The law enforcement agencies and officials are thankful to Securus Technologies for offering such efficient services to the police officials.


Australian Brand Honey Birdette Finds Huge Success In The UK And USA

Honey Birdette is a very successful Australian sensuality boutique. The company is now expanding its retail stores internationally. In the UK, Honey Birdette currently has tree stores and expects to have 40 locations by the end of 2018.
The owner of Honey Birdette, entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan, noted that recent sales figures from the United States have shown and almost 400% increase in online sales for her company. Due to this, she launched a new US e-commerce site for her company. She said that this will allow US consumers faster and cheaper delivery, which is free for orders exceeding $50, as well as a better return service and more offerings on the website. She is also planning to open retail stores in the US and is currently eyeing different locations across the nation.
The first cities in the UK to have Honey Birdette stores was London, Westfield, and Leeds. The new locations will include cities such as Liverpool, Leeds, Stratford, and Newcastle.
Honey Birdette sells luxury lingerie, briefs, bras, massage candles, and sex toys. Eloise Monaghan launched the company in 2006 and both the retail stores and online stores have proven to be very popular. While prices start at £60 for bras and £35 for briefs, lingerie at Honey Birdette typically costs around $200 to $250.
Eloise Monaghan started the company when she couldn’t find really sexy high-end lingerie that would interject excitement into people’s bedrooms. She also wanted to provide carefully sourced and selected sex toys that could be used to heighten intimate passion. Her products have achieved a great deal of success largely due to their uniqueness and high quality.

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The Litigation Attorney – Karl Heideck

The Litigation Attorney - Karl Heideck

The Litigation Attorney – Karl Heideck

Mr Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney who is based in Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania. He has been in the profession for a decade and has specialised in risk management and liquidity positions. Mr Karl Heideck has been employed at a number of companies and law firms. His professional experience has been gained during his time at Grant & Eisenhofer, Pepper Hamilton LLP, and while he worked for Conrad O’Brien. Mr Karl Heideck has worked as an associate and as a project attorney among else. His education Mr Karl Heideck received at the Temple University in Philadelphia. His education and professional experience in the legal world allowed him to be of assistance in 2008 during the banking crisis in the U. S.

The profession of litigation attorney is a very popular one among law students. What a litigator does is take legal action against individuals and organisations. A litigation attorney carries out the legal proceedings on a larger scale. Many litigation attorneys are trial lawyers as well although that is not a necessity. Trial lawyers only step in the case enough to act out their responsibilities over the course of a court case and learn more about Karl.

In order to become a litigator, one needs to complete Law School as well as a Law School Admission Test. After that, the future litigation attorney has to finish an education of a Juris Doctor. The license of a litigation attorney has to be renewed on a periodic basis through continual teaching and doing research.

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Duda Melzer Journey to Success

In his nickname, Duda Melzer is popularly known as Eduardo Sirotsk Melzey. Duda Melzer went through the Rio Grande do Sul Catholic University for his undergraduate degree from where she was awarded a degree in Business Administration upon his graduation in 1998. Duda later proceeded to Harvard University to further his education, and from there he was awarded a Master of Business Administration. Duda Melzer started his career at the financial and franchising market before RBS.

Duda Melzer started his career in 1950 as the announcer on Radio Farroupilha and a year later the Radio Difusora. In 1992, Duda Melzer joined the Emissoras Reunidas where he worked as the advertising manager and one year later, In 1953, he founded his company by the name Radio Publicidade Ltd and worked there as the RBS Group CEO. Today, the company has employed over 6500 people in the states the Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catrina. At the company, Duda Melzer is responsible for multitude business endeavors.

The RBS Group is in most cases related to the Sirotsky family. The family since its foundation in1957, the company, been reshuffling its leaders with age. Contact him, In 2006, the Sirotsy family’s third generation assumed the leadership of the RBS GrOUPIn his career, he founded several companies and served as their top executive positions such as the Franchise Sweet Sweet Way, the Box Top Media as well and the Delphi Corporation and Duda’s lacrosse camp.

In 2004, Duda joined the RBS as the National Marketing Directory and due to his expertise and top creative mind, he was endorsed to be the group’ Executive Chairman. Previous to Duda, it was his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky . Two years later, Duda was appointment as the chairman of the director’s board, the Chief Executive Officer as well as the chairman of the group. Also, Duda is a board member of the Rio Grande Services Associations. Above all Duda Melzer is a family man who never fails to participate in the family business and read full article.

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