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Why Utilize Oncotarget? Read More To Find Out.

There are several reasons why someone may want to make Oncotarget one of their primary sources of research. It is known as being a traditional multidisciplinary journal that provides its users with free access. It publishes and lists weekly issues of papers from online sources. Each issue is capable of being printed for a special demand. The ultimate goal is to produce scientific forms of results with quickness and make the widely available.

Although the website has been designed and made primarily for scientific purposes in which the goals from the development aspects of the site are to have a scientifically advanced society, one can utilize it to become a much better writer. It is a medical journal which focuses on Oncology that is published by Impact Journals. Essentially, the last and ultimate goal can be referred to its users wanting a world with absolutely no diseases at all. If humanity is able to achieve that, then that means Oncotarget can cease its functioning as any form of advancement in science will be a goal for Oncotarget regardless of them having any forms of contributory impacts on the changes in science or not. This is an indication that Oncotarget is more about humanity and progress than it is about itself as an organization. It strives to make the world a better place to live in, not one that we should fear. However, it also realizes that in order to make the world a better place to live in, we will be required to work and make the changes that are necessary for us to achieve what may be near a “perfect world”. Science has certainly come a long way and we should recognize that. Many types of diseases are beginning to have cures formed for them. It’s imperative for us to know that there are a myriad of things that we can continue to do to reach ultimate goals. If there are certain things you would like to learn from Oncotarget, then it’s recommended for you to visit the “contact us” section on the website.

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Mike Heiligenstein And The Team Look For Solutions On Williamson County’s Traffic Issues

Mike Heiligenstein, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director, is looking for solutions to address the traffic chaos in Williamson County. He was speaking at the event of Williamson County Growth Summit on transportation challenges. The panel included Uber Technologies Inc. Texas Director Leandre Johns, ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin, and the founder of RideScout LLC Joseph Kopser. The discussion was focusing on how the technology can change the mode of transportation in Austin and across the world. Further, the summit also paid attention to the future prospects of latest technologies including driverless car and parking solutions.



Regarding the driverless vehicles, Heiligenstein said that it could make a revolution in transportation in future along with ridesharing apps. He further pointed out that Austin needs to invest more to increase the capacity considering the growing demand and should focus on constructing good quality roads. He feels that it is the only way to cope up with the demand especially in the quickly growing suburbs like Williamson County. Williamson has done a great job in case of infrastructure in the last 15 years, but the demand is growing as more people coming there, and it needs more roads and better connectivity. So, the focus should be to expand the capacities; it should be smarter, more technologically advanced, and more efficient.



However, Heiligenstein expressed some concerns regarding driverless vehicles. He said that the adoption rate might not be as expected. It is going to be slow and tedious. The capacity for roads and buses to be improved significantly in a couple of years. The other areas of transport including public transport options, ridesharing, etc., were also been discussed in the summit.



The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent government agency set up in 2002 to create modern transportation network in Central Texas. Mike Heiligenstein oversees the projects and gives guidance to the agency on various capacity building plans. Under his supervision, the 183A project in Williamson County was completed. It was one of the first projects in the country with cashless toll collection. The governmental organization has already planned six other express highways in Central Texas and collaborating with agencies on its plans and executions.



Heiligenstein is also serving International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association as the President. He is the member of Texas A&M Transportation Institute advisory board and several other working groups and committees that are working to improve the total transport system. His 23 years of service as a public official in Williamson County helped him to understand the issues better while assuming the role of Mobility Authority.




Rick Shinto Proves His Prowess As A Leader Steering InnovaCare Health

Companies in different specialties rely on leadership to grow and become reliable entities with the structures needed to steer them to glory. Many of the companies that are run by individuals who are motivated by the need to achieve often enjoy great results and are among those that see their portfolios grow over a period of time. InnovaCare Health, one of the companies in the healthcare industry that has made impact, is led by a professional who has worked for many years with several companies steering an executive position and handling complex roles.

When Rick Shinto was appointed to lead InnovaCare Health in 2012, the company did not have many features that could propel it to success. He had to come up with solutions and to build new structures that could help the company to emerge competitive and established well to handle the shock that comes with dealing with the challenges present in the industry. This was during a period when the company was making changes to many of its structures to include better ways of dealing with problems. In the less than five years these ideas were put to use, the company grew better and is now placed among the best in the industry.

About Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, the President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, is a highly respected professional, who has worked with different companies before including government agencies. He is an experienced professional and a leader whose services led to the revival of InnovaCare Health. Some of the companies where he worked as a leader include Aveta Inc., where he was their CEO from 2008 to 2012. He also worked with NAMM California and MedPartners before he joined InnovaCare Health.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is a talented professional who has been serving as the chief administrator at InnovaCare Health. She brought ideas that saw the company install new and advanced structures that have been useful in managing service delivery. Her presence at the company has allowed InnovaCare Health to build strong and reliable structures.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health, one of the biggest healthcare providers across Puerto Rico, is a company that deals with managed healthcare services. InnovaCare is highly reputed for providing high quality services and using modern methods of dealing with the problems that are presented by clients. It has been receiving many applications from users of Medicare Advantage plans and is on a curve of growth and development.

Luxury Hospital? The Copa Star!

The Copa Star is a luxury Hospital, located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The Copa Star boasts a high-end, luxury restaurant on its premises. One soon forgets that this is a hospital. The Copa Star wants the hospital stay to be a positive one, more like a vacation than a hospitalization.

The lobby reflects this idea. There are plush sofas, a grand piano, artwork and paintings by famed artists, among other things. This is on the Copacabana, and most people would think it was a five-star hotel rather than a hospital.

The object in building the Copa Star Hospital was that the D’Or Institute, the company behind the hospital, wanted to create the most modern, up-to-date hospital in Brazil.

The facility will eventually specialize in cardiology and neurology, and boasts 59 intensive care units. This compares with the international average of about ten units. It is a large, patient-oriented hospital with 155 patient suites. We could call them patient rooms, but, these are suites, complete with remote patient-controlled lighting and cooling, private bathrooms, oversized rooms for friends to stay, and amenities one would expect from room service in a five-star hotel.

They feature ‘smart’ operating rooms, robotic surgery, state-of-the-art equipment, and large, sophisticated operating rooms.

They designed a special cell phone and tablet app specifically for the hospital. A patient can video conference with the hospital staff (including the doctors), control temperature, lighting, a cable television system, open and close curtains, and call for assistance, if need be. The doctors can use the app to show the patient results of tests.

Patients in ICU can dial there own scenes on a video monitor of the beach, the outside rooms, or the streets below. This is helpful because a lot of ICU patients have a tendency to lose concept of time and space, being closed away in a room with little outside contact.

And, the Copa Star’s restaurant is a dream come true for the patients and their visitors, though most patients in these environs would probably call their visitors ‘guests’.

There is a menu that will satisfy the most delicate of gourmet demands, and the guests are welcome to roam and examine and appreciate the fine artwork found throughout the hospital. Let us hope that no one of our friends have to stay in the hospital soon, but if they do, let’s hope it’s the Copa Star.

Securus Technology Is an Innovative Form of Communications

Securus Technologies is a wonderfully designed tools that is innovative in the sense that an individual or group of people can have a visitation session with an inmate from the comfort of their very own home. Oftentimes, one may find that it may be difficult to travel from one place to another, and the same concept certainly applies to jails. By signing up for the program that is offered by Securus Technologies, one can keep in touch with a friend who may have unfortunately been jailed in a correctional facility.


Whether you are aware of it or not, being put in jail can be a very lonely and even frightening experience. By taking the initiative of visiting them through the video conferencing option that is made possible by Securus Technologies, you will be able to connect with a friend, family member, or significant other. It is a viable option because of its convenience, privacy, pricing, and ease of use. If you are unsure about how to get started, please visit Securus Technologies website and speak to a customer service representative to attain the guidance that you need. They are a BBB accredited company that has yet to reach their full potential. They know that there are much more room for improvements in today’s rapidly pacing and advancing world of technology and innovation. Their professionals are ready to guide you through the process of signing up for their services as soon as you are ready to begin. Would you not like to see your friend so that you will be able to make them happy? It is a great program that offers features that makes communicating easy and efficient. If you are unsure about whether the correctional facility your friend or family member is jailed in offers the use of this technology, then you may see the listings on the website to see if it is on the list.


Human Rights Champion George Soros Thinks Trump Is A Con Man

The world was stunned when Donald Trump was elected president. No one expected Trump to win, but he did, and the world is still shaking its fists in disbelief. Men like Democratic donor and human rights champion, George Soros are doing something about the Trump win. George Soros got his Democratic donor Alliance together in Washington recently, and they formed a plan to keep Trump in line over the next four years. Trump has the support of a wide range of people, so Soros thinks Trump will divide the country, not unify it.

George Soros is the billionaire hedge fund investor that spends billions of dollars promoting the open society concept around the world. Hillary Clinton shared some of the same opinions as Mr. Soros, so he donated more than $10 million to her campaign. He also donated another $10 million to other Democratic candidates, according to a recent article in also reported that Soros is not a Trump supporter, and will never be one, even though the Hungarian-born philanthropist invested in Trump’s Chicago hotel a few years ago.

Soros may have given Trump money, but he’s not giving him any credit for his ability to lead the country. At the Davos Summit, Soros had a lot to say about Trump. Trump is a fake, and he will fail, according to Soros on Snopes. Soros also said Trump is an imposter that is contradictory and lacks character. And Soros said it’s impossible to predict how Trump is going to act because Trump doesn’t know how’s he’s going to act until he does. Mr. Soros believes there is no economic sense in starting a trade war with countries like China and Mexico. The United States economy on needs imports from those countries, and other countries, to offset inflation and to keep the consumer-driven economy stable.

There is little doubt. Soros will continue to expose Trump as a modern day dictator that promotes divisiveness. Anyone that disagrees with Trump run the risk of being called out and chastised by him.

The stock market hit an all-time high after the election, but Soros thinks the rally is not going to last. The uncertainty that is part of Trump’s game plan will begin to have an impact on the stock market on Soros sees little good coming to the United States during the Trump years. The chaos that surrounds Trump will have an impact on the global economy, and the threat of conflicts with other nations his higher than it has been in more than 50 years.

Some people say George Soros is upset because he lost money when Trump was elected, but that’s not the reason Soros is speaking out. Mr. Soros is used to spending and losing money. That’s the kind of business he is in. George is speaking out because he is concerned about the economic and social repercussions that he foresees over the next three or four years.

The world is a connected economic machine, and Trump may be the monkey-wrench that disrupts that machine.

Williamson County’s Traffic Solution with Mike Heiligenstein

Transit experts in Williamson County have convened to deliberate and offer viable solutions to Austin’s traffic menace. The experts were at the Williamson County Growth Summit, and they analyzed the several ways through which the city could counter its traffic issues. The experts sought to reduce the time used by residents on the roads, which translated to wasted time. The traffic discussions primarily focused on the suburban communities of the city.


The summit featured a panel of extensively experienced persons in the transport industry. Among the committee members, there was Mike Heiligenstein who was representing the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Joseph Kasper of the RideScout LLC, and Uber Technologies, as well as Leander John from the Texas External Affair among others. Additionally, the deliberations viewed the different ways that technology could be leveraged to solve the challenges that the transport sector is facing in the Austin area and the whole world.


Mike Heiligenstein serves at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as the Executive Director. Mike posited that technology could perform a significant responsibility in traffic reduction efforts. He pointed out how ride-sharing applications and driverless vehicles could colossally reduce road congestion and thereby ease traffic. Mike Heiligenstein additionally noted that the transportation capacity in Austin was inadequate and that massive efforts needed to be directed towards the construction of smarter roads. Mike believes that combining both the approaches is the best reliable way that suburbs like the Williamson County could ease traffic congestion despite their increasingly growing population.


The executive director of the authority acknowledged the infrastructural investments made by the county for over the last decade and a half. With the rapidly rising population in the Williamson County, more investments are required to ensure that the available roads are upgraded to make them technologically advanced.


Jared Fricklin, while speaking during the forum suggested that flexibility of land-use codes is paramount in catering for the predicted land use changes in future. This is imperative for the expansion of roads as well as the construction of other transport infrastructure. He additionally pointed out that there is the need to develop future garages. Such future garages should feature service and charging stations. However, such designs are currently inhibited by the current building codes, thus the need for a more flexible system.


Mike Heiligenstein is an Austin-based Texas transport expert. He is responsible for ensuring a modern transport network is developed in the region. Founded in 2002, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent agency, which was established to foster Travis and Williamson Counties’ transportation systems. Mike also serves as the President of Tunnell, International Bridge, and Turnpike Association.

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Ohio Real Estate Has Success With Help From Agent Tammy Mazzocco

2016 was a successful year for the Ohio housing market. The past year was the busiest year since 2005 as home purchases rose by almost 8 percent. Sales in December were more than 2 percent higher than the sales from 2015 and the average sale price for the last year was $159,531. “Solid job creation throughout 2016 and exceptionally low mortgage rates translated into a good year for the housing market.” (Clevland.Com, Michelle Jarboe, 24 Jan. 2017, Accessed 3 Feb. 2017. However, in the last month mortgage rates have raised which are potentially putting a threat on the sale growth.

A leading real estate agent in the community is Tammy Mazzocco. Mazzocco has been a leading agent in Ohio since the summer of 2000. With the help of agents like Tammy, consumers in the housing market have been contributing to the growth of sales in the Ohio real estate sector. “I treat my clients’ time and investment as I would my own. I don’t focus on the commission coming at the end of the deal…I stayed in the moment and focused on the deal and what is best for the client at all times.” (Ideamensh, Tammy Mazzocco, Accessed 3 Feb. 2017

Mazzocco believes in setting goals and breaking them down into a step-by-step process. With her organization and strategizing, Tammy’s process for real estate has been an asset for cultivating the growth in the Ohio housing market. Customer service and willingness to focus on the clients needs is the type of strategy that real estate agents have been adapting to in this modern age of house sales. According to, based on the sales numbers, the housing market has a 3.6-month supply of available housing. Buyers are in an opportune position to take advantage of the market.

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Civil Litigation With Karl Heideck

Hire Civil Litigator Karl Heideck

Hire Karl Heideck

Civil litigation is such a common occurrence nowadays. If you will soon take part in a civil litigation, here is some information about what to expect throughout the process.

Plaintiff Files Complaint

The first step of any civil action is that a complaint is filed by the Plaintiff explaining all claims against the Defendant. This document is generally prepared by a lawyer. Depending on what state you are in the civil action will either begin when the Summons and Complaint have been filed with the court or have been served to the Defendant.

Defendant’s Answer

The Defendant must give an answer within roughly three weeks. This answer should include possible admissions, reasons of innocents, defense, and whether the Defendant has decided to seek additional claims. If no answer is returned, the court likely enters a default judgment. If the Defendant includes a counterclaim, the party must also reply within a certain time.

Motion of Discovery

Next, documents and other information relevant to the proceedings are revealed by a process called Discovery. At this point, the two enemies can voluntarily resolve issues with something like a settlement and stop any further proceedings. If no agreement can be found the matter goes to trial.

Litigator Karl Heideck

In Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Karl Heideck is ready to litigate your case and help you resolve any issues that stem from it. Heideck specializes in compliance risk management, commercial, and civil litigation. He has experience and specialized skills in intellectual property lawsuits, civil proceedings, corporate lawsuits, and legal research and writing.

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Make sure you have a lawyer when you go to court. Karl Heideck is a great choice in litigators if you find yourself in a sticky situation. He will use his experience to guide you through the process and get you what you deserve. Give Karl Heideck a call before you show up to court alone. It could make all the difference.

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Bruno Fagali’s Passion in the Career of Law

Bruno Fagali is a renowned attorney who is noted for his extensive knowledge and contributions to the legislative environment of Brazil. His specialties lie in administrative law, bidding law, compliance, Electoral law, anti-corruption law and public law.

Academic Qualifications and Achievements of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali has enriched his knowledge and expertise through numerous academic programs in addition to completing his basic education. He majored in English in 1997 at the Canadian International College and again in 2001 at the Mohawk College. In 2008, Bruno Fagali attended the Brazilian Society of Public Law (SBDP) concentrating in the area of Electoral law.

In 2009, he attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo under José Roberto Pimenta Oliveira as his advisor. In the same year, he proceeded to acquire knowledge in Parliamentary law from SBDP. He received training in State Law from the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista in 2010.

From 2010 to 2012, Fagali attended the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo to gain specialized knowledge regarding administrative law under Professor Julia Maria Plenamente Silva as his advisor. He received further knowledge in the same field by attending classes at Getulio Vargas Foundation under Professor Vera Cristina Caspari Monteiro from 2010 to 2012. He achieved supreme knowledge in compliance at the Legal Ethics Compliance (LEC) and Getulio Vargas Foundation in 2016.

Finally, Bruno Fagali achieved a Master’s Degree in Public Law, Anti-Corruption and Administrative Law in 2017 from the University of Sao Paulo. In June 2015, he was awarded as a Scholarship Holder at the University of Sao Paulo for his excellent performance in his field of study.

Professional Experience of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali began his career with the role of an intern for the first four years beginning from January 2006. He began fulfilling the responsibilities of a Lawyer from 2012 to 2014 at Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia. At present, Bruno Fagali is a Lawyer at his own firm, Fagali Law Firm and the Corporate Integrity Manager of New / sb.