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Solvy Making Significant Changes in Classrooms

Finding an education technology that gives a real-time learning experience is hard to come by. Even if you get a chance to interact with one, you will have to part with a lot of money in the process. However, Solvy brings a new experience with a lot of features cheaply to consumers across the country. According to those who have used it, the app is a real game changer to the education sector.

Solvy has revolutionized the way students handle and submit their homework. Gone are the days where a student had to spend endless hours trying to complete their math assignment on time. With Solvy, students can now tackle a wide variety of math problems handpicked by their teachers.

The app is not only a perfect solution for students, but it is also a great tool for teachers. Teachers can now give students assignments using a broader approach. This means that it is now possible for a teacher to give students problems based on their learning capabilities and level of interest.

Whenever a student requires support for a particular problem, the teacher gets a notification through his or her mobile device. Hence, students and teachers can save a lot of time helping each other benefit from Solvy’s platform.

Solvy became popular as a result of the efforts of Alexei Beltyukov, which is characterized by tenacity and strategic thinking. He is the one behind the success of this online platform since it was started a few years ago. Today, Solvy is competing fairly with other dominant education technology providers like ClassDojo.

Alexei Beltyukov was born in Russia. He has founded and co-founded several companies including Endemic Capital, New Gas Technologies, A-Ventures and Solvy. He is also a philanthropist who is a popular member of several non-profit organizations in his country and abroad. He has formed several organizations to help young people who are looking to establish their businesses.

Alexei Beltyukov graduated from INSEAD in 1997 with a degree in Business Administration. He is currently working with the Russian government through the Skolkovo Foundation to guide people with different business interests.

Alexei Beltyukov is one of the few in the country with an impressive track record and experience spanning many years.

Bruce Levenson is a Go-To Man

Bruce Levenson is mostly known for being a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. What many may not know about Bruce is that he’s Co-Founder and Partner of United Communications Group (UCG). The co-founded the company with Ed Peskowitz. Before co-founding UCG, Levenson was a writer who wrote for some pretty prestigious companies; the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. As of February 10, 2015, he’s a Director of TechTarget, Inc. He attended Washington University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and American University where he earned a J.D. He’s also a very enthusiastic philanthropist ( and President of the I Have a Dream Foundation.

Recently as reported by ESPN, Bruce has been in the news because of a lawsuit involving New Hampshire Insurance Company. The suit claims that there was a breach of contract made on the part of the insurance company; Danny Ferry to be more precise. The lawsuit only involves the former Atlanta Hawks ownership group, not the current owners. The former ownership group, AHBE, claims that the insurance is refusing to pay on the policy. The policy in question states that it would cover certain losses that pertained to employment practices such as ‘wrongful termination’ and ‘workplace torts’.

According to many statements that have been released, the account of the claim is still confidential. The insurance company claims that there has been no breach of contract, and therefore, are refusing to make any type of payout. AHBE is seeking an additional 50% penalty if the insurance company continues to ignore the policy. AHBE has provided documented proof that Danny Ferry, a representative of the insurance company, acknowledged the policy and determined that there should be a payout. New Hampshire Insurance Company has offered no explanation as to why Ferry did so. For more info, visit


The NFL Is Back and Bettors are Thrilled!

Out of all of the sports out there, it seems like people place the most bets on the NFL. It might be because there are only sixteen games in the season per team, not including playoffs, so every game matters. With the NBA, NHL, and MLB, there are either 82 games or a 162 games. That is a lot of games and some of them don’t really matter until the playoffs kick in and that is when things become interesting and more exciting. However, with the regular season, it does not have the same kind of standing and same kind of excitement compared to the NFL.

With the NFL, it does not matter which team is playing or what their records are, people are tuned in. I’ve seen some truly awful Thursday Night Football games in addition to Monday Night Football and people are still watching and they are still hooked. If there is anything that says NFL, there is talk about it. There is a whole network devoted to the NFL called the NFL Network. It is the same with bettors. They watch all of the shows, do their research, and study up on the injury report, the record of the team, and what is the pick by the experts, the Super Bowl odds, and everything else you could think of in regards to the NFL.

One site that NFL bettors turn to more than any other is, as they know it is a reputable website with the best information out there on the NFL and everything that comes with betting. They don’t just have one expert on the site, as they have multiple experts. When you get that many various opinions, you can find out which one you trust and which one seems to coincide with how you pick your games. They also talk about the spread, which is something that is very, very important to bettors.

That is why they are oftentimes tuned into games even if they are total blowouts and the outcome has been decided. They want to see if the teams cover the spread or go over the spread. Trust me when I tell you, when it comes to NFL betting, there is nothing that does not have figured out. Nothing gets past them. They have earned their reputation because of the results they produce and the way the site is run and operated.

EOS lip balm holders are extremely popular

Lip balm is an essential part of daily life. People love wearing lip balm because it keeps their lips moist and protects them from the sun. There are several popular lip balm brands on the marketplace today, but EOS lip balm is probably the most popular brand. EOS has risen to popularity for several important reasons.

EOS is possible the perfect lip balm brand for people that care about their health. The lip balm features completely natural ingredients and is packed with Vitamin A. The lip balm also comes in an extremely convenient and easy to carry form. Each lip balm comes in a pocket-sized egg shape, that can easily fit in a purse or pocket. EOS has rapidly become the most popular lip balm and has almost become part of a movement.

The EOS lip balm movement has attracted millions of fans. Many fans have decided to create custom cases to carry their lip balms with them. Beautiful crocheted cases have started appearing on Etsy. These cases make it easier to keep track of your EOS lip balm and they are extremely decorative. There are several extremely important designs available. Star Wars designs are especially popular, and there are several Yoda’s and Darth Vader’s available. Animal designs are also extremely popular. Etsy is packed with puppy dog and kitty cat designs that are extremely cute.

These Etsy lip balm holders are changing the way people think about their EOS lip balm. The holders are typically around $7 a piece available on ulta and luckyvitamin, which makes them an affordable way to express yourself. These crocheted holders are reusable, so you can keep using them for years to come.

EOS lip balm is extremely popular and is changing the way people accessorize. These new lip balm ( covers are extremely popular on Etsy and people everywhere are turning to these products.


The Need to Know on Mike Baur and The Swiss Startup Factory

Many have heard the name Mike Baur in terms of business, and that is because Mike is one of the world’s best businessmen and entrepreneurs out there. As a Swiss businessman, it should come as no surprise that Mike is the Co-founder and also the managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory.

For more than 20 years, Baur worked within the area of banking, making a name for himself as a trustworthy businessman. He has ecen had the pleasure of working for Sallfort and also Clariden Leu. He stopped all of this to start in the world of investing, where he was able to invest in many different types of startup companies, all before he ended up Co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory.

The year of 2014 was the year the Mike and his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer Co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. This was one of the best ideals any of them had, and it turned out great. Now the Swiss Startup Factory is doing better than ever and it is all thanks to all of the hard work the three of then put into it.

Swiss Start Up Factory

The Mission of the Swiss Startup Factory:

The mission of this company is very easy to understand, they want to take different types of startup companies and make them become bigger and better. This mission has led to many startups becoming better than anyone ever dreamed that they could become. Which is why everyone thinks that the Swiss Startup Factory has done more than just go above and beyond with their mission.

What The Swiss Startup Factory Has to Offer Investors:

This company has a lot of services that are offered to their investors, such as robust portfolio of startups, a platform that helps to get ideals flowing and we’ll vetted startups. The Swiss Startup Factory knows that when it comes to investing, it can be hard to find the right place to go to. That is why the company offers so many services to help guide investors throughout the entire process.

What The SwissStartup Factory Has to Offer Startups:

The Swiss Startup Factory also has a lot to offer for startups, such as a very helpful Investor and Mentor Network, Financing, a customized service package and also a 3 month program that works really well. With all of the services offered for startups, it is no wonder so many come to the doorsteps of the Swiss Startup Factory.

Thor Halvorssen’s Unique Way of Fighting Against the Abuse of Human Rights

For a long time, human rights activists have been perceived as individuals who just sit in their comfortable offices and talk about human rights. Thor Halvorssen is one man that is striving to change the stereotype associated with human rights activists like himself. As such, Halvorssen is a hands-on person who displays vigor in his endeavors to champion for human rights where they have been abused through totalitarian leadership.

Unlike many other activists, Thor Halvorssen has witnessed first-hand the dangers associated with human rights violation as well as dictatorial leadership. His father was tortured inside a prison in Caracas for shedding light on the corrupt practices in the Venezuelan government. In addition, his mother was also a victim of shooting during an anti-Chavez demonstration.

Well aware of the consequences of dictatorship, Thor Halvorssen and his team of activists at the Human Rights Foundation have devoted their energy to fighting against authoritarianism. He has displayed a strong commitment to helping defectors and dissidents in fighting against tyranny. His support for rebels is displayed by the people he has hired over the years to act as chairperson of HRF such as Garry Kasparov, a Russian political activist.

Thor Halvorssen

According to BizJournal, Thor Halvorssen is widely acknowledged for his endeavors in supporting the oppressed in society, particularly in nations ruled by dictators. His focus targets various areas such as public interest advocacy, civil liberties, pro-democracy advocacy, individual rights and public policy. Read more: Trouble Maker For Tyrants | Weekly Standard

Halvorssen has made a name for himself across the global divide through the inception of numerous bodies that champion for human rights. As such, he is known for founding the Oslo Freedom Forum, which serves as a yearly gathering or festival for human rights. Further, he is the President of one of the Human Rights Foundation.

Halvorssen holds both graduate and an undergraduate degree in Political Science and History from the University of Pennsylvania. Armed with his vast knowledge in political science and his distaste for threats to democracy, human trafficking, slavery and dictatorship, Halvorssen lectures numerous institutions of learning. Some of these top schools include American Enterprise Institute, the United Nations Association, the New York City Junto and the Harvard Law School.