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Why the Brexit Gold Coin is so Hot!

Gold has been a hot topic since 2007. There are several reasons why it’s a hot topic, but essentially it’s linked to the poor economy and two recessions that the United States has experienced. It’s scary, but it’s also a real situation that needs attention. The Brexit Gold Coin is now a hot topic, and the main focus is whether or not it’s the coin to buy for the future. While buying gold really is not an investment, many individuals believe that gold is an investment of sorts. This specifically relates to how gold is going to be used, as an insurance policy in tough times.


Britain is buying gold like wildfire, and as that term may seem appropriate on all levels, thousands of British citizens have taken their life savings out in order to buy gold since Britain decided to leave the UK. The biggest concern is the failure of banks, and while that may seem alarming, it’s absolutely true. Banks are viewed as the bad guy, and if the government fails, the banks will close. Gold is gold no matter where you are in the world. Gold can be traded when money is in short supply, and with the struggle in the global economy, it’s difficult to say that the future looks great for jobs for future generations.


Bullion dealers are now completely overwhelmed with the influx of gold purchases that are taking place. The foot traffic into dealer’s store fronts was what many publications refer to as “unprecedented”. This means that more Brits are seeing the need for security with gold than they did in times past. Banks aren’t in the good graces of the citizens of most countries, and that’s why gold buying has skyrocketed. It’s best to educated yourself before you buy, and always ask questions.


The US Money Reserve is just one of the many institutions to carry gold, but the uptick in the purchases in the US is no surprise.


JustFab Is Just For You

When shopping today, it can either be a great experience or a bad experience. A lot of it depends on the store and what someone is looking for at that store on YouTube. First and foremost, people look at price and they want prices that are not going to break the bank for them. When they find those great prices on an item they like, they are very happy. Sadly, that is becoming more and more rare these days with the way businesses are being run. They think they have an idea of what a customer wants, but in a reality, they are totally and utterly clueless.

There are two men out there that know what people are looking for and they are providing it, each and every month, for the low cost of $39.95. It is just called JustFab and it was created by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They are a great team, friends even, and they are usually always on the same page in terms of how they see a successful business being run and what needs to happen. It might sound cliche, but that is only because it is true: you have to make the customer happy and keep them as customers. There is nothing worse than having a one and done customer. They want their customers to be over-the-moon about their products at

That is why they have taken the time to get to know their customers, listen to their requests, and provide them with great items every month. For the price they are charging and the quality of the products, it simply can’t be beat. It is a one-of-a-kind product. One must remember that Adam Goldenberg has been in business since age 15 with Gamers Alliance. He knows what it takes to run a business as he went on to sell that company. Adam Goldenberg knows the ins and outs of the business world.

With social media, blogs, and review websites, people are not shy about saying what is on their mind. Because of this, it is important to listen to them and give them what they want. If the business gives them want they want, they will come back for more. That is why JustFab is just for the customer. Adam Goldenberg might have started out not knowing a lot about fashion, but they have learned a lot and brought in the right people. They have the business side down along with the fashion side.

The SEC offers a Lucrative Award to a Whistleblower who was represented by Labaton Sucharow.

Labaton Sucharow is a reputable law firm that pioneered the provision of whistleblower representation after the formation of the SEC whistleblower representation program in 2010. The company has been dedicated to offering its services to any individual who voluntarily decides to inform the Securities and Exchange Commission on the illegal operations of any business in the financial sector. The SEC recently offered $17 million to one of its informants who was represented by Lebaton Sucharow, and this was one of the highest rewards that the commission has ever offered. The whistleblower representation program states that the SEC should give the informant 10 to 30 percent of the money that it gains from fines that are imposed due to the intelligence that he or she provides.

The information that the whistleblower gave to the commission was important since it helped in identifying various illegal undertakings of one of the renowned companies in the financial sector. The identity of the informant remained to be a secret since he or she used the representation of an attorney to provide intelligence to the SEC. Whistleblowers should avoid disclosing their identity so as to avoid revenge from employers and blacklisting. The SEC did not give much information about the case because it may lead to indirect exposure of the informant. Jordan A. Thomas controls the Labaton Sucharow whistleblower representation, and he also serves as a lawyer at the company. He has been in the securities sector for a while and served as an executive at the SEC. During his tenure in office, he significantly participated in the creation and implementation the whistleblower protection laws. Jordan was the attorney of the first staff member of a public company to be awarded by the SEC.

The SEC has motivated the public to inform it about any financial company that is participating in illegal activities or does not follow the federal securities laws. This drive is by providing monetary incentives and assuring them that they still have their jobs even after reporting their employers to the SEC.

Labaton Sucharow has been offering legal representation for more than 50 years. The primary customers that the company serves are the businesses, organizational investors, and consumers who have difficult cases that are related to securities. The firm has one of the most dependable whistleblower representation practices, and it has been acknowledged for offering excellent plaintiff attorneys.

A Week with Wen

The well known brand, Wen by Chaz, makes some major claims of bedazzlement when it comes to fabulous hair makeovers. Wen is a unique hair care system that fits into one bottle, exchanging the ritualistic shampoo and conditioner combo, plus additional conditioning products, into a cleansing conditioner which comes free of harsh substances typical of ordinary shampoos.

Wen synergies with hair leaving the natural oils in tact while natural plant extracts strengthen, soothe, and condition.
The models on YouTube make Wen appear to be a miracle product. Before photos of dull, limp hair turn into a mega shine delivery in After shots, but how well does this product really work on an everyday woman? Emily McClure, a contributor for Bustle where the story originally launched, tried Wen out for an entire week to find out.

Working with fine and thin hair, Emily showered daily with the Fig line of cleansing conditioner which boasts of moisture and shine. From the very beginning it was apparent that Wen was not like washing your hair with other soaps. The suggested amount of product may surprise some, but Emily’s first night of lathering produced an instantly voluminous experience with shine that gleamed off her locks once the hairdryer turned off.

As an evening bather, Emily found out quickly that the awe effects of her tresses new bounce were short lived when morning came and she awoke to find her hair gone greasy overnight. Switching up her routine, Emily showered in the mornings to forgo the grease-ball episodes and enjoyed the glory of Wen as her hair beamed with shine. The new super soft texture of hair looked great but didn’t do well in upholding styles.

As the week progressed, the power of Wen grabbed hold of Emily’s affections as earlier symptoms of oil and flatness died and reincarnated into hair worthy of dished out compliments via night out with friends. Want Wen? Get yours on Amazon.
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Founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, Town Residential is New York’s best residential firm. The company focuses on guiding residents of New York City on the best places to settle as well as the best market prices available in property management. Amongst the services offered by Town Residential are:

  • Sales
  • Leasing
  • Marketing
  • Property Development

New York is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, therefore, finding a place to settle can be difficult. House hunting may be time and energy consuming with more buildings coming up. As a resident seeking to end in an apartment or home in New York, it is essential to involve professional help. Therefore, Town Residential is accessible for your home demands. From buying homes to renting apartments, Town Residential will ease your work by tasking their talented team. The team of residential professionals will navigate the city with clients while advising them on the best neighborhood to settle in as well as the best market prices.

The excellent leadership provided by the chief executive officer Mr. Andrew Heiberger ranks Town Residential the best property management firm coupled with excellent customer service from well-trained employees. The team ensures that the clients enjoy the house hunting tour in New York City by offering various housing plans for clients. The client gets to grasp more about the market trends and will be assisted in the buying process. Not only will the client be advised on the property to purchase but also, the fair prices in the market.

Town Residential provides an excellent seller’s guide ranging from pricing to quality. Also, Town Residential advertises the property with the aim to make quick sales because most town residents are likely to watch commercial advertising or grab brochures while house hunting. The firm woos potential buyers by ensuring that the homes are presentable in the advertisement. For people who seek to settle in New York City, Town Residential will offer detailed guidance on how to pay for the best apartment or home. Depending on your budget, Town Residential will advise you on the best property. If you need property management services, you can reach Town Residential through their website.


Have You Ever Truly Met a Jack of All Traits?

I am sure you have heard of a jack of all traits, well a perfect example of a jack of all traits is Avi Weisfogel. Not only is he an exceptional doctor committed to treating patients dealing with sleep disorders, he is also involved in charity work, business ventures, social media, videos, and music.

Charity Work

When Avi Weisfogel is not in the office working with his patients he spends a great deal of time getting involved in charity work. One of his main passions is actually hockey, Weisfogel enjoys following the New York Rangers hockey team. They recently opened an annual Rangers Youth Hockey Camp for the younger fans and every year 10,000 regional children are involved in the camp. Another example of Weisfogel’s charity work was his creation of the GoFund Me page for the wonderful charity-Operation Smile. This charity-operation he designed for children who can not afford dental care and need some help to create that perfect smile.

Social media

Like many others who are high on the social ladder, Weisfogel is very committed to his social media accounts. He understands the importance of social media, and how it has the ability to get the word out there quick and efficiently. On his social media accounts, he is always promoting his charities especially is GoFund Me page for Smile. Weisfogel also has his own blog where he writes about his dreams and ambitions for helping those with sleeping disorders, and also discusses his passion for charity work and youth.


Another one of his creative abilities is his love for music and the arts. Although Weisfogel was a late addition to the music world because of his passion for sleep disorders, he still manages to have a dope beat and internal motivation. He has a base of followers on SoundCloud, and his goal is to increase his fan base on SoundCloud. His main musical talent falls in the hip-hop category, and Weisfogel has learned to take full advantage of every opportunity that is handed to him.