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Goettl Helps Pets Beat the Heat

Goettl Air Conditioning of Las Vegas provided some great tips for pet owners this summer through their press release at Nevada Business Magazine.

If you have a pet or know someone that does, take note of some of these important but often neglected advices on caring for animals during intense heat conditions.

Firstly, we should be cautious of how hot certain surfaces can really become when the temperature rises. A good way to test this is by placing your hand on the pavement. If you start feeling the heat shortly after placing the back side of your hand down on the pavement than it’s probably too hot to take your dear ones out for a walk. Though thankfully we have shoes to wear, the hot pavement can be painful for our pets. This is also true for other surfaces that we may commonly expose them to such as the back of our trucks.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

Some preventative measures that we can take to ensure pets are safe during the heat are to apply sunscreen to their ears and nose as well as having them groomed regularly.

The above tips are all about staying cool. Something that Goettl knows well. The Goettl company that started in 1939 provides full heating and air conditioning services for clients. They confidently repair, replace , and maintain heating and cooling systems for people all over the region. In addition to Las Vegas they also service Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl stands behind his company and has had a love for his work from an early age. Goodrich comes from a family of air conditioning repairmen and prides himself in quick responses to customer concerns as well as aiming to “do the right thing” all the time.

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Stephen Murray – A Man Worth Celebrating

Stephen Murray, the former President and CEO of CCMP Capital, passed away at the age of 52 in March 2015. Known as a terrific investor and deal maker, he was also a board member for several companies, including Octagon Credit Investors and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. Murray left behind a wife and two sons.

Murray held a bachelor’s degree in economics from Boston College and a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia College. He spent two decades working in various private equity roles before he lead the buyout business for JP Morgan Partners. He founded CCMP Capital, becoming CEO in 2007.

His successes at the head of CCMP were numerous, including the raising of multiple mult-billion dollar funds, including a fund that raised $3.6 billion in capital before closing in September 2014.

His ability to make fair and equitable deals in the private equity sector allowed both institutional and individual investors to benefit from the ability to acquire stakes in private companies and share in their growth and profitability.

His keen eye for investing played a key role in the early successes of many well-known companies, including Quiznos Subs, Cabelas and Pinnacle Foods Group.

However, Murray’s legacy extends far beyond the equity he raised and the profits he gathered for his firm and his clients. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He is truly a model of the American dream, starting out as a management trainee and working his way to CEO of his own firm. Not only was he a very successful businessman and entrepreneur, but he was well-known as a philanthropist.

Through his support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Stephen Murray helped grant many children with life-threatening illnesses their greatest wish. His contributions to Boston College and Columbia Business School helped provide today’s students with many of the same educational opportunities that helped shape his professional success.

His support of The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County helped provide food to 85 non-profit groups focused on feeding low income individuals and families.

Most importantly, Murray’s lasting legacy can be celebrated through his wife and two sons, whom he loved dearly. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital will forever be remembered as a successful executive, philanthropist, husband and father who was truly worth celebrating.

WEN Wows Beauty Writer With Shiny Bouncy Hair

Beauty writer Emily McClure had seen the famous Wen TV infomercials featuring celebrities with glossy, healthy hair and major volume. She longed for that A-list hair and decided on a 7-day hair challenge with the WEN system.
Popular west coast stylist Chaz Dean created the WEN no shampoo method, because he saw how the regular lather shampoos laden with sulfates were actually damaging strands. His cleansing conditioners were different and the real deal, delivering restored strength, shine and vitality to every head of hair. It doesn’t matter the type of hair you have, because WEN can fix it. See product link:

The WEN system is so effective, Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his celebrity clientele since 1993. That certainly says a lot about his brand and what it stands for.

Emily McClure has been cursed with fine, limp, do nothing locks and decided she would post daily selfies after using WEN. Her medium length hair would require 16-24 pumps of product, but Emily McClure told her Bustle readers that would be “actual insanity,” so she used a more conservative amount.

Emily noticed great volume every time she cleansed with WEN in the mornings and later blow-dried and styled her hair. Even her close friends immediately noticed how shiny and manageable Emily’s hair appeared. Her hair selfies proved the formula delivers on its healthy hair promises.

There were days Emily didn’t have time to wash her hair, so she disrupted the WEN schedule and skipped a wash. Her hair did not respond well, leaving her tresses limp and a bit greasy. Another time, Emily washed at nighttime instead of the morning, and again, her hair went flat fast.

For superb results, Emily advises sticking to the WEN morning washes and you will see shiny, manageable hair. Wen is available online via Ebay.


Helane L. Morrison the real super woman

If you have never heard of Helane L. Morrison, your not alone because I sure hadn’t heard of her. It appears that she is the woman to look up to if you are wanting to be successful. From ’85 to ’86 she served as law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun before entering into private practice. Her practice focused on business litigations and defense of private security actions and SEC(Security and Exchange Commissions). She managed San Francisco’s SEC office from 1999 to 2007. As regional director and as district manager Ms. Morrison was in charge of security enforcements, regulatory matters and litigation in Northern California and 5 other northwestern states.

Ms. Morrisons’ current job as a compliance officer hasn’t been around all that long. It has estimated to be around for about 20 years or so. Each compliance officer has various jobs and tasks. As more and more states create more rules, the need for more compliance officer’s arise. So, what does a compliance officer do? A compliance officers job is to, and I quote, “to implement a compliance program to prevent, find and fix ethical and regulatory problems”. They use familiar tools such as audits, risk assessments, education and investigations. If they find a problem they are quick to fix it, put rules in place to prevent it from happening again and to punish those who broke the rules.

Reading all about Ms. Morrison and her accomplishments, I could very well see many women striving for success to look up to her. With all that she has done from 1984 to now, law school and several degrees, law clerk, law firm to making partner and becoming a district chief an being promoted to Chief compliance officer, Helane has been a very busy and successful woman. She is, in my opinion, the real Super woman.